Duplicate Photo Cleaner Mac review

Version 4.10.1096Developer WebMinds, Inc
Website  https://www.duplicatephotocleaner.com/



About WebMinds: WebMinds, Inc. is a vertically integrated company specializing in desktop application development, information technology and Internet services. WebMinds publishes and manages websites that reach IT professionals, small and home based businesses, individual PC users and executives in all phases of the technology decision-making and purchase process.

We are a tightly-knit team of talented professionals who have one common goal – to help people get the maximum out of their computers. We deliver services, products and information to maximize the use of PCs and Macs for all users through our industry-leading websites and award-winning software.



This is one of those utilities nor really great to write about, but that being said, it is one of those we all need in the end. Taking pictures with our mobiles is compared to many years ago taking giant leaps in terms of quantity.
Instead of taking one shot, we now take many with subtle differences in angle and lateran choose which to add to your desired folder for keeping. If I only checkout my personal picture database I get to around 25.000 pictures. Guaranteed there will be duplicates which are left in temporary folders. In order to check the speed and found duplicates I used my Photo’s library containing a variety of picture filetypes.



The one thing I feel does make the application feel cheap is the interface. Its a bit bulky, not professional designed which is a shame as the application is really doing a splendid job. But this is the only remark I can make as using the software is easy and flawless.
The preferences give you all freedom in finding duplicates.

The export tool supports.                   Scan mode setting

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Mac review 1  ; Duplicate Photo Cleaner Mac review 2


Photo’s selection menu;

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Mac review 3





Duplicate Photo Cleaner Mac review 4




This is the part what really counts for software, its overall performance !  Accuracy, speed and duplicates handling.  To test and judge Duplicate Photo Cleaner 4 we compared it with GEMINI 2 which is a similar application.

Scan-time was fastest with Duplicate Photo Cleaner by about 25%. Gemini 2 however found some more duplicates. But both applications do a good job. Duplicate Photo Cleaner has more options to choose from then Gemini 2. Sorting options are also better.
Another benefit from Duplicate Photo Cleaner is the visual ‘similarity’ column showing the percentage of similarity. ( see picture above ) Cisdem Duplicatefinder also was tested, so we’ve got a nice couple of duplicate finders in this test.

Check the overall scores of all three applications !  The best duplicate finder is CISDEM, but the fastest is DUPLICATE PHOTO CLEANER 4 with basic setting of 75% similarity.


Duplicate Photo Cleaner Mac review 5


Another feature of Duplicate Photo Cleaner is that it can compare photos and other images by content. This boosts results accuracy and it detects similar images as well as duplicates. The default similarity level is set to 75%, which you can set to your liking.
Setting it to 100% will make the program detect only true duplicates.

Something to keep in mind !

All scans are arguably and debatable. All applications have somewhat different scanning settings. Duplicate Photo Cleaner has I feel best options, and Cisdem scans the lot by content ( and size if chosen ). Gemini 2 is somewhat between these two.
So its evident that depending on scanning settings, scan-time is influenced.


Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a great piece of software which at some point we all make use of. Its fast ( setting 75%), and accurate and has some nice preferences settings and sorting tools. The interface presentation is old school however. We feel confident this application will suit any user. The final verdict is mixed, as they all have some strong points. If time is an issue, Duplicate Photo Cleaner is best. If duplicate hits ( file content ) is your main wish, Cisdem is your best option.

Yes this application may well be my default scanner, as its the only application providing full filetype choice for scanning. If Webminds updates its interface, it may well be a winner.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Mac review 6

$ 39.95



Imazing for Mac review

Version. 2.3Developer DigiDNA Sàrl
Website https://imazing.com



DigiDNA is an independent software developer incorporated in 2008 under the name of DigiDNA Sàrl in Geneva, Switzerland.



Installing iMazing for Mac 2.3 is simple and straightforward. Version2.3 makes use of the new Mini-Menu which is Free available for anyone. This small but usefull addition allows you to make backups of your iPhone or iPad. It is not often we get software like this for Free ! Welldone DigiDNA ?

Imazing for Mac review 7

Imazing for Mac review 8



iMazing 2.3 ($40 single-user license) is an iOS device management utility designed as an alternative to iTunes. Available for Mac or PC (the license can be used on either platform), iMazing doesn’t sync files in the traditional sense, but rather acts as a conduit for transferring files between desktop computers and iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices. As most of us especially our readers will have an iPhone or iPad this utility will be a handy tool for your full file-management. iTunes is also capable of doing backups and restores but it lacks further refinement in all the other jobs iMazing presents.

iMazing can export iMessages data and your backups can be stored anywhere. One other nice aspect is the ability to view your created archive in a blink (see image below).

Imazing for Mac review 9



You will notice when you watch the small video that when opening a backup, it is done instantly, no need to search for the location and instant access to the archive. Now you may choose your desired operation; Restore, repair or else….


Imazing for Mac review 10

The preferences will give you a choice for Backup location. The rest is all basic and have no special settings really.
The options presented in the right-click menu’s are great and make every task available.

Export is fantastic.



  • Automatic Backups: iMazing Mini

To make Automatic Backups possible, a light menu bar app is needed which runs in the background even when iMazing is not.

