Tunefab Spotify Music Converter review

Version 2.6.5Developer TuneFab Software Inc.
Website https://www.tunefab.comBuy Tunefab Spotify Music Converter



TunesFab Software Inc. was founded in 2016 by John Smith. Being established in Hong Kong 2016, TuneFab is committed to eliminating the barriers between DRM protection and people who want to get more freedom on their purchased iTunes movies, Apple Music or audiobooks, Spotify Music, and even the DVD videos. They have a professional software team and will keep developing better and more user-friendly software.



Digital rights management (DRM) tools or technological protection measures (TPM)[1] are a set of access control technologies for restricting the use of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works.[2] DRM technologies try to control the use, modification, and distribution of copyrighted works (such as software and multimedia content), as well as systems within devices that enforce these policies.[3] 

DRM is a technology used in deterring unauthorized circulation of the various copyrighted and proprietary digital media. It poses a restriction upon the consumers regarding the platform on which they can play the media and also by barring them from sharing videos and other media after they have purchased the content. The use of any DRM removing tool is legal as far as we can check, as long as it complies to fair-use and no commercial intentions.



Every Spotify user who wishes to play their downloaded songs on an external/stand alone disk, will face the problem of non playing songs. The reason is the DRM copyright protection! Now, protection rings a bell and makes me wonder if it’s legal to use a conversion all to together. Not being a lawyer, I just Googled and found this statement mentioned at several sites.
:→ It’s legal if you purchased the music or video. However, this is only suitable for personal usage. … It can also remove DRM from Digital Copies It supports removing DRM in Authorized DRMmedia files, including WMV, M4V and Digital Copy movies and convert DRM videos and audio files to different devices and players.

So, for private use, you’re ok running TunesKit, however you are not the technical owner of the downloaded song. I wonder about legality really, but still understand that’s impossible for anyone to check.



There is a number of DRM removing software tools on the market like Sidify, Noteburner, Tune4Mac which all claim to be the best to buy. We tried them all and finally ended up with TuneFab being the less known software tool of the lot. Now we’re in for a practice test leaving nothing out regarding quality of sound, speed of decoding and preferences available. The layout of alle mentioned developers DRM removing tools are quite familiar and face the same approach towards the handling of Spotify files to be decoded. One of the best options of TuneFab Spotify is the BitRate (kbps) setting of 512 kbps high audio quality, which is not found on other conversion tools where the highest setting is 320 kbps!

The website states only 320 kbps, but the application itself provides a 512 setting! The audio data can be set at MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AIFF as found at most this party tools.


Tunefab Spotify Music Converter review 1

A professional and comprehensive music converter for Spotify Free and Premium

  • Easily convert Spotify tracks/songs/albums/audiobooks/podcasts.
  • Download Spotify Music and save as MP3/M4A/WAV/OGG/AIFF/WAV.
  • Keep music metadata and ID3 tags as original, like titles, artists, track ID, etc.
  • 5X speedy Spotify audio conversion with 320kbps high audio quality Windows only, 512kbps for Mac
  • Enjoy advanced output settings for Spotify music.



Easy to Operate with 5X Faster File Conversion Speed is only available for Windows and NOT for Mac. Those of you running Windows have the option available though. If you wish to use Noteburner instead of TuneFab, you need to change the SIP of your Mac (below)! Running TuneFab is easy and without any problems. One thing catches my attention running TuneFab and that it skips NO songs from Spotify where Noteburner sometimes does. TuneFab is not skipping any files which makes it best in class. The 512kbps setting does impact the conversion speed which makes conversion taking up more time as expected. Still the end result is what it is all about if you want the best possible audio output. We ran the conversions at all highest settings for best audio performance.


System impact is about 11% of the CPU which is noticeable. Noteburner’s engine is faster but TuneFab is more consistent and skips no songs from Spotify.




METHOD to turn SIP off !!

Step 1: Shut down the Mac.

Step 2: Turn it on but hold down the “Command + R” keys on the keyboard as soon as you hear the startup chime. You can leave the keys when you see Apple logo.

The system will boot into Recovery Mode.

Step 3: When the macOS Utilities menu appears, left-click the “Utilities” and then click the “Terminal”.

Recovery Mac Utilities

Step 4: In the window that opens, type “csrutil enable –without kext” and press return.

csrutil enable --without kext

This turns off the part of SIP that iTunes Converter needs to run, and OS X complains that it is an unsupported configuration.

Step 5: Now write “reboot” to restart your Mac computer.  ( Source www.macsome.com )

Tip How to enable System Integrity Protection (SIP) again?

To secure your computer, we suggest you enable SIP again if you don’t use NoteBurner to convert. Please quit NoteBurner, then boot into the Recovery OS.

In the window that opens, type csrutil clear and press return. Now type reboot and press return to restart your machine.



If you are using Spotify and are in need of a DRM removal tool, TuneFab might be your best option really. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is an absolute winner if you’re looking for the best possible audio quality setting available. The audible results are great and the software handels all data without any interruption or faults. Pricing is for a Lifetime license which is great.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac review

Version 1.8 (1)Developer iBoysoft
Website https://iboysoft.com/ntfs-for-mac/Buy iBoysoft Buy Now



iBoysoft is a software company located in Chengdu, China. iBoysoft committes to research in the field of data security, has developed and released iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows, NTFS Assistant, iBoysoft Drive Manager and iBoysoft File Protector.



NTFS is an acronym for ‘NT File System’ or ‘New Technology File System’, and refers to a ‘file format system’ used by the operating system in order to identify how files are stored, named and organized on a hard-disk drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD), USB memory stick, microSD card and other similar storage devices. There are some other main formats too like: exFat , Fat32 , Apple APFS, Mac OS Extended !  All disc formats are not compatible with Apple or Windows and vice versa! Windows mainly operates with NTFS and Apple uses APFS and Mac OS Extended as their format system.

When was NTFS invented and by who?

NTFS is a file system that was developed by Microsoft. It was first introduced in July 1993, with the release of Windows NT 3.1. Because it was created to work with the Windows NT family of operating systems, Microsoft called it the NT File System, which became NTFS in its abbreviated form. Before NTFS, the Windows operating systems used the FAT32 file system. However, FAT32 had its limitations, such as the fact that it could work only with files smaller than 4GB and partitions with a maximum size of 8TB. Also, it did not offer any data protection in case of a power outage. NTFS was the answer to all these problems and more: it provided better support for metadata, better performance because of its improved data structuring, more reliability and so on.



To keep it simple, we need a widely adapted compatible format for any (USB or newer) interface to communicate. Any drive, disc, stick or card formatted with NTFS (being a Windows format) will not just fully work with your Mac. Apple’s macOS can read from Windows-formatted NTFS drives, but can‘t write to them out of the box! So NTFS management is needed to solve this Apple problem. Well its not Apple fault, but Apple tends to lean more to Unix than Windows. There is some NTFS Management software available like Paragon NTFS, Tuxera and Stellar to name a few. Which is your best value for money you wonder. Well they are all relative simple software tools and may provide some bonus tools. Pricewise they all cost about the same really, Tuxera being cheapest.



So, the all cost about the same, but how do they perform in practice ? Their interface is much different and all we really need is performance, speed.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac review 8



We have to say that iBoysoft NTFS for Mac performs great. It is faster than the competitors in read-write speed. Though we didn’t compare Paragon and iBoysoft at the same time, we are confident iBoysoft out performs Paragon at some levels.  In our test run, we copied a large file from our Mac to an external NTFS formatted external drive. The full process only took a few seconds without any errors.



  • Give full read and write access to Windows NTFS-formatted drive on Mac
  • Mount NTFS drives automatically
  • Mount and eject NTFS drives with one click
  • Verify and repair file system errors on NTFS drives
  • Clean up NTFS drives, Reformat HFS, HFS+, FAT32, exFAT to NTFS drives



Also a Disk Management Tool


iBoysoft NTFS for Mac review 9

Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft is not only a NTFS driver for Mac, but also a disk management tool. It allows you to

  • View disk information
  • Open drive
  • Mount NTFS drive
  • Unmount NTFS drive
  • Check disk
  • Erase disk
  • Format drive to NTFS file system


Mount NTFS volumes in read-write mode automatically

After the software is successfully launched and NTFS volumes are detected, NTFS volumes will be listed in the drop-down menu for your convenience to open it or eject it. Meanwhile, the NTFS volumes has been mounted in read-write mode automatically. It seems that NTFS write support exists natively on Mac. Once the NTFS volumes or disks are opened, you can make changes to the stored files as you want. There will be no bugs or instabilities which could cause damages to your disks while you are writing to the NTFS volumes. The file transferring speed is noticeably fast too.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac review 10


Repair NTFS volumes

If your NTFS disk faces some issues that make it not work properly on Mac, this utility might help you out. After you click on the “Disk Management” in the drop-down interface, you will be led to a window displaying all connected NTFS disks and disks formatted with other file systems. After you select an NTFS disk and click on the “Check disk” button in its Disk Management window, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac can fix some minor file system errors on that NTFS disk and make it work correctly again.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac review 11


Erase data on NTFS volumes

This is another useful feature when you want to erase all data on an NTFS disk and start anew. By simply clicking the “Erase disk” button in its Disk Management window, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac can erase all stored files on the disk and reassign an NTFS file system to the disk. This feature will fix almost all file system problems you might have with the NTFS disk and leave you a blank NTFS disk for new data. With one single click, you can get rid of the data you on longer need and have a fresh start with the NTFS disk. However, if you have important files in the NTFS disk, remember to back up them or recover them first.

