Don’t wait for disk failure

Carbon Copy Cloner is a way to make diskfailures annoying rather than fatal for your hard work. CCC backs up any or all of your files and it also optionally creates a bootable external hard drive.
Compared to other backup programs, it lacks some security aspects needed by companies. However the average home user will benefit from the simple and easy setup of tasks. It performs really well and fast.

The interface is simple and intuitive, which is a benefit for the normal user. Adding tasks is easy without hassle, choose your file , map or Hd en choose your target, set the wanted options in advanced and you’re on your way.
Options are adequate for all basic situations, and it performs fast. Tell it to send email when faults should appear, lean back and set it to automatic. Job done.

Though Goodsync is an outstanding program with best customisations for backups and syncing, Carbon Copy Cloner is more intuitive and has plenty of usefull options which will serve most home users adequate in search for a fast backup utility. My advice ? Order it NOW !

Carbon Copy Cloner is the overall winner for home users, but a second place for company use.