SKYLUM (Macphun,early 2018 they’ll completely switched to SKYLUM) a San Diego, USA based software company, is famous for its outstanding photo editing software products. Their latest software application Luminar 3, has been upgraded to a new product supporting numerous improvements and the all waited for Libraries addition.
Luminar Neptune 2017 was launched 15th June 2017 and Luminar 2018 launched 16 November 2017 which makes it a real quick update. This review will discover and disclose wether the Luminar 3 upgrade is a true improvement over Luminar 2018.
Luminar 3 is for professionals as well as enthousiasts. SKYLUM has a great reputation for their outstanding products and aim to listen to their clients and implement their wishes in new product versions.



Luminar 3’s interface has a great intuitive layout and all filters show a ‘pre-view’ of the actual filters capability and use. All is absolutely nicely placed on the interface and your most used filters can be set as preferred by clicking the little star at the bottom. A full list of possible filters is present in the interface, there’s really nothing left out ! This filter collection should be enough for any user to create the best final master-picture. You also have the ability to create your own preset when you save your image editing settings with   right bottom selection !


Luminar versions 3’s main improvement over the last version, is the addition of Luminar Libraries. Luminar Libraries offers a full integrated photo database readily available from the same interface. You can now compose your own picture database and edit your images. If you want to edit your image just double click on the image to enlarge it and choose ‘Edit’ from the right sidebars-menu.

There’s one more thing. Luminar 3 also offers layers and masks, so that you can not only combine effects and filters selectively in different parts of the picture, but even combine different images. It doesn’t just support simple adjustment layers, but image layers too! Luminar 3 has again evolved and sets itself at the top in this price-range!  Photoshop will have some bonuses but also has a huge price ticket and needs a lot of training. Luminar 3 however, is easy to use for beginners but also professionals benefit from its range of (new)-filters and adjustments.



See the new AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) in action on Luminar 3 review or their website.