  • iMazing has your back(up)

Unlike iTunes and iCloud, iMazing never overwrites your iPhone and iPad backups. And doesn’t require paid cloud storage. Reliable and innovative, it’s the only software on the market to offer an automatic backup and archive solution, for free.

  • Wireless and private

Make secure, local backups via your WiFi network. iMazing can connect to your iPhone and back it up faster than iCloud. Your encrypted data goes through your private network directly to your computer.


Imazing for Mac review 11

As you can see the presented file management options and right-click menu are more then sufficient for any task wanted. Even your device-warranty can be checked with just one click.


  • – From an old iPhone to a new one
    – Safe backups on any Mac or PC
    – Simple message transfers
    – Easy access to music, photos and videos
    – A time machine for iPhone
    – Fresh look and feel
    – Full iOS 11 support
    – Advanced backup management
    – Battery health check

This is ordinary basic toolset! iMazing is a true Swiss Army knife when it comes to file management for iPhone or iPad.

iMazing 2.3 manages your apps, photos, music, videos, notes, call logs, and voice memos. iMazing 2.3 also transfers your ebooks and PDF documents to iBooks. Photos can be transferred from computer to iOS via drag-and-drop. How’s that for handling your files.

Certain data types including Messages, call history, voicemail, Contacts, and Notes can only be accessed from a backup, rather than the device itself. Scanning of your files, photo’s or iCloud stored photo’s all depends on the amount of files or images of course. So this experience may vary from person to person. I will just show you a small video on how it performs on my personal account.


I fell confident this performance will be good for most users. And it all works beautiful without freezing or hick ups.



One of iMazing’s best features is the ability to copy content between devices, which is for upgrading to a new iPhone or iPad. iTunes wants you to perform a lengthy iCloud backup, iMazing 2.3 only needs you to connect both devices, start the transfer and you’re done!

iMazing makes all restores possible trough its Restore wizard, and hassle with Apple’s assistant popups anymore. Its all done within iMazing software environment.  iMazing 2.3 detects when the current version is out of date and offers to update with a click. One special feature is to see if your iPhone or iPad is still under warranty. Just one click and your browser takes you to Apple’s site and checks your device. No need to fill any serial numbers or any other information.



I think there’s nothing really better on the market right now then iMazing 2.3. If you are looking for a great iPhone and iPad toolbox this is the application to get. iMazing provides full control over your devices IOS software, and makes all actions perform in a simple and easy way. Automatic backups is possible, with the need of a light menu bar app which runs in the background even when iMazing is not.  There’s nothing I can find that makes me think twice about its capabilities. So to sum it all up: Looking for a Swiss Army knife for IOS handling, then this is it.


Imazing for Mac review 12

€ 39.99



Imyfone Umate Pro review

Version 4.1.1Developer Shenzhen iMyFone Technology. Co, Ltd
Website  http://www.imyfone.comBuy Umate Pro


iMyFone Technology company provides data restoration and erasing services/tools to Apple (IOS, MacOS) product users and is located at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
The company was founded on Apr 10, 2015. Founder is Dean Huang and the number of employees is about 200 persons. The company is also known as iMyFone, iMyFone Software, iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.
If you encounter any problems using the product, please contact iMyFone support team for help. https://www.imyfone.com/support/



Installation of iMyFone Umate Pro is easy and straight forward. Just drag and drop the application to your Applications map and you’re done.



There are now more than 700 million iPhones currently in use worldwide. Thats an impressive number and an impressive risk for personal data theft. Just imagine, all these phones changing owners and as many users are not aware of the data recovery possibilities one needs to make use of really good software to perform true cleaning and erase of all personal and safety risk data on your iPhone .

People may think that the basic erase function within your iPhones software/settings is doing the same job, are very wrong. Just a one sweep erase will make data ‘look’ disappeared but can easily be recovered with various applications. A simple factory reset is easy to undo for anyone interested in your identity or private data.

Now this is the part where iMyFone Umate PRO is needed:  iMyFone Umate Pro: Securely Wipe Your Personal Data From an iPhone/iPad/iPod 100% unrecoverable



The Interface is well presented and truly simple to use for anyone. The layout presents the action tiles/buttons on the left side in blue, well marked with their functions.


Imyfone Umate Pro review 13

Imyfone Umate Pro review 14




Using iMyFone UMATE Pro is no rocket science, its really self explained with popups when appropriate. Just follow the guides presented and you will successfully finish the job. Job Done !

☞ ‘ Please note, for the erasing process to be successful, you MUST disable the “Find my iPhone” feature.’
You can do this by going into your iPhone settings and navigating to iCloud–>Find My iPhone, then toggling it off. Also note that the erasing process will take some time, so start the process and go make a cup of coffee or something. It goes without saying that while the process is going on, you cannot use the phone. The size of your cup of coffee really depends on the amount to be erased and the Erase-method chosen.

If we take the last ( above image ) as our goal, so we want to erase the selected items, Contact – Safari History – Call History we press Erase Now ?

NOTE: If you’ve already set the Find My iPhone the first image below will NOT appear, but in our first try, we were told to do so by the popup as we were not aware of what to do first, nicely done by the developers to ensure perfect finish.