Reformat other file systems to NTFS

New Technology File System (NTFS) has quite a few advantages that users have been enjoying for years such as its excellent security and better support for large files and large disk capacity. However, you can’t reformat a disk to NTFS on Mac. The file systems you can choose from in Mac’s Disk Utility only include the formats that are fully compatible with the current macOS. If you prefer to reformat the disks to NTFS, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac provides a simple solution. In its Disk Management window,after selecting a disk with any other file systems (except for APFS) and clicking “Erase to NTFS” button, you will get an NTFS-formatted disk. iBoysoft NTFS warns about incompatible format when changing from APFS to NTFS.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac review 12


Whenever you need a widely compatible drive suitable for Windows, electronic equipment (Smart TV’s etc.) and Apple products you need a NTFS formatted storage, able to use  its potential. iBoysoft NTFS for Mac really performs well, secure and fast. It’s basic repair function can help you resolve some small disk errors. The interface is clean and simple, providing all information needed. Is it, the best NTFS management tool on today’s market ? Well to be honest you choose Paragon or iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, where iBoysoft like Paragon is equal priced, fast with reliable transfers and a definite secure choice.


$ 19.95

$ 19.95

iMyfone D-Back Mac review



iMyFone Technology company provides data restoration and erasing services/tools to Apple (IOS, MacOS) product users and is located at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
The company was founded on Apr 10, 2015. Founder is Dean Huang and the number of employees is about 200 persons. The company is also known as iMyFone, iMyFone Software, iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.
If you encounter any problems using the product, please contact iMyFone support team for help. https://www.imyfone.com/support/


Though IOS is a fantastic piece of programming and absolutely stable and safe, millions of iPhone and iPad users perform their IOS updates in order to keep up with the latest safety updates and improved features. Sometimes however, things do not work out the way they should and you are faced with an unusable piece of expensive hardware or lost your precious data. Problems may also occur do to incompatibility or bad use of the IOS root settings. Loss of data is a mayor problem when you are unable to recover in any normal way. To help you recover the data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch which suffers from situations mentioned above, D-Back provides the ultimate way to get back lost photos, contacts, text messages, WhatsApp, iMessage, videos and other important files from your iOS device in minutes. Just choose the recovery mode you feel most comfortable with. Everything else comes easy.

In most cases, a visit to your local iCentre was the final solution to solve your problems. Expensive and you need to wait some time for repair. ‘ Eureka’, iMyFone developed D-Back to tackle almost any software based IOS problem ( see problems faced below ).


iMyFone D-Back iMyfone D-Back Mac review 13

  • Quickly recover data directly from iOS device, iTunes/ iCloud Backup, or via smart recovery mode.
  • Selectively recover WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Kik, Line, photos, videos, messages, contacts, notes, and 18+ other data types.
  • Recover iOS data instantly with only 3 steps.
  • Fix iOS system issues or iOS update errors before iPhone data recovery.



The UI of iMyFone D-Back looks clean and minimalistic modern. So, anybody should be able to use this software without any difficulties as it is directing the user exactly to any necessary step(s) to follow. Being a new application the developer should have added the ‘dark mode’ option in their new software application. It could keep Apple addicts from buying this great piece of software just because it lacks ‘dark mode’.

iMyfone D-Back Mac review 14

iMyfone D-Back Mac review 15


Fix iOS System
Fix the iOS system when your iPhone is stuck on the white Apple logo, black/white screen, or a disabled device.
Smart Recovery
D-back can recover per your needs more safely and simply. Greater flexibility means a higher chance of recovery.
Preview Before Recovery
Freely preview. With the option of preview, you can recover what matters to you.
Restore from iTunes Backup
It is more powerful than iTunes. It provides flexibility to view, extract, and selectively recover data from iTunes backup.
Recover from iCloud Backup
D-Back cares about your data. It empowers you to recover data selectively from an iCloud Backup to your PC or Mac.
Supports Encrypted Backups
It’s hard to recover data from encrypted backups on iTunes or iCloud backup, but D-Back makes it easy for you.
Recover from iCloud Kit
Got your iOS backed up in iCloud, D-Back has an alternative way to extract files from iCloud. Choose “Recover from iCloud Kit”, to restore data from backup.
Recover from iOS Devices
Loaded with features that are able to perform a deep scan of your device and recover data directly from iOS devices without backup.
Keep Your Data Safe
Help you backup your data in bulk to your computer with one click. You can free up a lot of space on your iPhone and delete unwanted data.
Highest Success Rate
Only a few minutes will be taken to complete the whole process with a high success rate. Our unique built-in algorithm makes the recovery more accurate and intelligent.



The iMyFone D-Back can scan and detect lost data from any type of iOS device. It supports all modern iPhone, iPad, and iPod models. You can scan for recently deleted files as well as the data from a long time ago. Even if you have done a factory reset, D-Back still can detect the deleted data so that you can easily recover them.


previous arrownext arrow


 When it comes down to speed, don’t worry anymore. Its fast with scanning and restoring times, so D-Back will not disappoint you.

 D-Back provides a preview for selected specific data you wish to restore. It is a great and useful feature of D-Back.

 iMyFone D-Back supports restoring Photos, Videos, Music ,iMessages, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat and iPhone data like messages, call history, safari history, photos, music, videos, voice records, notes, calendars, reminders, etc.


So we’ve tried and successfully restored lost data from our iPhone ( or IOS operated system, iPad etc ). Now this is not all what iMyFone’s D-Back offers any buyer as apart from data recovery it will also repair your stuck iPhone and fix the numerous IOS-problems you may face using any IOS machine.

  • iPhone stuck at Apple logo during startup,
  • freezing screen problem,
  • restarting loop,
  • iTunes errors,
  • black screen or white screen



If you forgot your passcode or unable to use face ID or Touch ID, you still have the chance getting access to your device by using this software. iMyFone D-Back has a dedicated option for it. This function will completely erase your iPhone and only then you can attempt to recover the deleted data. Though D-Back has an excellent reputation, you still have no guarantee that it will recover all the deleted data or not. No doubts about this versatile software as it has so many excellent features. Then again, these amazing features and functionalities should work correctly or all will fail.



The iMyFone D-Back has performed really well in my test. After installing this software, you are required to install the latest iTunes (not Windows store version),as this is a requirement. Only after connecting your iPhone via a lightning cable, you can open this iPhone data recovery software. You will see a few recovery options like Smart Recovery, Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes backup, Recover from iCloud, Fix iOS System, etc. You can choose whatever you want. But, I would suggest smart recovery. Because It helps you to recover your deleted data in the easiest way.

After clicking on Smart Recovery, you will see some other options to choose how you have lost your data. For example: Lost or Deleted by Accident, Factory Reset, Jailbreak or iOS upgrade, iPhone Lost, Damaged or Broken, Forgotten Passcode, a few more options. You can choose any of these options according to your situation. Now, you will get an option to choose which data type you want to recover. At my first try, I choose ‘Lost and Deleted data by accident’ and then selected all available data types. Software now started scanning my iPhone and presented a full overview of all found files/data which could be recovered just by marking the checkbox.



Scanning speed was truly very good. Next, after a successful scan completed the result is shown. Finally I finished recovering some lost data. The recovery speed was very fast and I was surprised to see that it had detected everything I deleted from my iPhone. Probably everything as I didn’t have time to count all files.

Users can either recover everything at once or just preview and restore specific data or an entire data type. I tried to check every detail as much as possible and found the WhatsApp data recovery truly awesome. Besides recovering deleted messages, It also had found the attachments which were some photos that I sent someone a long ago.


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Beside the data recovery options, iMyFone D-Back is able to repair a few common iOS errors. Most iPhone/iPad/iPod users are familiar with these errors. This ‘repair feature’ is a very useful addition and bonus indeed. You are able to repair problems like the iPhone stuck at apple logo, white/black screen issue, freezing problem, etc. Else, D-Back also helps to reset your phone if you forgot the passcode or Touch or Face ID is not working. Next steps allow you to recover data. Technically, it allows you to access your data even if you forgot the passcode.

