Capto for Mac



Image Capture



So what is CAPTO exactly ? A simple screen capture tool ( like Voila was really, which works great by the way ), or is this new CAPTO build a transformation of something old to new !
Capto delivers a complete set of editing tools not found inside any other screen capture tool combined. Most of us first captured a screen area or video, exported the captured image to whichever next editing tool for inserting arrows, cut out personal information adding text etc. Then again export the edited image to something like a photo-editing tool for further adjustment.

It kept you busy creating the desired edited image. THIS TOOL has a lot combined into one multipurpose screen capture and editing tool. It is fun to work with and proofs a major upgrade over VOILA or other developers tools.

A single editing timeline along with the ability to add details like arrows, spotlight, text, blur, and more makes Capto the go-to capture app. Capto also allows users to crop, trim, cut, and import outside clips, making it the easiest video editing experience for daily users.

Screen capturing and video-editing for Mac to make quick, detailed, and informative videos and images using onscreen content. Capto offers HD screen recording, versatile image and webpage capturing, in-app video-editing tools, smart file management, and convenient sharing options.