The actual erasing Method pops up when pressed Erase, it wants you to define the Level of Erasing:

  1. Low Level ( 1 Time )
  2. Medium Level ( 1 Time )
  3. High Level ( 3 Times )

The latest option number 3 is conform the Security standard US. DoD which is the highest level of erasing data, doing a 3-times erase process making sure all is really deleted. The other processes are fine for less important stuff on your iPhone.
Its obvious that the Highest Level will take longer to erase then the Lower Levels. So just sit back and let the application do its work.

Imyfone Umate Pro review 15


Imyfone Umate Pro review 16


The different Blue Erasing Tiles ( options ), have their specific working area’s like:
  • 1-Click Free Up space
  • The main screen shows you how much space you currently have left on the phone.  To see if you can free-up more space,  just press the “Quick Scan” button and it will show you the elements which can be deleted to free-up space.
  • Erase All Data
  • Selling your iPhone ? Then this option is an absolute must for anyone. Protect your privacy or identity theft ! Erase All Data !!
  • Erase Deleted Files
  • Use this feature to selectively delete certain files, Remember erasing means Gone is Gone.
  • Erase Private Data
  • This option will provide selection of specific information you want to erase.

After a successful erasing a final screen shows the relevant information of the chosen Action-Tile in this case 1-Click Free Up Space. I keep my phone clean all the time so the freed up space is different for any user. This application is working really well, it has never
crashed or hung during our tests. A well made application, thats for sure.

Imyfone Umate Pro review 17


Most applications have some preferences available, like save settings as a kind of bookmark, store places etc. iMyFone is THAT EASY in use, that it needs No preferences at all besides a choice in language to use. How’s that for simplicity!

Imyfone Umate Pro review 18




One thing is for sure iMyFone Umate Pro, is Not Erased from our memory ! Its a really good piece of software, well designed and easy in use. For the millions of iPhone users applications like this are a must as there will be point in time you really NEED software like this to make sure your data is erased and identity theft is secured.

We all use mobiles and we all sell or part from our phones. iMyFone Umate Pro provides an excellent tool to help us do the inevitable job : ERASE DATA. Its reliable, intuitive and stable. All aspects you want from a safety application and available for Mac and Windows.
Now its up to you, to see if you take your data just for granted or serious. iMyFone Umate Pro is a great buy if security is your middle name.

Special discount for iMyFone Umate Pro for Windows

Special discount for iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac


Imyfone Umate Pro review 19

$ 29.95




PDF Element Pro review

Version Wondershare Software Ltd.
Website https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdfelement-mac/



Wondershare Software Ltd. Founded in 2003. Released the first product Wondershare Photo2VCD. Its latest “PDF Element Pro” has taken PDF editing to an all-new-level.


History and standardization

PDF was developed in the early 1990s[3] as a way to share computer documents, including text formatting and inline images.[4] It was among a number of competing formats such as DjVuEnvoy, Common Ground Digital Paper, Farallon Replica and even Adobe‘s own PostScript format. In those early years before the rise of the World Wide Web and HTML documents, PDF was popular mainly in desktop publishing workflows.

Why do we use or should we use PFD ?

1. PDF software is universal

2. PDF software offers security

3. PDF files are searchable

4. PDF files are accessible

5. PDF files are interactive

Most used standard of business text files is the mentioned PDF format. We all receive PDF files in our mailbox and save them for later use. An advantage of PDF files is that they are compact and good for mailing, however the disadvantage of PDF files is that they are difficult to edit with Word as they probably will loose their original layout. A PDF→WORD converter is needed to easily import into Word. This is why programs like Adobe Acrobat , Wondershare Elements 6 Pro and Readdle’s PDF Expert come in handy.


So, how good is PDFelement 6 for Mac? Let’s find out!  PDF Element 6 has a complete new interface, clean and modern. The layout is well done and the graphical icons are great.  The new user-interface has made PDF editing more intuitive. Check this link to see the different options for Version 5 vs Version 6


Installing Wondershare PDF Element 6 is easy and straightforward. Once installed it will at first opening prompt you with a pop-up for additional installation of the OCR scanning component.

PDF Element Pro review 20


The HOME-screen has active ‘boxes’ which are activated by hovering on them with your mouse. A simple explanation of the active box actions is explained.


PDF Element Pro review 21



Edit PDF text and images:
Just click and start typing to edit any text or image. Fully edit PDF text and images .
Merge and split:
Merge different file formats into a single PDF or split a single PDF into multiple PDFs.
Redact sensitive content:
Permanently remove (redact) sensitive content or private information . Replace the removed text or images with redaction marks that appear as colored boxes.
Compress PDF to a smaller size:
Compress PDF files without any loss of quality in just one click .
Mark and annotate:
Add comments as sticky notes, as text boxes or highlight important text.
Extract, rotate and cut PDF:
Add, delete, extract, rotate, reorganize and crop pages with ease. Or extract several PDF pages to create a new PDF.
Use pre-defined and custom stamps such as ‘Reviewed’, ‘Approved’ and ‘Confidential’.
Apply bookmarks and hyperlinks to PDF documents to save time .