So, the overall performance of iMyFone D-Back is great. In my test, all of the core functions worked correct. The main purpose of this software is to recover deleted or lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod. In this case, It just does its part very smoothly. Always use the Repair tool first and use the restore/recover functions afterwards. ” And MOST important remark when using computer/phone related equipment…. MAKE REGULAR BACKUPS !!!…… most don’t and get stuck in case of trouble “



This review is easy as iMyFone software proofs again and again how well it is designed and functioning. iMyFone D-Back is just another ‘hit’ for them, as this application brings you best of both worlds being, a ‘data recover ‘utility and a ‘ IOS repair’ utility combined in a great toolbox. Apart from missing out on a ‘dark mode’ option, there are no flaws found. It’s accurate, it’s fast and easy to use. Just all good things at hand to make your life a little easier when things go wrong. Pricing is fair and a lifetime subscription sounds better than just one year. Again iMyFone has a great tool in store for us. We got positive results using D-Back, we do however read misfortunes of users not being able to restore. So keep in mind nothing is perfect in life.

Special Offer: 35% OFF
Coupon Code: DBACK35OFF


iMyfone D-Back Mac review 16


MacCleaner Pro 2 review

Version 2.0.1Developer Nektony
Website https://nektony.com/mac-cleaner-proBuy https://nektony.com/store



Nektony is a software development company that is specialized on Mac utilities & iOS productivity apps like MacCleaner Pro 2, App Cleaner Uninstaller and Duplicate File Finder. Its founded in 2011 and located in Odessa, Ukraine.



Installation of MacCleaner Pro 2 is simple, just drag and drop the icon(application) inside the .dmg file to your Applications folder and you’re done. Now enter your serial for the the Pro version and your Swiss Army knife is ready for use.

MacCleaner Pro 2 interface is great and makes any job easy to understand and perform. Most included tools are separate applications which are launched at command. Its worth mentioning, that two included FREE tools ” Funter and Memory Cleaner ” are used by us as a standard feature for our Macs.
Both work great and are useful additions for your daily routines. MacCleaner Pro 2 interface is great and makes any job easy to understand and perform. Most included tools are separate applications which are launched at command. Its worth mentioning, that two included FREE tools ” Funter and Memory Cleaner ” are used by us as a standard feature for our Macs.
Both work great and are useful additions for your daily routines.

MacCleaner Pro 2 review 17

App Cleaner & Uninstaller
Uninstall apps completely.
Manage system extensions.
Find and show hidden files.
Memory Cleaner
Optimize memory usage.
Duplicate File Finder
Organize & Remove duplicates.
Disk Expert
Analyze disk space usage.
Find the biggest folders.

As mentioned you’ll notice that MacCleaner Pro 2, is not an all in one application rather a container for all standalone applications. Its main advantage over the standalone applications is its pricing and Central-Toolbox look and feel. Choose any of the tools available and you’re presented with a menu to choose any action desired.
It all works wonderfull smooth and best interfaces found on similar applications on the internet. As you probably found surfing the internet, there are lots of applications to choose from as this Swiss Army knife consists of popular tools. So which will be your best buy, and give you most ‘bang’ for your money?
Thats why reading reviews is important or try the free applications and find out yourself if it serves your needs. I feel any of the included tools is at the top of what’s available on the internet, as we’ve reviewed Nektony’s AppCleaner & Uninstaller Pro recently and gave it top marks for its performance.



Check the separate snapshots of all included tools and their action menu listing. Our favourite applications are the AppCleaner & Uninstaller Pro , Duplicate File Finder Pro and the Free included tools Funter and Memory Cleaner which are all our default tools used. The provided Expert Mode for the included tools give you far more control of files you wish to keep or delete. Mind you, be careful as you always should be when you are about to delete files. You need to know your stuff when it comes down to deleting files or objects.


  • Screenshot 2020-07-05 12.24.14
  • Screenshot 2020-07-05 12.24.35
  • Screenshot 2020-07-05 12.25.37
  • Screenshot 2020-07-05 12.26.11
  • Screenshot 2020-07-05 12.26.22
  • Screenshot 2020-07-05 12.26.34
  • Screenshot 2020-07-05 12.26.54
  • Screenshot 2020-07-05 12.27.04



Every music and photography entousiast (and others) will face a lot of duplicate or simular files cluttering their drives, as experimenting and tryouts with images or music is one of my passions. I guess there’s more people like me, spending hours and hours perfecting our favorite photo’s or edited music compilations. People like me get warnings from iCloud, that their storage is full and needs upgrading. All because the latest Catalina version syncs our desktops with iCloud. So in order to avoid iCloud problems, I copy the folders to an external NAS where loads of partitions get stuffed with ‘Folders in Progress’, I call them. In the end, I end up with numerous folders with identical or nearly same files. At times we need to sweep the disks in order to keep things fairly clean, and use the diskspace for new data. Nektony created a nice application Duplicate File Finder Pro ( or Free ). This application helps to remove duplicates in just a few minutes or hours depending on the amount of data to be searched.
Duplicate File Finder scans your Mac hard drive or external drives to find identical files and folders. It searches equal files by type, name, count, and size. You can separately view and delete duplicate photos, videos, music, documents, or all types of duplicates from your Mac. Duplicate File Finder also helps you to detect similar folders, which have both equal and unique files and merge them to free up storage space on your disk. Besides that, Duplicate File Finder detects similar photos in order to ease the selection of the favorite pictures you want to keep on your computer. This application is easy to use and it provides a “how to use” guide for new users. A free version is also available, but I feel the Pro version with its bonus features will not withhold too much, for its pricing.



Main question for any software application is , if we really need the application or can we do without ! I guess our readers know all about Mac maintenance and the need for antivirus and some neccesarry utilities like Nektony’s App Cleaner & Uninstaller. Running a Mac like any computer and being glad it is a bit Unix based, our system gets loaded with applications and smaller utilities. Our Mac’s have NO real system maintenance build-in, so we rely on third party software like CleanMyMac which includes an uninstaller function, or this unknown to me piece of software typically designed to just remove installed files and leftovers.

Unlike Windows, where the user should not use their computer as a ‘testing-machine’ if they want to keep using it as a responsive system, our Mac’s are more Unix based and less sesitive to system faillure due to lost files or worse. That said, our Mac’s do like Windows gather a load of system/applications files which at some point become obsolete when it is not longer needed.
Unlike Windows our Mac’s store files only in a few folders and don’t spread files around in your complete system, but still applications create some folder entries like .plist files and launch files etc. In case you wish to delete an older or unused application, it should delete not only the main application but also all related files no matter where they ‘hide’ in your Mac’s system. This is where we need help of utilities like Nektory’s App Cleaner, which keeps track of any file-relation ! Even though some application come with their Uninstall-Tool, some files get leftover and may cause problems at some point.
If you ever tried different Antivirus programs, you may have faced issues the installation program complaining of detecting an earlier version of some antivirus program conflicting the installation. You now need to search (if you know where to look), and delete the conflicting files.


Below you’ll see the interfaces of the 3 main Tools included. The Funter and Memory Cleaner are located at your menubar at the top of your Mac’s screen. Funter is able to be part of your Finders interface and therefore accessible from its top menu-bar. Great job, as its not often these days we get anything for Free which also works great.




Both AppCleaner & Uninstaller , Duplicate File Finder applications scored maximum points . Both deserve a place in your private Toolbox, thus making this offered Toolbox a Premium kit at a bargain price. Comparing MacCleaner Pro 2 to CleanMyMac X, I feel this toolbox is much more sophisticated at its main tools and options available . It would become the best selling product if Nektony is able to included a virus protection tool running the same algorithm as Bitdefender. Still this may never be the makers desire, just to please me.


Time for our conclusion of this great Toolbox. Nektony’s MacCleaner Pro 2 toolbox is a definite winner in every aspect. It provides best of both worlds having a great interface providing an outstanding action-menu and having the best applications available for its tricks and solutions. Just to be honest I feel this application should be in every Mac users ‘ private Toolbox at default ‘, you just can’t go wrong with MacCleaner Pro 2, period !


MacCleaner Pro 2 review 18

$ 44.95


bVPN VPN provider review

Version 2.5.5Website BVpn VPN provider 
Location The NetherlandsBuy B.Vpn VPN provider



bVPN is founded in 2014 and located in Breda,The Netherlands. Not a lot of  information about the small company itself is found on the internet, only that it’s based in The Netherlands. It claims to have 38 servers in about 16 locations.
Well I’ll take their statement for granted really, and checking their locations list, it seems fair to say that many people will benefit from a server location as US and EU servers are available.

  • Europe 14 VPN Servers
  • The Americas 11 VPN Servers
  • Asia Pacific 9 VPN Servers
  • Australia 1 VPN Server


bVPN offers apps for all OS platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.



