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Version: 3.0.1Developer Nevercenter



Nevercenter Ltd. Co. is a private company founded in 2003 and based near Salt Lake City, Utah.[1] The company is a small team devoted to the development of software for Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms. Prominent titles include:

  • Silo, a 3D modeling application using subdivision surfaces for Windows and Mac OS.[2] Originally released August 2003; Silo 2 released August 2007.[3]
  • CameraBag Photo Mac, a photo editing app available for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. 2012 Mac App of the Year Runner-Up.[4] Originally released for iOS in September 2008 as a vintage photo filter app,[5] Mac support was added in September 2009. The program was then redesigned and updated to “CameraBag 2” in 2012 as a full image editing application for Mac and PC, with the iOS version of CameraBag 2 following soon after.[6] 
  • In 2016 Camerabag Photo was redesigned and updated to version 3.0



Every photographer novice or experienced needs software to edit photo’s. It is one of the great digital features computers and software nowadays present. Customizing your own photo’s to your liking takes some skills if you’re using Adobe Photoshop or any other advanced photo editing software. For many people this is just a bridge too far! This is where more basic software like CameraBag Photo comes in handy.
CameraBag Photo is a no nonsense photo editing tool presenting the user nearly 200 preset filters and the ability to adjust any filter to your liking. Handling RAW photo’s is a nice added feature for real editing.

  • Hue Mask
  • HSV Mask
  • Luminance Mask
  • Highlights/Midtones/Shadows
  • 4-Way Color Wheels
  • Advanced Contrast
  • Multi-Document Tabs
  • Pixel Inspector
  • Animated Hover Previews
  • Dynamic Preview Chooser
  • Collapsible Tool Sections
  • Updated Look
  • Color Management (Mac)
  • Side-By-Side Image Editing
  • Render Queue
  • Speed Improvements
  • Dozens of New Filters



The interface is clean and easy to use. On the right side we find the full scope of filters and normal customizations tools. Choosing a Preset from the sidebar and you’ll notice the change of your photo on the fly!
This making it much easier to choose any preset instead of trying any. If you’re comfortable with a chosen preset, just click and the main photo will change to the preset settings.
The bottom bar will now show adjustable settings to finetune your photo.

Camerabag Photo Mac review 1

Another aspect of CameraBag Photo is saving your personal optimized settings as a ‘Preset’ allowing you to edit other photo’s in a personal and consistant way. Give it your personal touch to define and set yourself from the crowd.



Choose a Preset folder/category and press/use the Quicklook button. A full array of default presets within the category is displayed is one overview allowing you to choose any desired preset.

Camerabag Photo Mac review 2



CameraBag is as stated earlier working very nice. It provides the novice user tons of possibilities to enhance and edit their photo’s. Adjustments are made easy with sliders well defined and presented in a clean interface.
The more experienced user will soon see the limitations of the software but can still make use of fast presets and save for export to for instance Macphun Luminar. Camerabag Photo boasting 200 presets can really make life easier.

Overall speed is good. The full adjustable settings are easy to work with. If you’re looking for a ‘bag of tricks’ this is the software to get. No hassle no pain, a great photo is your gain. ( that even rhymes )

The New TAB function from the menubar provides a split screen showing the picture before-after editing. You may choose this step any moment working on a photo, keeping an almost perfect photo aside before making more changes.

Camerabag Photo Mac review 3



CameraBag Photo YouTube play


  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Temperature
  • Multi Tool
  • Vignette
  • Grain
  • Sharpen
  • Blur
  • Circular Blur
  • Basic Border
  • Fill Border
  • Image Border
Advanced Light
  • Tone Curve
  • Gamma Curve
  • Advanced Contrast
  • Shadows/Highlights
  • Dynamics
  • Brightness
  • Hue Mask
  • HSV Mask
  • Luminance Mask
  • Watermark
  • Dead Pixel
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Exact Size
  • Maximum Size
Advanced Color
  • Coloring
  • Coloring Curve
  • R, G, B Curves
  • Color Wheels
  • Component Curve
  • Hue Shift
  • Hue Exposure
  • Hue Saturation
  • Split Tone
  • Color Balance
  • Color Mixer
  • Filtered B+W



The final verdict of CameraBag Photo is good. It is a well designed and great looking piece of software enabling the user to easily edit their photo’s. It has nearly 200 presets covering most areas of photo editing.
Handling RAW material makes it usable for advanced users. CameraBag Photo is your private ‘bag of tricks’ setting you apart from the crowd.


Camerabag Photo Mac review 4

$ 20.00



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  1. Hi
    I lost my serial number to camera bag 3 after the catalina update. Would you kindly, you please search my details for me?


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