Skylum Luminar Ai 2020



SKYLUM (Macphun,early 2018 they’ll completely switched to SKYLUM) is a San Diego, USA based software company, and famous for its outstanding photo editing software products. Their latest software application Luminar 4, has been upgraded to a new product supporting numerous improvements and the addition of AI Skin Enhancer, AI Portrait Enhancer and their AI Sky Replacement feature. Luminar Neptune 2017 was launched 15th June 2017 and Luminar 2018 launched 16 November 2017, Luminar 3 came to life in 2018. This review will discover and disclose wether the Luminar Ai for Mac upgrade is a true improvement over Luminar 4. Skylum Luminar AI for Mac is for professionals as well as enthousiasts. SKYLUM has a great reputation for their outstanding products and aim to listen to their clients and implement their wishes in new product versions.



The term artificial intelligence was formed in 1956, however AI has become immense popular today as nowadays we have increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, and improvements in computing power and storage.

AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data. To make AI work, we need to understand that AI is a mix of seperate tools which in addition can create Artificial Intelligence applications which may be implemented each in its specific field for, face recognition on phones, speech, machine programming,

  • Machine learning to automate analytical model building.
  • Deep Learning for neural networks, using learning techniques of data for speech and data recognition.
  • Computer vision needs pattern recognition and deep learning to learn-recognize what’s in a picture.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) is analysation skills of computers to understand and/or generate human language, and speech.
  • Advanced algorithms are able and needed to identify and predict events.



Skylum Luminar Ai 2020 1

Skylum Luminar AI for Mac, boasts a new full intuitive interface layout where Templates / filters are placed in groups in the right sidebar:

All is absolutely nicely placed on the interface, but compared to Luminar 4 takes just a small learning curve setting used too. The filters-sliders are much better to work with. A full list of possible Templates is present in the interface, there’s really not much left out ! The templates collection can be enough for any user to create their best pictures. Using the Presets (now called Templates) most times need some work from the “Edit” section which shows different categories; Essentials, Creative, Portrait, Professional and Local Masking. When loading a picture for the first time, the AI algorithm suggest a Template to work with. The template you start with, can be edited by choosing ‘edit’ right to the templates name at the bottom right. This action takes you to the former ‘edit tools and categories’, each with their own tools. At first glimpse it looks like Luminar 4, but there are many new AI functions available to use for adjusting your pictures.



Skylum Luminar Ai 2020 2

Luminar Ai

Essentials : Composition Ai, Enhance Ai, Structure Ai.

Creative: Sky Ai, Argumented Sky Ai, Atmosphere Ai

Portrait: Face Ai, Skin Ai, Body Ai



Achieve amazing results with a new, Templates-based, approach to photo editing. By using AI to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every image, Templates automatically correct common capture problems and apply enhancements which inspire new ideas.

  • Templates were created in collaboration with professional photographers and retouchers to produce high-quality results.
  • Based on in-depth research, Templates were composed to reflect both classic design and modern, popular trends , producing fresh, engaging images with maximum impact.
  • Templates leverage content-aware AI to make preliminary edits based on the unique elements in every image.
  • Once refined, customized Templates can be easily synced across large batches of photos, even images from different sessions, taken in different environments.


Skylum Luminar Ai 2020 3