Having a VPN connection available is nowadays a ‘must’ for every internet user, as your exposed IP might be a real risk.

  1. The ISP’s job isn’t limited to providing you just an internet connection. No, it is being regulated by governments and, compelled to monitor the online activities of its users.
    VPNs prevent this uninvited surveillance by helping you change your IP. It also encrypts the data, making it impossible for anyone to track your browsing and data.
  2. About encryption; VPN’s make a perfect tool to guard your data against digital threats like identity-theft, malware attack, Wi-Fi hacking attempts, etc.
  3. This powerful combination of encryption and anonymity is a must-have for any internet user. With a VPN-enabled device, you can hide your IP as well as the Internet activities from the local government.
  4. VPN services play a significant role in offering uninterrupted access to their users.  VPN’s eliminate all blocking and security problems, enabling users to access anything from anywhere anonymously.


bVPN is committed to protecting your privacy. We want you to understand what information we collect, what we don’t collect, and how we collect, use, and store information!

Statement bVPN: We don’t collect any data about how our customers utilize VPN or proxy connections. We do not know, see, inspect or store any data related to applications, websites, addresses or services our customers accessed using bVPN for any amount of time or purpose.

The company operates under Dutch/EU jurisdiction, which makes it a less safe and secure provider. Being based in The Netherlands it means that your online activity is ‘safe’ through their encryption but not when considering Dutch/EU jurisdiction as safe as for instance Switzerland (Switzerland is without a doubt the best privacy country for a VPN service) or Panama, neither has the company ever provided user information to any agency or government institutions as far as we know. Fairly safe, means they do not follow US regulations but local and EU law of The Netherlands. I know that this mainly applies to people doinf things on the internet they shouldn’t, but still A VPN is to provide FULL anonimity.

bVPN is to protect you! Here’s what they do to make sure that you are staying on the safe side of the Internet:

  • Cover your IP and other technical information. When you are using bVPN, your personal IP and location information are invisible.
  • Shield your identity by protecting your online activity. Do whatever you want, they got you covered! You do not have to worry about ad agencies finding out you need a new phone, or hackers cracking your password when you are browsing.
  • Make sure all the devices you use are secure. There is no point in protecting one of your gadgets and using all the others as is. bVPN is suitable for most of the existing platforms.



bVPN’s Privacy Policy describes the ways in which they collect, use and disclose personal information provided by the users of our services. No Logs policy means they don’t collect or store information about their users in any shape or form. This also implies that your data can’t be transferred to third parties or hijacked.

They do not collect any of the following:

  • Your browsing history
  • The information you downloaded and shared
  • Your primary IP address and the IP given by our server
  • DNS queries
  • Your device’s metadata

They truly respect your privacy:

  • Thoroughly encrypt your connection
  • Never read and tie traffic to a specific user
  • Never store sensitive data
  • Never share the data with third parties ( all within Dutch Law )



  1. OpenVPN and
  2. IKEv2 ( Not supported )
  3. SMOKE
  4. SSH
  5. L2TP

SmokeVPN and OpenVPN are the best options for your VPN connection !  We recommend the OpenVPN and SMOKE protocol as they are the safest of the lot.

OpenVPN relies on TCP and UDP protocols. TCP is more reliable, but slower, while UDP is faster but less reliable than TCP.

Information about SMOKE protocol:

SmokeVPN does not just encrypt your data to the highest standards available, it actually hides it. Using Moving Target Defense techniques combined with Streaming Key Encryption, a new level of defense is created for your network and data in motion. By doing this, SmokeVPN creates a virtual smokescreen in your network removing all network borne attack vectors.

  • On top of making your data more secure, SmokeVPN is also simpler to manage. Because the key is streaming, the need for complex key management is eliminated.
  • SmokeVPN provides a simpler, easy to install, more secure VPN solution. This is also proactive cybersecurity security so, instead of studying how you were breached, you can relax with the knowledge your critical data is safe.

How it works:

  • SmokeVPN is based on the popular OpenVPN. To most administrators, the concepts and skills needed to manage the VPN network are well understood.
  • With SmokeVPN, a new generation of IP tunnel is used. Data ports are constantly changing and, if a location uses more than one carrier, the encrypted data and streaming key are sent across both while rotating at random.
  • SmokeVPN works in the network as a hub and spoke system.


DNS LEAK Prevention

We carried out a DNS leak test to ensure that this VPN is secure enough for activities like Torrenting or those requiring general anonymity. It turned out to be safe as we recorded no leaks. Marked Safe, Definitely!

The company also has packed in a public Wi-Fi option, which will protect you when you are out there using an unprotected Wi-Fi in a mall or a coffee shop. If you think this feature is not worth much, just go to google and check out some recent Man-in-the-Middle-Attacks and you’ll understand what this feature brings to your security coterie.


bVPN VPN provider review 19





bVPN VPN provider review 20



The application is very simple, but easy to use. It provides only basic features as we feel we miss the basics : VPN Kill switch at signal drop,  Auto configuration, Notifications to name some. The provided protocols are there as is the ‘preferred’ protocol setting, which we advise to stay on Open VPN always.

  • No Automatic Configuration
    The app does not autonomously determines the best configuration, but provides Fastest Server choice at Connect Tab..
  • No VPN Kill Switch
    The app does not cut the internet connection altogether if the VPN tunnel fails, so your data remains unprotected when this occurs.

Check the diffrence in appearence of the ‘Advanced Settings‘ tab to the overall interface of the application. I know it works, but is inconsistant throughout with a sleak interface provided by so many other VPN hosts.

bVPN VPN provider review 21

So the application itself works well as do the connections made by choice. We however were not able to use the OpenVPN Common Configurations setting as connections fails allways. Other connections work stable and without errors. Stability and speed are the only things in which you have no say. Well a little by selecting a less secure protocol which may benefit.

So we now test the speed of the chosen internet connection/sever. As with any available VPN, we will always see a decrease in speed as our data gets encrypted which will influence its final speed outcome. And it’s obvious that the best speed is delivered from nearest servers. The ‘ping’ time will show your initial distance from the nearest server. Anything below 10ms is good, and connected servers on the other side of the ocean will show a considerable higher ping-time and as a result slower speeds. Testing bVPN to numerous servers does show a constant change in data speed also due to your Mac’s Wi-Fi connection or even cable connection. It just varies somewhat at any new login to a server. This is not a bVPN problem but an overall issue with all VPN’s and servers.

First images show connectionspeed without VPN active:

bVPN VPN provider review 22 bVPN VPN provider review 23


















Second images show bVPN connectionspeed:

bVPN VPN provider review 24 bVPN VPN provider review 25



















Third images show connectionspeed with NORTON 360 Antivirus program and their included VPN connection:

bVPN VPN provider review 26 bVPN VPN provider review 27



















As the images show, you see a very good performance of Norton VPN speed compared to bVPN connectionspeed. Its not bad, but defenitly not a fast connection/server. Now if this was a cheap VPN hosting, one might take the price in consideration. However bVPN truly is a more expensive VPN Host without the expected bonuspoints for number of servers available, speed and application options.
The application itself works, but lacks refinement and defenitly lacks options compared to its compatitors.


bVPN-VPN Hosting, is stable and somewhat minimalistic. It supports most usual connection features found on VPN’s, and two less common protocols SMOKE and SSH, but lack basic security like the Kill-switch. Connections are absolutely stable and overall speed is fair and depends on server used. Their privacy policy, suggests no logs and no data collection. The number of servers worldwide is too low for many users. bVPN uses full AES 256-bit encryption to hide your location and safeguard your personal data. Being a Netherlands/EU based organisation totall anonimity and safety is as good as EU law provides. Pricing is rather high but check their website and ask for a free try and see for yourself if it fits your needs. Support is 24/7 available.


iBeesoft Data Recovery Mac review

Version 3.6Developer iBeesoft
Website iBeesoft.comBuy iBeesoft Data Recovery




iBeesoft, established in 2015, is a professional Windows data recovery, Mac data recovery, iPhone data recovery, Data Backup and file shredder software provider. First created by two creative and enthusiastic programmers, the team is now composed of a group of highly-skilled young talents who commit themselves to providing better products and service for users.




iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac has no specific preferences-menu available, but a to recover file-types choice at its main/home page. Just select your choice and press the large not to miss START button and you’re on your way.




The main-interface is nicely done, presents choice for file-types to be recovered, but no choice for folders to be scanned. Infact I have not found yet a recovery program taking you straight to just a folder of your choice. Cisdem does a better job in terms of interface ( shown below) as you may want to recover deleted files/folders or from formatted partition/device. iBeesoft also shows the available devices but not as straightforward like Cisdem. iBeesoft Data Recovery is a one-step recovery utility. The second screen with a devices overview is somewhat cluttered and you need to watch carefully if you want to make a selection. Again Cisdem has a more minimalistic approach to provide the same information in an clear interface. Maybe this is personal taste, but the best interface should also work for novice users. This doesn’t mean iBeesoft software is not at Cisdem’s or iBoysoft (simular approach as iBeesoft) level, but I do prefer cleaner interfaces.





