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bVPN is founded in 2014 and located in Breda,The Netherlands. Not a lot of  information about the small company itself is found on the internet, only that it’s based in The Netherlands. It claims to have 38 servers in about 16 locations.
Well I’ll take their statement for granted really, and checking their locations list, it seems fair to say that many people will benefit from a server location as US and EU servers are available.

  • Europe 14 VPN Servers
  • The Americas 11 VPN Servers
  • Asia Pacific 9 VPN Servers
  • Australia 1 VPN Server


bVPN offers apps for all OS platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.



Having a VPN connection available is nowadays a ‘must’ for every internet user, as your exposed IP might be a real risk.

  1. The ISP’s job isn’t limited to providing you just an internet connection. No, it is being regulated by governments and, compelled to monitor the online activities of its users.
    VPNs prevent this uninvited surveillance by helping you change your IP. It also encrypts the data, making it impossible for anyone to track your browsing and data.
  2. About encryption; VPN’s make a perfect tool to guard your data against digital threats like identity-theft, malware attack, Wi-Fi hacking attempts, etc.
  3. This powerful combination of encryption and anonymity is a must-have for any internet user. With a VPN-enabled device, you can hide your IP as well as the Internet activities from the local government.
  4. VPN services play a significant role in offering uninterrupted access to their users.  VPN’s eliminate all blocking and security problems, enabling users to access anything from anywhere anonymously.


bVPN is committed to protecting your privacy. We want you to understand what information we collect, what we don’t collect, and how we collect, use, and store information!

Statement bVPN: We don’t collect any data about how our customers utilize VPN or proxy connections. We do not know, see, inspect or store any data related to applications, websites, addresses or services our customers accessed using bVPN for any amount of time or purpose.

The company operates under Dutch/EU jurisdiction, which makes it a less safe and secure provider. Being based in The Netherlands it means that your online activity is ‘safe’ through their encryption but not when considering Dutch/EU jurisdiction as safe as for instance Switzerland (Switzerland is without a doubt the best privacy country for a VPN service) or Panama, neither has the company ever provided user information to any agency or government institutions as far as we know. Fairly safe, means they do not follow US regulations but local and EU law of The Netherlands. I know that this mainly applies to people doinf things on the internet they shouldn’t, but still A VPN is to provide FULL anonimity.

bVPN is to protect you! Here’s what they do to make sure that you are staying on the safe side of the Internet:

  • Cover your IP and other technical information. When you are using bVPN, your personal IP and location information are invisible.
  • Shield your identity by protecting your online activity. Do whatever you want, they got you covered! You do not have to worry about ad agencies finding out you need a new phone, or hackers cracking your password when you are browsing.
  • Make sure all the devices you use are secure. There is no point in protecting one of your gadgets and using all the others as is. bVPN is suitable for most of the existing platforms.



bVPN’s Privacy Policy describes the ways in which they collect, use and disclose personal information provided by the users of our services. No Logs policy means they don’t collect or store information about their users in any shape or form. This also implies that your data can’t be transferred to third parties or hijacked.

They do not collect any of the following:

  • Your browsing history
  • The information you downloaded and shared
  • Your primary IP address and the IP given by our server
  • DNS queries
  • Your device’s metadata

They truly respect your privacy:

  • Thoroughly encrypt your connection
  • Never read and tie traffic to a specific user
  • Never store sensitive data
  • Never share the data with third parties ( all within Dutch Law )



  1. OpenVPN and
  2. IKEv2 ( Not supported )
  3. SMOKE
  4. SSH
  5. L2TP

SmokeVPN and OpenVPN are the best options for your VPN connection !  We recommend the OpenVPN and SMOKE protocol as they are the safest of the lot.

OpenVPN relies on TCP and UDP protocols. TCP is more reliable, but slower, while UDP is faster but less reliable than TCP.

Information about SMOKE protocol:

SmokeVPN does not just encrypt your data to the highest standards available, it actually hides it. Using Moving Target Defense techniques combined with Streaming Key Encryption, a new level of defense is created for your network and data in motion. By doing this, SmokeVPN creates a virtual smokescreen in your network removing all network borne attack vectors.