PDF Element 6 Pro has strong competitors like Adobe Acrobat DC or Readdle’s PDF Expert and must have some features setting it apart from anything else.
First thing we notice is the clean Office 2016 like layout and a menubar showing the icons for pdf-actions.

The redesigned menubar information is great:

PDF Element Pro review 22 PDF Element Pro review 23 PDF Element Pro review 24 PDF Element Pro review 25 PDF Element Pro review 26 PDF Element Pro review 27 PDF Element Pro review 28



When opening a PDF, PDF Element 6 Pro marks all ‘links’ in the document when ‘links’ are chosen from the menu. Giving it a color would make it better visible in stead of light box indication.

Images are handled truly great in PDF Element 6, they can be rotated 360 degrees. using a super handy sidebar.

PDF Element Pro review 29




Changing/adding images works really well and fast.

PDF Element 6 makes a difference in this area compared to Readdle and others.
















To us, “Automatic Form Recognition technology” is the biggest highlight of PDFelement 6. It instantly turns any non-fillable forms made in Word, Excel as well as other Office applications into editable and fillable PDF.

You can now edit any PDF files with consummate ease—very much like any Microsoft Word files. Ditto, you won’t lose any fonts and formatting. With a wide range of text editing tools, you will be able to bring your ideas to life and create sensational documents.


PDF Element Pro review 30



Faster OCR performance with higher precision, and more efficient memory usage.

Optical character recognition (also optical character reader, OCR) is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, whether from a scanned document, a photo of a document, a scene-photo (for example the text on signs and billboards in a landscape photo) or from subtitle text superimposed on an image (for example from a television broadcast).[1] It is widely used as a form of information entry from printed paper data records, whether passport documents, invoices, bank statements, computerised receipts, business cards, mail, printouts of static-data, or any suitable documentation. It is a common method of digitising printed texts so that they can be electronically edited, searched, stored more compactly, displayed on-line, and used in machine processes such as cognitive computing, machine translation, (extracted) text-to-speech, key data and text mining. OCR is a field of research in pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Wondershare PDF Element 6 Pro does a wonderful job with their integrated OCR scanning software. It scans flawless and fast. It support a huge list of supported languages which makes it useful for most. The scan result can be exported in a number of formats.

PDF Element Pro review 31





OCR scanning is done in a wink ! Dead easy and you can’t go wrong. Of course OCR scanning can only be done on earlier ‘scanned’ forms !!


PDF Element Pro review 32



PDF Element Pro review 33



Meet All New PDFelement 6 YouTube play



Wondershare PDF Element 6 Pro is our latest PDF review and as technology moves forward it is the best at this moment. It supports most tools like Adobe Acrobat DC but at a much better price.The new Office 2016 like interface presents a clean and easy to use PDF application. All editing options are presented in a logical way, and work easy and fast. The images are handled well and can be rotated fully. The OCR scanning feature makes PDF Element 6 Pro offer the best full options application at a great price.

The all new Automatic Form Recognition technology presented by Wondershare PDF Element 6 Pro takes working with PDF software to a complete new level. Its this addition together with the new interface and image and OCR handling that makes it a hard to beat
in todays market. Going from version 5 to the latest 6.1 is a giant leap for mankind. Well lets say, its the best at this moment.


PDF Element Pro review 34

$ 59.95



PDF Expert Mac review

Version 2.2 (353)Developer Readdle Ukraine
Website  https://pdfexpert.com


Readdle is a Ukrainian mobile application development company. The company research and development is based in Odessa, Ukraine. Readdle has originally focused on the creation of document-related productivity tools for consumer market, with a recent addition of business-oriented subscription-based model. The operation is mostly built around the App Store.,[2] cumulatively generating over 33 million downloads.[3] The most notable products are Scanner Pro, PDF Expert Mac, Fluix, and Spark.[4]


History and standardization

PDF was developed in the early 1990s[3] as a way to share computer documents, including text formatting and inline images.[4] It was among a number of competing formats such as DjVuEnvoy, Common Ground Digital Paper, Farallon Replica and even Adobe‘s own PostScript format. In those early years before the rise of the World Wide Web and HTML documents, PDF was popular mainly in desktop publishing workflows.

Why do we use or should we use PFD ?

1. PDF software is universal

2. PDF software offers security

3. PDF files are searchable

4. PDF files are accessible

5. PDF files are interactive

Most used standard of business text files is the mentioned PDF format. We all receive PDF files in our mailbox and save them for later use. An advantage of PDF files is that they are compact and good for mailing, however the disadvantage of PDF files is that they are difficult to edit with Word as they probably will loose their original layout. A PDF→WORD converter is needed to easily import into Word. This is why programs like Adobe Acrobat , Wondershare and Readdle’s PDF Expert come in handy.

Readdle updated their version and now provides even better speed and search capabilities. To me it is important that programs are easy in use, layout and options should be logical rather then complicated. Readdle’s PDF Expert 2.2
is ticking all the boxes for me. Its fast, logical and provides some nice extra options.


  • Major improvements to the search engine: it allows enabling indexing for speedy searching.
  • It is also possible to search all opened files and history which can save time.
  • The top toolbar layout has been redesigned to make UI more compact and save users from extra clicking.
  • Enhancements have been made to text editing: fonts are recognised better in the new version, along with improvements in stability and performance.