LetsData Recovery Services | Hard Drive Recovery | RAID Data Recovery use the analogy that your device is a book, and the blocks of the hard disk/SSD are the the pages of the book.
Naturally, your data would be the text contained in the pages of the book.

Now consider a flag – 0 or 1, indicating whether a page of the book is empty or is occupied by some text. The net ‘free capacity‘ of your hard drive is empty is the sum of the block sizes of the pages which are marked as 0 (empty). Makes sense, right?

Firstly, let us understand what happens when you delete a file. Does it vanish in thin air?

The answer is NO. The file never gets deleted, but what happens is that the pages of the book which contain the data of the file are now marked with a 0, thus designating the space that the file is using as being available for future use when needed. It is no longer ‘accessible’.


N.B. The deleted data is still there, but you have indicated that you are not concerned about it, since you have deleted it. In course of time, the data in this space can be overwritten by other files, and thus compromising the original file that you had you deleted and intend to recover.

So now, how does the recovery software work?

In layman’s term, data recovery software scours the hard drive to look for the pages marked with 0’s to locate any recoverable data, piecing it back together and providing it in a salvageable format. While deleted files are inaccessible and are in danger of being overwritten, they can often be recovered with professional data recovery tools.

N.B. No Data Recovery software is perfect: if a file has been partially/wholly overwritten or otherwise compromised, recovery chances are low.  But if it hasn’t been too long since you deleted the file, the chances of complete recovery are pretty good!




macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 and later macOS is using the new file system – Apple File System (APFS). It doesn’t allow any application to access to the system hard drive (the hard drive where the macOS is installed). So, no data recovery software can directly scan the system hard drive (also called startup hard drive, boot hard drive, Mac HD, etc) under macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later macOS. If you want to recover lost data from the system hard drive in APFS, you should disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) first and then run the data recovery software.

IF you run Catalina on your Mac, you need to disable SIP depending on the source to recover:

Here’ how to disable Apple integrated System Integrity Protection (SIP)





Judging speed of scan-time we need to consider the scanning process involved:

– Normal Scan
– Deep Scan

When do you need a deep scan recovery.

When your disk or drive is recognized as RAW or when you want to find more files, the deep scan is necessary. What is a RAW recovery? Data recovery tools usually rebuild lost files in two ways. One is the fast and easy way to locate the files via file directory info. The scan result will be listed in a file tree with the original file name and attributes.

The other is RAW Recovery, which will search and re-create the file directly by searching all Data Field. It requires more time to go through all sectors on a partition. The recovered file will be assigned a new name like FILE001 and all sorted by file types in the “Tags” and “RAW” folder. When the file directory is corrupted, there’s no method to recover files with the right file names and data content. So you need to check the files found by RAW Recovery in order to recover lost data.

Our speed and number of recovered files test proved iBeesoft a solid performer. iBeesoft offered a Deep Scan after a first run, not finding many files, the Deep Scan recovered all deleted files. In terms of scan-time, iBeesoft Data Recovery proved fastest compared to Cisdem, iBoysoft and Stellar. Check the graph below to see differences between applications results.

iBeesoft Data Recovery Mac review 36


Scan-Time. is at best with iBeesoft ( Deep-Mode ) and worst with Stellar Data Recovery in Deep-mode. Scan-Time is of no importance when its relation to recovered files counts for the xtra time. However there is no direct relation between recovered files amount and scan-time, which makes us judge the applications by their merits. iBeesoft Data Recovery is fastest of them all, and found most recoverable files. The used algorithm seems to be different for developers of recovery software.
So which is best ? Which would you prefer ? Difficult to answer really as the interface of iBeesoft is a bit confusing for novice users, but is fast and gets good results. Best interface is Cisdem and Stellar, both showing the important bits clean and minimalistic. Stellar has professional features and more sophisticated tricks covered in their application and hence more expensive, where iBeesoft is a one trick pony.


Scan-Time winner1. iBeesoft Data Recovery, 2. iBoysoft
Recoverable files winner1. iBoysoft, 2. iBeesoft Data Recovery, 3. Stellar
Pricing winner1. Cisdem, 2. iBeesoft
Versatility (Features) winner by far1. Stellar Data Recovery
Interface winner1. Cisdem and iBoysoft


So iBeesoft Data Recovering is keeping up with its rivals and is fastest of them all. Below you see part of the scan/recover interface which I feel could puzzle users. For the single file/data recovery you’ll need the RAW selection, rather then the structure on top.


iBeesoft Data Recovery Mac review 37


iBeesoft Data Recovery Mac review 38


iBeesoft Data Recovery Mac review 39



To ensure the success of recovering deleted, lost or formatted files from for instance SD card on Mac, don’t save the recovered files to the SD card again. You know, your device may generate new data, which will overwrite the deleted files in the SD card permanently, making the recovery fail. So, please save them to your Mac or another external hard drive. If you do, you will be risky to lose them again.


The final conclusion of this Data Recovery multitest is a bit mixed, as we have winners on different subjects. First we feel we use this utility to recover lost/deleted files, and esthetics are less important to find an overall winner. iBeesoft Data Recovery proved to be an overall winner in terms of speed, found files and good pricing. Novice users of Recovery tools might feel unsecure to choose the right path (RAW Files) as other paths are presented as well. But overall iBeesoft Data Recovery surprised us with a solid performance and a definite first choice if you’re in for a recovery tool.


Regular price $ 45.95 , now enjoy 50% discount.   Coupon code: KB03FK16

iBeesoft Data Recovery Mac review 40

$ 45,95

iMyFone Lockwiper review



iMyFone Technology company provides data restoration and erasing services/tools to Apple (IOS, MacOS) product users and is located at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
The company was founded on Apr 10, 2015. Founder is Dean Huang and the number of employees is about 200 persons. The company is also known as iMyFone, iMyFone Software, iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.
If you encounter any problems using the product, please contact iMyFone support team for help. https://www.imyfone.com/support/





Why does one need a LockWiper utility really! Having a fully great working iPhone or iPad, users will not often want to do without their Cloud services. It is one of the IOS features making people want to own an iPhone or iPad. However life gets a little complicated nowadays, as we are stuck with loads of passwords for all kind of services on the internet or hardware (TV , Network, Phones , iPad) and being human we sometimes forget a password and get stuck. On the internet this is no real problem as we can change the password by just entering your email at the prompt ” Forgot your Apple-ID and/or password ” ?
With hardware like our iPhones this option doesn’t exist and leaves users in the dark, just staring at a non-functional piece of hardware. No use, banging your head to the wall, asking yourself.. what the… is the password ?

You’re locked out and nothing can change your unlucky day. But wait and read on…help is on its way… !

Your Apple ID is used to access Apple services. However, if you forgot Apple ID password, you won’t be able to turn off Find My iPhone, erase iPhone, download Apps from App Store, etc. Luckily, iMyFone LockWiper can help you remove Apple ID from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without password easily.

Now take Attention:

LockWiper only supports to unlock activated device. Therefore, to remove Apple ID via LockWiper, your device must have been set up already and you can access your device settings.

1. If Find My [device] is off, all devices are supported to unlock Apple ID.
2. If Find My [device] is enabled, devices running from iOS 10.2 to 11.4 are supported to unlock without data loss.
3. If Find My [device] is enabled, devices running on iOS 12 and later versions are not supported.

If your device qualifies ( the above ) for unlocking, you get to choose any of the options below:

  • Unlock Apple ID without password from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Remove iPhone passcode from locked, disabled, broken screen
  • Quickly bypass Screen Time or Restrictions passcode without data loss

To get LockWiper performing its trick(s) for Apple ID removal,  iTunes needs to be installed, or the unlocking tool won’t work ! Using LockWiper is super easy, and anyone can use this removal-tool for the removal process of Apple ID or screen password. You don’t need to be a true nerd or wizzard to make this tool do its tricks, its just dead easy. You can remove an Apple ID on an activated device that isn’t locked with iCloud activation lock. This feature is supported by iOS 11.3 and earlier versions if you have “find my iPhone” enabled, but if you don’t, then the tool works on all versions of iOS. Unlocking your lock screen passcode can be done on all iOS versions too.

Attention   Take care if you’re concerned about losing your data, as you will lose all your information once you download and run the LockWiper unlocking tool.

Yes, both Unlock Screen Passcode and Unlock Apple ID mode will erase all the data on your iDevice. For Unlock Screen Passcode mode, it will also update your iOS version to the latest one.

