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We all use archives in some way or another through our emails or files stored on the internet. Archiving formats like ZIP and RAR are popular amongst users. ZIP mostly used for email attachments and RAR for larger files stored on the internet. So why do we need to ZIP or RAR our attachments and files?  Most common mailboxes have a max up/download size set by the provider.

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This overview is from 2013, so there might be some changes. Still the max. file size is why we need Archivers like Betterzip. They are able to squeeze the file size to a smaller size, and combine all separate files into one if needed. The receiver opens the zipped files and has access to the full original files. Byte-savers is what they should be called. An easy process for every user. There is a number of archivers on the market, and they all work, but the main difference is usability, features and SPEED. A small file won’t make you notice any difference, but the larger files sort out the good from the bad.



Bitterzip 3 supports 30 formats
Direct Mode, Ad Hoc changes without saving first
Join & Split files
Apple disk images supported
ePub files supported







You may preview your archives without extracting the archive first.





Data may be protected with AES-256 encryption.




Bitterzip allows users to create their own presets for archive handling.



Unwanted files can be filtered from the archive.





Bitterzip 3 allows you to test the archive for damages.



Betterzip Mac is without doubt the best Archiver for your Mac. It has all the features , but most of all, it has SPEED ! It is really fast in doing the job. A nice clean interface completes the package.

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$ 19.95




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