PDF Expert 2 is installed by simply drag & drop into your applications folder. Now set it as your default PDF-reader instead of Apple’s Preview.


  • Split View Mode – work with two PDFs simultaneously
  • Reduce PDF File Size – Compress and share a PDF
  • Thumbnails Mode – Add, delete and copy pages in one click
  • Annotations Export – Add notes to a PDF and export them
  • View Attachments and Portfolios – View your projects with attached media-files
  • Touch Bar Support – Focus on a content in a full screen mode


Readdle PDF Expert 2 has strong competitors like Adobe Acrobat DC or Wondershare PDFElement. Readdle’s PDF Expert must have some features setting it apart from anything else or must be a close competitor prise wise.
First thing we notice is the clean layout and a menubar showing the icons for pdf-actions. The redesigned menubar is

When opening a PDF, PDF Expert 2.2 automatically marks all ‘links’ in the document. ( green ), which makes it easier to find and change. ( image below )

PDF Expert Mac review 35

PDF Expert supports all basic tools and some more like the stamp tool enabling you to add presets to your document. The ‘stamp tool’ enables the user to add pre- or custom stamps to your document. Handy for those using PDF Expert for their business correspondence format. The custom stamp has some pre-settings, but also allows you to import your own.

PDF Expert Mac review 36

PDF Expert Mac review 37

Working with PDF Expert is easy and doesn’t take much getting used to. Wether you want to add links or redact text. PDF Expert 2.2 does it all. Changing/adding images works really well and fast.
Imported images can be rotated in 45 degree. steps, like most PDF editors. Readdle could make a difference if this was to be made showing the circular arrow enabling 360 degr. rotation.

PDF Expert 2.2 really works fast, but lacks character recognition (OCR) like Wondershare’s PDF-Element. But not all users need this function, so if you can do without OCR, PDF Expert 2.2 will work just fine for you.

Another useful tool is the ability to protect your pdf-document from the PDF menubar, as well as reducing the pdf-file size.

An overview of PDF Experts tools:PDF Expert Mac review 38

The key to effective reading is clear interface and modern annotation tools. This makes your reading more natural and comfortable — almost like working with a sheet of paper.

PDF Expert Mac review 39


Highlight text and add notes.

PDF Expert Mac review 40

Fill out tax forms, insertion orders with the smart, fast tools of PDF Expert.

PDF Expert Mac review 41

Sign contracts and invoices in a few clicks.

PDF Expert revolutionizes PDF editing. Edit a contract by fixing that typo, update your CV or adjust an invoice stating the correct amount. Anything can be edited and fixed.

PDF Expert Mac review 42

Edit whatever in your PDF documents. Fix typos in the text, change images or even add links.

PDF Expert Mac review 43

Leave that hefty PDF document for a sleeker, slimmer file that can be easily shared by email.

PDF Expert Mac review 44

Add text to fill out non-interactive PDF forms or to give feedback to your colleagues.

Merge files, add blank pages or delete existing ones to create unique documents. So when it’s time to update your presentation or run research, PDF Expert will take care of it.

PDF Expert Mac review 45

PDF Expert can easily extract a few pages of your contract and send them out quickly for review.

PDF Expert Mac review 46

Combine files from different sources and share your project’s materials.


Export your PDF file as HTML , Text or Markdown is possible from the menubar. Sharing your PDF is with basic preset but can be extended by changing settings in your System-Preferences.


Adding a signature to your PDF is easy and can be done in different ways. Just use the signature tool and you have three options:

  1. Type your name and the typeface changes.
  2. Use the mouse
  3. Use an existing image

PDF Expert Mac review 47


PDF Expert 2 - Edit, Annotate and Sign PDFs vimeo play


PDF Expert 2.2 really feels up to the job. It supports most tools like Adobe Acrobat DC but at a much better price. The split view and fast changes make it a pleasure to work with. If Readdle changes the image-rotation feature into a
full 360 degr. arrow at their next update, they have a solid performing PDF tool ready for any competition. Adding an OCR scanning will make it the best available application for a fair price in todays market. So if you’re looking for a great PDF editor Readdle’s PDF Expert 2.2 is a great buy.


PDF Expert Mac review 48

$ 59.99



Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review

Version 4.0.0Developer Cisdem Inc.
Website https://www.cisdem.com/ocr-wizard-mac.html



Cisdem Inc.is a dynamic group of people that are passionate about their business.. The mission is to develop Mac software that is innovative, easy-to-use and budget friendly.

Cisdem, creates innovative and high-efficient software in the fields of PDF Tools, Utility Tools, Mobile Tools, and Multimedia Tools. Cisdem Apps, known for their simple and user-oriented design, have been used by individual and business users in more than 100 countries.



We all use pdf files in one way or another, because a pdf is more secure and non-editable. However some times we need to capture and change the actual pdf content, which is where a tool like OCRWizard comes handy.
Handy makes it sound simple and does not do justice to the complex coding needed to read the actual pdf. OCRWizard is simple and easy in use, with a plain mac-like interface. Cisdem to me really show they know their stuff and
produce clean interfaces on all software.

Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 49 Create editable and searchable PDFs

Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 50 Correct and convert scanned images

Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 51 Recognize the picture of Business Cards and share

Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 52 Export documents to almost any Format


WHAT IS OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) and HOW DOES IT WORK

www.explainthatstuff.com source

As you read these words on your computer screen, your eyes and brain are carrying out optical character recognition without you even noticing! Your eyes are recognizing the patterns of light and dark that make up the characters (letters, numbers, and things like punctuation marks) printed on the screen and your brain is using those to figure out what I’m trying to say (sometimes by reading individual characters but mostly by scanning entire words and whole groups of words at once).

Computers can do this too, but it’s really hard work for them. The first problem is that a computer has no eyes, so if you want it to read something like the page of an old book, you have to present it with an image of that page generated with an optical scanner or a digital camera. The page you create this way is a graphic file (often in the form of a JPG) and, as far as a computer’s concerned, there’s no difference between it and a photograph of the Taj Mahal or any other graphic: it’s a completely meaningless pattern of pixels (the colored dots or squares that make up any computer graphic image). In other words, the computer has a pictureof the page rather than the text itself—it can’t read the words on the page like we can, just like that. OCR is the process of turning a picture of text into text itself—in other words, producing something like a TXT or DOC file from a scanned JPG of a printed or handwritten page.



Installation is straightforward without reboot. Register and start using the software. Just hit the + button and choose your pdf file for scanning.
Now first choose the desired document scanning language from the menu ! Make your choice for ‘Document’ or ‘Business Card’  screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-13-55-53


The interface shows all pages of multi-page documents and preview selected pages. The large preview area makes marking text-, table-, and images possible with high accuracy. This is important to maintain the professional look of the original document.

OCRWizard not only scans your PDF for export, it also offers the user the possibility to edit or correct content. The application has integrated tools for corrections on image distortions and allows adding/removing of regions, or adjust their size. It takes OCR scanning to the next level of document handling, making it a all in one application rather then using multiple applications.



Cisdem OCRWizard has the ability to scan and recognize text in over 49 languages. The drop-down menu shows far more languages and dialects and is quite comprehensive.

  • Cisdem OCRWizard will automatically analyze the content and mark
    Texts (Marked in green),
    Images (Marked in red) and Tables (Marked in purple)


Watch the full language listing:

video-play-3-xxl   capture-languages



Save your OCRscan to a desired location. Cisdem OCRWizard can save in almost any filetype/format even the odd ones, making it suitable to any user. Well done Cisdem.
Some additional features when saving are:

  • image compression
  • PDF tagging
  • make PDF/A compatible



run-512OCRscanning takes just about 3 seconds. Scanning is fast and as stated character recognition is a fantastic 99.8% The YouTube link below will demonstrate how Cisdem OCRscanning is working in practice.






Cisdem OCRWizard is a powerful OCR application providing extreme OCR scanning accuracy. The export options are numerous as are the supported languages for OCR scanning. A clean interface and simple and easy use of the software make this OCR software a very good choice if you’re looking for this kind of software application. Quality doesn’t come cheap. Cisdem OCRWizard deserves a 5 star rating, but a better price would make it an even better deal.


Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 53

$ 59.99



Anytrans Mac review

ANYTRANS 5.4.0Developer: iMobie
Website: https://www.imobie.com/anytrans/Table


iMobie was established on 2011, located at Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu, China. The company’s name is inspired by I’M Optimistic, Brave, Independent & Efficient, which represents the main characters of this young, passionate and promising team. iMOBIE not only focusses on phone repair, but also builds cleaning apps for phone, mac and tablet. Positive exposure is what new companies need to establish themselves in a fierce market. This review will reveal the potential of the new version Anytrans Mac with full content access, video download and the comprehensive organizing capabilities.


Installation of the new Anytrans 5.4.0 application is simple and without system reboot or extra additions. Just ‘ drag&drop ‘ the application in your systems main application list and you’re set. The intro shows information about use of buttons and basic explanation.


Anytrans 5.4.0 has all the features needed for organizing and managing your iPhone and/or iPad.

  • Two way iTunes Sync
  • iCloud to MyCloud
  • Data migration
  • File transfer
  • Manage Photo’s and Albums
  • File explore
  • Video download from Internet to iPhone***
  • Backup
  • Content to iTunes
  • Content to Mac
  • Clone device

The newest feature of AnyTrans is the ability to download video from the web and transfer to your iPhones video folder !! This works remarkable easy and effortless. Just watch the video below and see how its done.
I think this is a real bonus for this upgrade which makes this application even better and complete. Downloading a video from most common channels is a breeze. Just drop the webadres in the interface and the software will start checking connection and availability, when ok the download starts. The downloaded file is stored on your harddisk in the Downloads directory with folder: AnyTrans_Video_Download

The ‘Send To’ button ( see movie ), sends it straight to your connected iPhone and stores it in the Video map. Hows that for easy downloading ! Truly nice feature.




See what AnyTrans will do for you !