It’s also important to remember you should NOT update or restore your device after removing your Apple ID because your device will be automatically locked by iCloud. Now even with these serious limitations, we feel iMyFone LockWiper is a great tool to have in your toolbox incase you ever find yourself locked out of your iPhone.



iMyFone’s LockWiper has in their tradition a nicely minimalistic interface and layout. It good to have just limited options available to keep focussed on the problem to be solved. I truly like the interfaces of any iMyFone quality software. There’s No Preferences menu involved to run the tool, just choose your desired solution and follow the instructions presented in a clear and easy way. Its a no-brainer to use really, we rather have clean and simple solutions to complicated risk handlings.

iMyFone Lockwiper review 41


Great, you’ve dried your eyes and will be a happy person soon, after reading the steps and/or tricks. iMyfone brings us LockWiper to solve our problem and makes us end up with a usable iPhone or iPad again. In contrast to iBypasser , this LockWiper toolbox makes No use of thirdparty software, well it needs iTunes to work, but nothing else. After LockWiper’s chosen run, you end up with:

All iOS features after removal:

  • Change to a different Apple ID or create a new one
  • Take complete control over your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  • Make use of any iCloud service and enjoy all Apple ID features
  • Update to a new iOS version wirelessly without losing your newly acquired Apple ID

The iDevice will be much safer:

  • After removal, iDevice can’t be tracked via previous Apple ID
  • iDevice will also be removed from previous iCloud account
  • Bypassed iDevice can’t be remotely blocked by prior Apple ID user
  • Bypassed iDevice won’t be remotely erased by previous Apple ID user



Unlock Apple ID

To unlock your Apple ID using iMyFone LockWiper, follow these simple steps:

Connect your device to your Mac and tap on Unlock Apple ID” from main interface.
– If “Find my iPhone“ is disabled on your phone,
your iPhone will begin to unlock automatically.
– if “Find my iPhone“ is enabled,
then you’ll have to reset the settings and disable it.

Once that’s done, your iPhone will restart, and you can now use a new Apple ID on your phone.



Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode

Choose Unlock Screen Passcode from main Interface, now” hit start when the Remove the Screen Lock interface opens.

– Click on the “Download” prompt to download the firmware.
– A “Start to Extract” prompt will appear, click on it and after it extracts, click the next “Start to Unlock” prompt.
– Enter 000000 to confirm the unlocking process and click Unlock.

Wait a few (10) minutes while the full process completes and click Done upon completion.


Unlock iPhone Screen Time Passcode

– Click Unlock Screen Time Passcode from main Interface”, for IOS 12 versions. Running IOS 11 versions, click Recover Restrictions Passcode.
– For users with IOS 11 versions, click on Start to Unlock, and after a few minutes, you’ll receive a prompt to restore your iTunes backup.

Once that’s done, the restriction passcode will appear on the screen.
– If your iTunes backup is encrypted, enter the password, and your device is ready to be used. As simple as that!
– For users with IOS 12 and later next click on Start to Unlock, and keep following the instructions on the screen to enable you disable find my iPhone.



Visit https://www.imyfone.com/support/imyfone-lockwiper/ to answer any of your questions regarding LockWiper software.

FunctionFeatureiMyFone LockWiperDr.fone

Screen Unlock

Tenorshare 4uKey
Screen Lock

(Data loss)

Screen Lock
Apple ID

(Data loss)

iOS10.2-11.3(FMI On)√(No data loss)×(Data loss)√(No data loss)
iOS11.4 below(FMI On)
iOS11.4 & above(FMI On)√(Two-factor authentication on)××
All iOS(FMI Off)
Screen Time Lock

(No data loss)

Recover Passcode(iOS12 below)××
Remove Passcode(iOS12 & above)××
MDM Lock

(Data loss)

MDM Lock××



iMyfone’s LockWiper application offers real unblocking of Apple’s Activation Lock, Screen Time and Screen in a few simple steps. We tried and were succesfull with just a little efford unblocking our iPhone. The application does exactly what it claims, and takes any user through a smooth and easy process.  Its easy and effective and without any compromise apart from the deletion of all software on the device. Devices running on iOS 12 and later versions are not supported, so its does have its limitations.  However If you are in need for a great tool unlocking your Apple ID, Screen or Screen Time feature, and run IOS 11.3 or earlier, look no further as this piece of software will put a smile on your face again.

Special Offer: Up to 30% OFF
Coupon Code: LWWV7


iMyFone Lockwiper review 59

$ 39.95

InterServer Web Hosting review

Web HostingASP.net , Web Hosting , Private Email , Pro Hosting
Website InterServerBuy Winterserver hosting



InterServer.net has been providing webhosting services for the past 21 years. Although technology has changed from the time they started in 1999, their core principles of quality, service, and support have remained the same. The company has evolved its product offering to include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Quick Servers, and Dedicated Servers along with co-location services to continue to exceed their customers expectations and remain Best in Class. Their clients range from single-owner, small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. InterServer acts in all levels of hosting expertise and services.




Well its obvious really. Like us, you have or want to have your website published to promote your company or private blog. Company, private Blog or E-shop, anything is possible to make the world aware of your effords to settle and inform. The internet is the most productive and rewarding way to make yourself known to the world. This is where your search for a good or the best web-host begins. Web-Hosting companies are plenty around, too many to be frank. They all cost money and its difficult to find the best around, for a fair price. You just need to rely on reviews by trusted companies. One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting InterServer’s website, is that it is too busy and too much information which only experienced system-managers will understand. Better to have seperate info-tabs and or make the site searchable. Its good that they provide so many features and options, but there’s no real structure. Furthermore I would like to see some ‘How to Guides‘ like on Siteground, taking a new user through all steps to create and setup a website. It will be a struggle for any new user to figure it all out based on their (or lack off) experience.




In order to search for a great Web Hosting company, you need to set yourself some criteria. Make sure which components are most needed or what is or might be a dealbreaker for you. Things you need to understand is, that nothing comes for free in life, especially good or great offers. Often you need to pay for any additional hosting features like SSL-certificates, Migration fees and most of all Unilimited Storage and multi-server features. InterServer’s hostingplan doesn’t compromise on anything really as they claim a huge list of Free included features, including daily or weekly backups depending of your account. Intershield Protection is also included for free.

InterServer Web Hosting review 60


InterServer’s in house developed security solution:

  • Block web attacksBlock web attacks
  • Automatic virus scannerAutomatic virus scanner
  • Machine Learning FirewallMachine Learning Firewall
  • In house malware databaseIn House Malware Database



InterServer basic included tools and features:

Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage
450+ Cloud Apps 450+ Cloud Apps
SitePad Website Builder SitePad Website Builder
Unlimited E-Mail Accounts Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
Global Content Caching Global Content Caching
Intershield Protection Intershield Protection
30 Days Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Free Website Migration Free Website Migration
Free SSL Certificates Free SSL Certificates


Larger companies have their websites ‘build’ by professionals as they aim for the best and will need specific programming. Private build and customized websites can be created by anyone, as pre-builds like WordPress (Themes) can help you create great looking websites. WordPress for dummies is NOT as easy as it may seem, when you look at all finished websites created with WordPress or Joomla etc. However there is ONE real advantage why most people choose any of these builders (programs), and thats the ‘No Coding needed ‘ to accomplish a great looking website. Only programmers know how to code HTML, and these packages most times make all your problems disappear. Still after starting with WordPress or Joomla, it all comes down to your creative skills to make it look nice and professional.
The next thing you will notice when running a website, is SPEED ! You want every picture to popup instantly, you want your website to Backup in case of accidents, you want your web-host to load your uploads fast, you want security, you want ‘Memory Cache’ to speedup loading-time. There is a growing wish for extra’s to serve your purpose. But WHO is offering all that and MORE for a fair price ? Don’t worry just keep reading and we will present you one of the best Web Hosting sites ever. There are some great hosting sites like Siteground which is really good, but InterServer’s pricing is without competition!



InterServer support: Phone, Live Chat, or Ticket System.

The FIRST and MOST important thing you’ll need when having your website hosted is SUPPORT !! And believe me, they all claim to have brilliant support, but there’s only a few really up 24/7 and 365 days a year. InterServer hosting has good service and support for their clients. To test their support and knowledge, we started a chat and waited for response(time) to get answers for our faked problems. Response was available in approx 2 minutes, and was resolved in again a few minutes. Great response times and they do have a 24/7 chat and email service running. When a chat is finished you are presented an option to have the conversation mailed to your address. Sometimes it is good to have things ‘in black and white’ on paper. Of course one can only tell incase of real problems, how good or bad provided support is really, however we for now can only stick to the present experience. Like mentioned earlier I do miss a guide for a proper setup. All ‘Tips Articles’ don’t lift any vale’s on the real ‘How To’, rather confuse a bit more. This needs real attention if you wish to attract novice users as new clients.

Its no use for any user to have cheap hosting, but terrible support. You, at least when you are not familiar yet with the cPanel and options, will need at times guidance from support explaining your questions. So we have another box ‘thicked’ by InterServer.


