Syncmate Expert Mac review

Version 6.5.329Developer Eltima



Eltima is a software developer for Windows and Mac related applications. They are in business for 15 years and provide smaller but useful utilities. SyncMate and Folx Pro are some fine examples of their applications. This time we will review their SyncMate Expert application and see how it performs.


The SyncMate Expert Mac edition is an ideal backup manager. It syncs everything in your phone like Messages, Images, Music, Documents, Reminders and Call History.
One of the nice features is the expert edition also allowing you to manage your phone from your Mac. Just use your Mac for typing and sending messages, a useful and neat feature I think.
The ability to mount your cloud storage data as a local disk is a nice extra bonus to a full backup and sync utility.

SyncMate Sync Service

SyncMate features own Sync Service which lets you sync locally avoiding any cloud mediums in OS X 10.8.5 and later. In this way the sync process is secure and safe, and you totally control your data.


Eltima SyncMate installation is straightforward, just drag the application to your Mac applications and you’re set. Now its time to make your choices in items you wish to sync with your other devices.
Your Apple OSX itself sync’s trough iCloud with your other Apple devices, but Android for instance is not achievable without any third party software. SyncMate Expert will give you the possibility to sync with your ‘cloud’ storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Just hit the button of your choice and fill the credentials and approve of the access to your cloud-account.
Syncmate will provide a popup asking for access to your contacts.

OSX Fuse installation is necessary for mounting cloud storage. ( If you experience any ‘file permission issues’ install SSHFS to resolve any connection or permission errors )

Pay attention to the default marked anonymous app usage statistics sending to Eltima. If you feel you want to keep your data private uncheck the box !


With SyncMate you can sync data between Mac and other device automatically. Configure all the settings for the first round and they will be used in further sync. If you wish to add more sync
options to an account or connection type, just add by choosing the ➕ sign.



The Autosync option provides a kind of scheduler which is really basic. I would like to see a full scheduler integrated in the utility which makes it far more useful.


SYNC OPTIONS ( Free and Expert )


All possible sync options proof this application to be not your ‘pandora box’ , but your ‘panacea box’ your swiss knife for syncing your data with your devices.


Mounting cloud storage as a local disk, is easy to setup. A disk will be shown on your desktop. Check the box MOUNT and ADD new pair, choose sync direction and setup the desired sync folders or files. Now you may set the period for required sync. You will be notified after every synchronization. A log file is created and visible also during sync.
OSX Fuse installation is necessary for mounting cloud storage.



Eltima SyncMate takes its job very serious by syncing all your devices like Android and iOS, MTP and storage devices and Microsoft Office apps. Its the ‘ yin – yang’ solution for keeping your stuff synchronized. With its clean and clear interface, it makes life a little easier providing you the ability to use your data on any of your devices. Just use your Mac for typing your messages and send it from your phone. The mounting feature of your cloud storage places complete a great utility. The scheduler / auto sync time feature needs some upgrading but still this is a great sync utility a full 5 star recommendation.


Syncmate Expert Mac review 1

$ 39.99




Chronosync Mac review

Version 4.6.7Developer  Econ Technologies, Inc.



ChronoSync 4 is yet another backup utility, but unlike most competitors it has a clean, modern and intuitive interface. All  features you expect from a well known and reliable company.
Just backup your hard disks while you attend to your other duties and get notified when everything’s done. Just as simple as that. It also covers IOS backup and bootable remote backups.
Check for the options and rules for customizing your operation.



The figure below shows all possible backup and sync options, which support your private rules and scheduling. ChronoSync 4 is a perfect example what a modern interface should look like.
It is like Danish design watches, clean slick and 100% functional. It is not loaded with features but adequate for most users. More is not always better !


Schermafbeelding 2016-03-07 om 19.55.46


Installing ChronoSync 4  is straightforward and without a system reboot. The right sidebar off the main page is used for creating your backup. Now enter backup title and choose your desired backup operation, source and destination. Options and rules are customized settings you may implement for your perfect backup operation. Again straightforward and congrats.. you’ve setup your first personal backup.


Schermafbeelding 2016-03-07 om 16.17.22


Schermafbeelding 2016-03-07 om 16.43.12



ChronoSync 4 has a brilliant Scheduling feature with a brilliant and complete interface. ChronoSync supports event-based schedules, too.
ChronoSync can even wake your Mac to perform scheduled synchronization. An option found on most backup utilities.


Schermafbeelding 2016-03-07 om 16.20.50



This is the field of ChronoMonitor, and the pairing of ChronoAgent and InterConneX.
ChronoAgent is presented in system preferences panel: you install it like regular software, but without an application folder, it is an option within System Preferences. Switch it on in there, and when you create a secure username and password, you can connect to your Mac from another one, or an iOS device. You also need to install the Free InterConneX app on your IOS device and you’re all set.