Of course iTunes is the basic application to manage your iPhone, but it is limited and has no support for ‘video download from the web’. An average user needs no more then the tools provided by AnyTrans 5.4.0.
You may want to backup content and manage music, files and photo’s or video’s. I can’t think of anything more really. The question is , how to…… easily perform any of these tasks. It is important that the software guides you in order to
perform these tasks. Will it work for anybody? Sofar, everything works like a dream for me working on the iPhone 6Plus. No problems whatsoever but I do always believe in tryout first with a Free Download before spending money, just
to see if it performs as promised.

The new version also has a few different ‘looks’ for the appearance of the application itself. You may prefer the ‘dark’ version to the ‘light’, but thats all personal taste.

Anytrans Mac review 54


Blazing FastSync 100 songs or 10 complete albums in only 24 seconds.

No Sync LimitFreely transfer music in two ways between iTunes Library and iPhone/ iPad.

No Data LossNot lose a single music note off your device during sync.

Flexible TransferSelect any specific song to sync as your wish.

Easy ExportExport music from iTunes library and iPhone to desktop or other device.

Reserve Music MetadataPerfectly reserve your music artwork, play counts, ratings and more while sharing music between iTunes Library and iPhone/ iPad.



The tedious set-up comes with a new iPhone. But AnyTrans Phone Clone spares you such hassle. Upon just a simple click, everything from your old device will be uploaded to the new one. The game-level you just conquered, the photos you took yesterday, the note you plan for shopping and the music you favors will be all there ready for you.

See what file types are supported by Phone Clone >



Phone Clone not only works between iPhones or iPads. You can also migrate content from your classic iPad mini, which is running iOS 7, to your brand-new iPhone 7 now carrying the latest iOS 10. Whenever you buy a new iPhone or iPad, you can install all your data back into it in an eye-blink.

Also see how AnyTrans migrate your iPhone files to computer >



When you have multiple iDevices, Phone Merge works to integrate information dispersed between them. You can consolidate their contents, including music, contact, books, apps notes and more, into your daily use iPhone without removing any original data, and prevent duplicates at the same time.

See what file types are supported by Phone Merge >



AnyTrans is the only solution that supports to transfer associated data within apps. As long as you have the same app installed on your target device, it makes it possible to migrate your app data, game saves and personal settings from one iDevice to the other.



AnyTrans helps you download and access to your files stored in iCloud, including notes, mails, contacts, and more. You can export messages and contacts to desktop, and retrieve your bookmarks from iPhone Safari. Or Surf on your iPhone and pick up histories where you just left off on your Desktop.

See AnyTrans backs up your personal info on your iPhone >



To let you take full control of your iCloud, AnyTrans reforms it to be more natural and flexible now. Beyond just downloading and exporting files, now you can upload whatever you want onto it as well. No more wondering whether it has your files yet, you know it for sure now.



AnyTrans integrates the full access to your iCloud Drive. Where it can quickly sync the latest version of your presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, and any other kind of document easily to your desktop.



So more then enough features available to make AnyTrans 5.4.0 your default iTunes gearbox. iTunes by default supports many basic features in a great interface. However AnyTrans 5.4.0 provides full control of your IOS based hardware. NO NEED for extra video converters as AnyTrans 5.4.0 provides it all and optimizes the audio quality as well.
It is fast and absolutely easy in use as the interface has a icon-activation layout making it impossible to miss out or make wrong choices.

All options work well under the latest OSX Sierra software by Apple. Its fast in transfers and cloud connections.



Using AnyTrans 5.4.0 is a real pleasure managing my iPhone and other IOS devices. Its fast, has a great interface and offers all the features one needs. It works fine under OSX Sierra so iMobie covered this upgrade really well. This is a fantastic alternative to Apple’s iTunes. The software has an inbuilt video converter which makes life a lot easier when dealing with Mac/OSX incompatible video formats. A nice interface and speedy performance make this application a great buy. The latest update making video downloads to iPhone a breeze is the icing on the cake. AnyTrans 5.4.0 is your swiss army knife when it comes down to tools managing your iPhone.
AnyTrans 5.4.0 deserves a full 5 stars award.

Anytrans Mac review 55

$ 39.99



Syncmate Expert Mac review

Version 6.5.329Developer Eltima
Website http://mac.eltima.com/sync-mac.html



Eltima is a software developer for Windows and Mac related applications. They are in business for 15 years and provide smaller but useful utilities. SyncMate and Folx Pro are some fine examples of their applications. This time we will review their SyncMate Expert application and see how it performs.


The SyncMate Expert Mac edition is an ideal backup manager. It syncs everything in your phone like Messages, Images, Music, Documents, Reminders and Call History.
One of the nice features is the expert edition also allowing you to manage your phone from your Mac. Just use your Mac for typing and sending messages, a useful and neat feature I think.
The ability to mount your cloud storage data as a local disk is a nice extra bonus to a full backup and sync utility.

SyncMate Sync Service

SyncMate features own Sync Service which lets you sync locally avoiding any cloud mediums in OS X 10.8.5 and later. In this way the sync process is secure and safe, and you totally control your data.