INTERSERVER’s offered SOLUTIONS: Shared, WordPress, Joomla, Cloud, Drupal, Magento, Mambo, Prestashop

CLOUD APPS  and  461 scripts available for 1 click installs.


InterServer Web Hosting review 61


InterServer got so many featues and options, we just can’t get it all covered in a single review. This should mean a lot for any potential buyer. It just seems you can’t go wrong with this hosting company. Another aspect to consider is their multi-server setup for any account. In other words, you buy One account ( Hosting package) and you can run several domains from within your one hostingplan. This firstly makes things cheaper and secondly easier to maintain.


Website contents with heavy request loads are automatically cached using our proprietary set of caching mechanisms we call Inter-Proxy.

Raid Level: LSI MegaRaid SSD caching. Sector level hot spot caching on the storage device.
Hardware Level: Files under 2mb in size are stored in RAM. A typical web hosting node has 256GB of memory.
Software Level: LSCache for dynamic content caching.
Packet Level: QUIC – Developed by google for reduced connection times.




At InterServer you get a dedicated cPanel hosting solution that saves your time and money by streamlining and automating tedious server management tasks seamlessly. cPanel provides tools for admins, resellers, and end-user website owners to successfully manage and control their website all through a simple web browser. cPanel works best on a dedicated or virtual private server that runs CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, FreeBSD, and Cloud Linux.

An (partly) overview of InterServer’s cPanel : A kind of Swiss Toolbox for all your full web-mangement . The interface can do without the bulky bars which create an unpleasant busy view. I know its only cosmetics, but I do like to work in a clean and not disturbing interface when doing the jobs that really matter. All tools are available for importing/migrating websites and set or maintain databases. Email surely is very well equipped with loads of features to choose from. Security also present some not often found features, like Leech Protection and Hotlink Protection.


InterServer Web Hosting review 62



INTER-INSURANCE –– Included for Free

InterServer will clean up compromised, hacked or exploited accounts. They also offer this service to new customers. During the migration process, they will clean up your account. Being WordPress experts their specialty is getting WordPress websites back online securely and preventing any future issues

Service includes:

Truly, this is a nice bonus for the client and its even for free !InterServer provides a ‘Better be safe then Sorry’ policy, well done InterServer hosting.

InterServer Web Hosting review 63




InterServer Web Hosting review 64



Up to this point, InterServer Webhosting has been impressive. Easy-to-use c-Panel interface, great pricing and good customer support were the three reasons for it. Server login-connections are truly fast ! Performance is most important for any website as visitors want a smooth running website and not experience any delay or hickups. Websites running loads of large images are bound for trouble if they don’t get stuff like CDN, SSD Caching Service included. Performance is top priority and is a dealbreaker if not good, no matter what pricetag. InterServer’s performance is very good at all levels which ticks another box in our review.

To test the Load Time and speed of InterServer we conducted a test connecting to their webpage used for ongoing server-uptime and networkspeed. All connections are extremely fast !

InterServer Web Hosting review 65

InterServer Web Hosting review 66Benefits of CDN ( Content Delivery Network ):

  • Speed          ( best loading speed Geo)
  • Security       ( fence against DDoS attacks)
  • Availability   (100% avail. for website)
  • Analytics      ( customer tracking )






To be honest I only have two remarks making me say this is one of the best priced Webhosting companies found, and that is this absence of simple ‘Search’ and ‘How To’ tools on the website. I know all things seem to be covered, but still this should be implemented. If you are looking for Premium service, loads of Free extra’s  and securities provided, noting can beat InterServer plans for its features and pricing. We tried the whole process ourselves and are impressed with the skill and devotion offered. Their commitment is rather unique in the industry, so don’t hesitate and try it out. You won’t be disappointed, we guaranty ! Like their many Unlimited features provided this is one of the best user experiences money can buy.


  • FREE migration service and new site setup with 1-click install
  • FREE automated daily backups, CDN, email, and SSL
  • 24/7 expert support with some wait time on email or live chat
  • Ideal for business email / hosting, with 99.9% uptime
  • Pricing


  • Website and cPanel interface too busy (bulky bars)
  • No ‘ How To’s ‘ available !
  • No search possible

InterServer Web Hosting review 67

Duplicate File Finder Pro review

Version 6.6 ProDeveloper Nektony
Website https://nektony.com/Buy at Apple Store



Nektony is a software development company that is specialized on Mac utilities & iOS productivity apps. Its founded in 2011 and located in Odessa, Ukraine.




Installation of Duplicate File Finder is simple, just drag and drop the icon(application) inside the .dmg file to your Applications folder and you’re done. Now enter your serial if you bought the Pro version. With the PRO version you can operate duplicate folders and non-identical Similar folders and even similar photos.



Every music and photography entousiast (and others) will face a lot of duplicate or simular files cluttering their drives, as experimenting and tryouts with images or music is one of my passions. I guess there’s more people like me, spending hours and hours perfecting our favorite photo’s or edited music compilations. People like me get warnings from iCloud, that their storage is full and needs upgrading. All because the latest Cataina version syncs our desktops with iCloud. So in order to avoid iCloud problems, I copy the folders to an external NAS where loads of partitions get stuffed with ‘Folders in Progress’, I call them. In the end, I end up with numerous folders with identical or nearly same files. At times we need to sweep the disks in order to keep things fairly clean, and use the diskspace for new data. Nektony created a nice application Duplicate File Finder Pro ( or Free ). This application helps to remove duplicates in just a few minutes or hours depending on the amount of data to be searched.
Duplicate File Finder scans your Mac hard drive or external drives to find identical files and folders. It searches equal files by type, name, count, and size. You can separately view and delete duplicate photos, videos, music, documents, or all types of duplicates from your Mac. Duplicate File Finder also helps you to detect similar folders, which have both equal and unique files and merge them to free up storage space on your disk. Besides that, Duplicate File Finder detects similar photos in order to ease the selection of the favorite pictures you want to keep on your computer. This application is easy to use and it provides a “how to use” guide for new users. A free version is also available, but I feel the Pro version with its bonus features will not withhold too much, for its pricing.




If you want the advanced features, like removing duplicates in bulk, comparing folders or merging folders, you can upgrade the app to a Pro version for $19.99.

  • Remove Duplicates in Similar Folders
  • Merge Scanned Folders
  • Find and Remove Similar Photos ( also in Free version )
  • View Removal History

Overall Duplicate File Finder Pro functionality features:

  • Quickly find duplicates on any disk, folder, storage
  • Detect duplicate pictures and similar photos
  • Find Duplicate and Similar folders
  • Recover removed duplicates from the Trash
  • Merge folders and organize your files
  • Remove duplicates from Photos Library
  • Find hidden duplicates
  • Use smart Cleanup Hints
  • Use Auto Select option
  • Find duplicates of any type of files*
  • View usage visualization of duplicates
  • Skip specific folders or file types from search
  • Get accurate byte-to-byte duplicates’ results
  • Define duplicate files size to be searched
  • Select duplicates only in particular folders




Why do we compare two applications at the same time? Well to be honest Gemeni 2 is a wellknown application with great reviews, and Nektony is still fairly less known and we find almost no reviews on the internet. So we need to test and check, in order to make up an opinion on the quality and effectiveness of the scanning results.



The opening-interface of Duplicate File Finder is minimalistic and simple. Too simple for my taste, as I fancy sleek and well layed out interfaces. Duplicate File Finder does come with some special Preferences for any user to adjust and set. Its main feature (to me) is the addition or removal of directories to be skipped or added. This will impact scanningtime (faster/slower) depending of file amount to scan. The ‘Skip List’ Tab allows you to adjust the folder/files to be scanned. The ‘Auto Select’ provides numeral options for file selections.

As soon as it starts scanning , we get a column overview of the disk content, nicely devided in seperate folders and filetypes. Depending on the amount of folders to be scanned-searched, the scan can take just a few minutes to in my case approx. 4 hours scantime. During scanning the animated columns show you the data-amount scanned and in progress. Quite informative and the progressbar at the bottom tells you the remaining files or folders to be scanned and compared.

When all scanning is finished we get a full overview of all duplicate files/folders found nicely sorted in filetype and detailed information of numbers and size. The Pro version provides some extra buttons (Merge etc), to perform related functionality.

Like any removal application, one should always check and check again if the proposed file(s)/folders are the ones you want to get rid off. People running RAID systems should defenitly check and check. Even when deleted all is not lost as there are applications to retrieve your just deleted files, but better be safe then sorry.

A view selection of seperate Button actions will give you a nice idea of its full potential.