A brilliant program and a brilliant interface makes life easy. And thats is my final conclusion. Already thinking about your next birthday or Christmas gift ?

Chronosync Mac review 2

$ 49.99




Goodsync Desktop Mac review

Version 5.3.5Developer Syber Systems

Don’t wait for disk failure

GoodSync Desktop Mac synchronizes and backs up files such as photos, financial documents, MP3s, e-mails between desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives.
GoodSync is the latest software in a series of highly reliable, easy-to-use products from Siber Systems, the makers of RoboForm. It uses an innovative synchronization algorithm that offers true bi-directional synchronization.




GoodSync’s syncing capabilities:

  • A local computer
  • computer connected over the internet
  • USB and network drives
  • Online storage ( Google, Dropbox etc )



  • Goodsync can directly connect with computers
  • Create an account on each computer and start syncing
  • Goodsync 2


Goodsync can set automated tasks created by the user. These tasks can be created with a variety of syncing options. This is the part where I think the beginning user should be carefull in his or her choices.
The wrong choice can make data seem gone when you do not opt for incremental syncing.
Goodsync keeps a backup ( gs-data ) in a special created map, where you can recover files. It is the overwhelming amount of options that make this utility not suitable fort he mac-novice but it is especially suitable to companies and experienced users. All created tasks can be exported, so whenever you feel the need of a clean OSX install or re-install Goodsync, just one click will import all your tasks ready for action.

Goodsync 5



When all tasks have been setup, Goodsync works really well .
The interface is not as intuitive as some competitors, and is due to the amount of options.
Another good and usefull feature is the logging of all actions. A logging which shows errors should they occur for any reason.
Block-level sync really speeds things up. Compression is only done in NTFS.

Goodsync 4

Goodsync 3



Goodsync Desktop Mac is one of the best utilities for experienced users and companies. Its versatile and offers loads of options. A good interface and task description help you making the right choice.
You just can’t go wrong using GoodSync a solid and reliable performer. Goodsync Desktop for Mac or Goodsync2Go for use with an portable (usb) drive makes your choice complete.

Very reliable and their support is fantastic. ***** 


Goodsync Desktop Mac review 3

$ 29.95





Carbon Copy Cloner review

Version 4.1.7Developer  Bombich Software, Inc



Carbon Copy Cloner is a way to make diskfailures annoying rather than fatal for your hard work. CCC backs up any or all of your files and it also optionally creates a bootable external hard drive.



  • task chaining
    edit scheduled tasks
    task migration
    email notifications
    task history
    disk center
    customize backups
    SafetyNetmenubar app
  • Schermafbeelding 2016-03-03 om 11.50.31



Ofcourse you can use Time Machine for your backup, its easy and works well. However is won’t be sufficient in all cases.
Eventually it will happen to us all, the error or performance that makes us decide for a clean install of OSX.
And for those who don’t want all their stuff stored on a cloud like Dropbox or Google, a personal external NAS backup is needed.

This is where software like Carbon Copy Cloner is essential for performing the job.
At launch Carbon Copy presents a clean interface with a sidebar showing the task discription and a window showing : source, destination and schedule buttons.
In addition to task overview the sidebar also shows all mounted volumes. Thanks to the intuitive interface it is really easy to setup backup tasks.





You don’t have to be a wizzard to accomplish these task setups. Everything is straightforward really. After choosing the ‘source’ and ‘destination’ you add a schedule for the backup task.

You can also clone the entire bootdisk to an external unit.



Normally CCC runs in default ‘simple’ mode. All advanced settings are hidden. Opening the advanced settings offers a fine tuning for the backup task and the SafetyNet feature.

It is possible that you may run several operations, and option for ‘wait till task is finished’ is optional to have CCC run all tasks even if there is a time-overlap.




Create a bootable clone of your hard drive, but also keep copies of your recently deleted and changed files — just in case.




CCC works flawlessly.
The interface is clear and easy to use.
The ‘Menu’ is providing the neccesary information.
So if you’re really serious about a backup utility and safety, this is your pick.



Carbon Copy Cloner feels like doing the required job with ease and speed. A simple interface explaining the desired job(s). This is what you’re backing up, here’s where you’re backing it up to, go. It supports more then enough options for most users. Carbon Copy Cloner is the easiest backup utility, and not complaining about authorization issues with external discs. Just Drag & Drop your source and destination and you’re on your way. Fully auto scheduled backups complete the great options.

Carbon Copy Cloner review 4

$ 39.99