  • On top of making your data more secure, SmokeVPN is also simpler to manage. Because the key is streaming, the need for complex key management is eliminated.
  • SmokeVPN provides a simpler, easy to install, more secure VPN solution. This is also proactive cybersecurity security so, instead of studying how you were breached, you can relax with the knowledge your critical data is safe.

How it works:

  • SmokeVPN is based on the popular OpenVPN. To most administrators, the concepts and skills needed to manage the VPN network are well understood.
  • With SmokeVPN, a new generation of IP tunnel is used. Data ports are constantly changing and, if a location uses more than one carrier, the encrypted data and streaming key are sent across both while rotating at random.
  • SmokeVPN works in the network as a hub and spoke system.


DNS LEAK Prevention

We carried out a DNS leak test to ensure that this VPN is secure enough for activities like Torrenting or those requiring general anonymity. It turned out to be safe as we recorded no leaks. Marked Safe, Definitely!

The company also has packed in a public Wi-Fi option, which will protect you when you are out there using an unprotected Wi-Fi in a mall or a coffee shop. If you think this feature is not worth much, just go to google and check out some recent Man-in-the-Middle-Attacks and you’ll understand what this feature brings to your security coterie.


bVPN VPN provider review 1





bVPN VPN provider review 2



The application is very simple, but easy to use. It provides only basic features as we feel we miss the basics : VPN Kill switch at signal drop,  Auto configuration, Notifications to name some. The provided protocols are there as is the ‘preferred’ protocol setting, which we advise to stay on Open VPN always.

  • No Automatic Configuration
    The app does not autonomously determines the best configuration, but provides Fastest Server choice at Connect Tab..
  • No VPN Kill Switch
    The app does not cut the internet connection altogether if the VPN tunnel fails, so your data remains unprotected when this occurs.

Check the diffrence in appearence of the ‘Advanced Settings‘ tab to the overall interface of the application. I know it works, but is inconsistant throughout with a sleak interface provided by so many other VPN hosts.

bVPN VPN provider review 3

So the application itself works well as do the connections made by choice. We however were not able to use the OpenVPN Common Configurations setting as connections fails allways. Other connections work stable and without errors. Stability and speed are the only things in which you have no say. Well a little by selecting a less secure protocol which may benefit.

So we now test the speed of the chosen internet connection/sever. As with any available VPN, we will always see a decrease in speed as our data gets encrypted which will influence its final speed outcome. And it’s obvious that the best speed is delivered from nearest servers. The ‘ping’ time will show your initial distance from the nearest server. Anything below 10ms is good, and connected servers on the other side of the ocean will show a considerable higher ping-time and as a result slower speeds. Testing bVPN to numerous servers does show a constant change in data speed also due to your Mac’s Wi-Fi connection or even cable connection. It just varies somewhat at any new login to a server. This is not a bVPN problem but an overall issue with all VPN’s and servers.

First images show connectionspeed without VPN active:

bVPN VPN provider review 4 bVPN VPN provider review 5


















Second images show bVPN connectionspeed:

bVPN VPN provider review 6 bVPN VPN provider review 7



















Third images show connectionspeed with NORTON 360 Antivirus program and their included VPN connection:

bVPN VPN provider review 8 bVPN VPN provider review 9



















As the images show, you see a very good performance of Norton VPN speed compared to bVPN connectionspeed. Its not bad, but defenitly not a fast connection/server. Now if this was a cheap VPN hosting, one might take the price in consideration. However bVPN truly is a more expensive VPN Host without the expected bonuspoints for number of servers available, speed and application options.
The application itself works, but lacks refinement and defenitly lacks options compared to its compatitors.


bVPN-VPN Hosting, is stable and somewhat minimalistic. It supports most usual connection features found on VPN’s, and two less common protocols SMOKE and SSH, but lack basic security like the Kill-switch. Connections are absolutely stable and overall speed is fair and depends on server used. Their privacy policy, suggests no logs and no data collection. The number of servers worldwide is too low for many users. bVPN uses full AES 256-bit encryption to hide your location and safeguard your personal data. Being a Netherlands/EU based organisation totall anonimity and safety is as good as EU law provides. Pricing is rather high but check their website and ask for a free try and see for yourself if it fits your needs. Support is 24/7 available.


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