We started with the knowledge of Gemini 2 qualities, and were wondering if Duplicate File Finder could match its performance. The performance is source for discusion as it comes down to priorities for results. Is the outcome of found files priority or scan-time, amount of files ? Take your pick as each seperate item is somehow important. In our test we scanned 1.500.000 files in a straight run and noted the performance of both applications. The outcome is overwhelming in favor of Duplicate File Finder in each seperate measurement. Keep in mind that we are not able to check the accuracy of each application as we ran a 1.500.000 files test, which we can’t check for each file found. Overall, the Duplicate File Finder application won in every aspect:


  • – Found Files approx. 42000 more
  • – Found amount Gb 16 Gb more data
  • – Scan-Time  40 min.faster

The found files amount of Gemini 2, might be due to way of calculation folders/files. Maybe its a matter of min. file size to set as Threshold, we don’t know, all we see is the outcome which surprised us really.


Duplicate File Finder Pro review 79



Again Nektony surprised us with a great and cheap application Duplicate File Finder Pro. We tested a huge amount of data for duplicate files (detection function) and this neat app beats the competition. Is it flawless, you might ask yourself after reading this review? I guess not, RAID users should be carefull with any remover application. However in a straight 1:1 contest, Duplicate File Finder beat the competition in every aspect.
For now honours to Nektony’s Duplicate File Finder application, which even has a decent pricing tag. Get yourself the Free version and try and judge for yourself if this could be your best buy ever.


Duplicate File Finder Pro review 80


iBypasser review


Version: 2.0.0Developer: iMyfone iBypasser
Website: https://www.imyfone.com/bypass-activation-lock/Buy iBypasser




iMyfone Technology company provides data restoration and erasing services/tools to Apple (IOS, MacOS) product users and is located at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
The company was founded on Apr 10, 2015. Founder is Dean Huang and the number of Employees is estimated at 11-50 persons. The company is also known as iMyfone, iMyfone Software, iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.




Why does one need an Activation Lock bypass utility really ! Having a fully great working iPhone or iPad, users will not often want to do without their Cloud services. It is one of the IOS features making people want to own an iPhone or iPad. However life gets a little complicated nowadays, as we are stuck with loads of passwords for all kind of services on the internet or hardware (TV , Network, Phones , iPad) and being human we sometimes forget a password and get stuck. On the internet this is no real problem as we can change the password by just entering your email at the prompt ” Forgot your Apple-ID and/or password?’.
With hardware like our iPhones this option doesn’t exist and leaves the user in the dark just staring at a non-functional piece of hardware. No use, banging your head to the wall, asking yourself.. what the… is the password ?

You’re locked out and nothing can change your unlucky day. But wait and read on…help is on its way… !




Great, you’ve dried your eyes and will be a happy person soon, after reading these steps and/or tricks. iMyfone brings us the iBypasser application to solve our problem and makes us end up with a usable ( though NO cloud, call function anymore) iPhone or iPad again. You may wonder ( well I did ) how they are able to resolve our problem with a locked device. Once you start running iBypasser the more experienced Mac users will understand that the application makes use of a downloaded jailbreak app called CHECKRA1N which is a free jailbreak application. So why not just use this application and do the trick? Well i’ll explain the needed steps to perform a jailbreak, which at least is a hassle for any novice user. To be frank I guess novice users won’t be able to perform a full jailbreak as it needs some understanding of the proces to follow. The next chapter will explain what and how a jailbreak works.




What is jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is the process by which Apple users can remove software restrictions imposed on iOS and Apple products like the iPad®, iPhone, iPod®, and more. Jailbreaking allows root access to iOS. It lets users install applications, themes and extensions, and other software applications that are not authorized by Apple’s App Store. iBypasser also uses the CHECKRAIN1N app which is developped by @CrazyMind90 and @AJBboCydia some ears ago, but gets updated to keep jailbreaking any new IOS edition. CheckRa1n is a permanent semi-tethered jailbreak for every iOS version running A5-A11 devices. Jailbreak does NOT solve the Activation Lock just the root access.




Use the link below IF you want to jailbreak your device (at your own risk ) and install Cydia , but the Activation Lock will remain! This is a more semi-permanent solution giving access to themes, software, apps. Think twice or read about this single application before use. iBypasser handles this software in a
adjusted way to just jailbreak AND Unlock the Activation.





So, what is an Activation Lock ? According to Apple, “Activation Lock is a feature that’s designed to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch if it’s ever lost or stolen. Apple’s IOS software has build in security preventing unlawfull use of the device( your not the owner) when its lost or stolen. Users always setup their device with a security code and/or face recognition on the later iPhone models, and create an Apple ID- password. Your Apple-ID grants you access to Apple’s cloud and important apps like Cloud, Mail, Store etc. If you can’t remember your Apple-ID/password the iPhone is blocked, so can it be blocked by the ” Find my Phone app ‘, incase one lost their phone. iBypasser will gain access to the device allowing you to create a new Apple-ID/password and use it accordingly.


  • After bypassing activation lock with iMyFone iBypasser, the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch will be jailbroken. You can access the device again for daily use except for the function of phone call, cellular and iCloud of your new Apple ID.
  • The activation lock screen will appear again if you reset your device after bypassing. You can use iBypasser on the same device for unlimited times before the license expires.
  • This version does not (yet) support the latest iPhones 11 and up.

We tried of course the Activation Lock bypass for its claim. First we used the original Checkra1n.app downloaded from the URL above, and though the iPhone was jailbroken, we still needed to enter Apple’s ID/Password in order to proceed the activation of the device. No good in case you like mentioned earlier forgot/have not got a valid ID belonging to the device itself ( the device keeps its original ID in its chipset stored ). So we move on to THE INTERFACE and practical use of iMyfone iBypasser.app



iBypasser’s interface is minimalistic and presents all information needed to perform a good jailbreak / Activation Lock bypass. An external ‘jailbreak file’ (Checkra1n), is automatically downloaded and is needed for the full process to end. The complete interface more or less is just a visual guide for the steps to make rather then a programmed piece of software. However iBypasser does add some code to overcome the Activation Lock which is still left by Checra1n. The interface is just a set of text sreens where only the download of the jailbreak is activated with programming code/command. The clients actions to be taken are the same as the standalone Checkra1n.app, but now guided with an interface.

After the very fast processing of the jailbreak the interface takes you to its final steps. The end-result is great. Your former blocked iPhone is now overruling the Lock Activation and steps straight to the basic iPhones apps interface where you may set a new Apple ID/Pass combination. Is this Apple legal?, I don’t know. Jailbreaking is legal and only limits the security offered by Apple’s IOS software. You could have malware hidden in the jailbreak app or risk your privacy as you do with all apps used outside the Apple Store. I know Apple uses its Apple Store for money reasons, but it also provides safety for clients buying malware free stuff.


iBypasser review 81



To show you the simplicity but really EFFECTIVE steps to bypass the Activation Lock, we show you the few steps to achieve access to your device. It only takes a second to feel yourself a professional hacker and boast your achievement to your friends and family. Still its iMyfone’s iBypasser that deserves all the credit.


Is there more to it ? Not really, as we now end with some claims made by the developer.

iBypasser review 89     Bypass activation lock and get into your iOS device again.

iBypasser review 89    Use a new Apple ID on your device.

iBypasser review 89    iDevice won’t be tracked by the previous Apple ID.

iBypasser review 89    iDevice won’t be remotely blocked or erased by the previous Apple ID user.

Now whats the benefit of this jailbreak really? To put it simple just gain access to your device and do a restore action in case you backed up the device trough iTunes. Keep in mind that ONLY Apple can unlock your device really rather then bypass an Activation Lock. You won’t be able to use the call function of the iPhone as mentioned earlier.
So its not for support of stolen iPhones, as the IMEI code is still valid at Apple’s servers where owners with access to ID/Pass can block their devices and only they can unblock. You can use the phones internet and such, but calling is impossible. Well I am not an expert in these matters but I think this article
describes the jailbreak / process / use in a simple way.

Therefore, if you want to gain complete access to your iPhone, use iMyFone LockWiper to remove all iPhone locks and restrictions.


What are the competitive features of iMyFone iBypasser: 
1. The supported devices and iOS versions are many and relatively new: iPhone5s-iPhoneX, and it runs on iOS 12.3 or above (Note:
iOS12.4.5 and 12.4.6 are not supported)
2. Simple operation
3. Provide trial, you can know whether your device is supported by trial




iMyfone’s iBypasser application offers real bypassing of Apple’s Activation Lock in a few simple steps. We tried and were succesfull with just a little efford. The application does exact what it claims and takes any user through a smooth process. This software is not meant for activating stolen phones as you can’t use the call function anymore when blocked, but (may) help out any user buying a secondhand iPhone. Its easy and effective and without any compromise. If you are in need for a great tool bypassing your Active Lock, look no further as this piece of software will put a smile on your face again.


iBypasser review 93

$ 39,95

We also provide 20% off (coupon code: iByLK20) on all license types of the iBypasser.