Eltima SyncMate installation is straightforward, just drag the application to your Mac applications and you’re set. Now its time to make your choices in items you wish to sync with your other devices.
Your Apple OSX itself sync’s trough iCloud with your other Apple devices, but Android for instance is not achievable without any third party software. SyncMate Expert will give you the possibility to sync with your ‘cloud’ storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Just hit the button of your choice and fill the credentials and approve of the access to your cloud-account.
Syncmate will provide a popup asking for access to your contacts.

OSX Fuse installation is necessary for mounting cloud storage. ( If you experience any ‘file permission issues’ install SSHFS to resolve any connection or permission errors )

Pay attention to the default marked anonymous app usage statistics sending to Eltima. If you feel you want to keep your data private uncheck the box !


With SyncMate you can sync data between Mac and other device automatically. Configure all the settings for the first round and they will be used in further sync. If you wish to add more sync
options to an account or connection type, just add by choosing the ➕ sign.



The Autosync option provides a kind of scheduler which is really basic. I would like to see a full scheduler integrated in the utility which makes it far more useful.


SYNC OPTIONS ( Free and Expert )


All possible sync options proof this application to be not your ‘pandora box’ , but your ‘panacea box’ your swiss knife for syncing your data with your devices.


Mounting cloud storage as a local disk, is easy to setup. A disk will be shown on your desktop. Check the box MOUNT and ADD new pair, choose sync direction and setup the desired sync folders or files. Now you may set the period for required sync. You will be notified after every synchronization. A log file is created and visible also during sync.
OSX Fuse installation is necessary for mounting cloud storage.



Eltima SyncMate takes its job very serious by syncing all your devices like Android and iOS, MTP and storage devices and Microsoft Office apps. Its the ‘ yin – yang’ solution for keeping your stuff synchronized. With its clean and clear interface, it makes life a little easier providing you the ability to use your data on any of your devices. Just use your Mac for typing your messages and send it from your phone. The mounting feature of your cloud storage places complete a great utility. The scheduler / auto sync time feature needs some upgrading but still this is a great sync utility a full 5 star recommendation.


Syncmate Expert Mac review 56

$ 39.99




Dashlane Premium MAC review

Version 4.5.1Developer Dashlane, Inc
Website https://www.dashlane.com



Dashlane was co-founded in 2011 by former Business Objects CEO Bernard Liautaud,[4] Jean Guillou, Guillaume Maron, and Alexis Fogel. The company is headquartered in New York and has received $30 million in venture funding from FirstMark CapitalRho VenturesBessemer Venture Partners, and Bernard Liautaud.[5][6][7] Dashlane protects passwords by storing them locally using AES-256 encryption, and users can only access their account information by using a single master password that is never recorded or transmitted.[8] The app has a fully featured digital wallet that can aggregate credit cards, bank accounts, IDs and other personal information, as well as automatically fill that information for users during online experiences like check-out.[8] Other security features offered within Dashlane Premium Mac include automatic password generation, a security dashboard and security breach alerts.



Setting up Dashlane is a simple job if it is your first time use of a Password Manager application. Normally your passwords are stored in the Mac key-chain which has great integration with Safari. Other third party browsers however are not supported by Mac’s key-chain. A true Password Manager application stores your paswords in a vault protected with a choosen master-password by the user. ONLY YOU know the master password, it is not stored anywhere else in a cloud or on servers of Dashlane. So don’t forget it and keep it in a safe place if you don’t trust your brain.The complete setup is guided with clear and easy to understand sheets explaining every step in the proces. Those who already used other third party applications like 1Password or LastPass have the ability to import their stored passwords  straight into Dashlane, 1Password users need to export their stored passwords in a .pif file which can be imported in Dashlane. It all works flawless and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist  in order to make it all work as it should.


Dashlane offers a Free and a Premium version which both have an equal basic functionality but the Premium version has a full sync with all your other devices like iPhone and iPad. Web access to your passwords and a secure backup make up the difference in price tag.




  • Reliable auto-login and password auto-save
  • Comprehensive security breach alerts
  • Security Dashboard with actionable tips
  • Pay one price for unlimited backup and devices
  • No ugly toolbars or unintuitive actions
  • Fully functional mobile apps


The Others*

  • Spotty auto-save and auto-login
  • Partial alerts, or none at all
  • Scores & assessments that don’t mean much
  • Buy a separate app on every device
  • Bring your toolbar, hand-guide and debugger
  • Limited functionality or read-only access
Dashlane Premium
 ✔️ ✔️
 ✔️ ✔️
 ✔️ ✔️
 ✔️ ✔️
 ✔️ ✔️
 ❌ ✔️
 ❌ ✔️
Share up to 5 items
 ❌ ✔️
PRIORITY SUPPORT  Mail us directly at [email protected]
 ❌ ✔️



Browsing the internet will make you need to log in at some sites, this is where the Mac Key-chain helps ( Safari only ) or in case of Chrome your stored passwords in your Google-account. If you want to be on the safe side a Password Manager is a better option. When visiting a known website Dashlane will popup a login suggestion and do a full auto login. In case you visit a website for the first time and need to make a registration Dashlane has its own password generator giving you options for your password, and strength. The chosen password is stored automatically .

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.55.39 PM

With Dashlane, you can securely share access to protected sites. This is useful if you want someone else to make use of a service, for example, but you want to keep your banking information and other passwords private. The person you share with will get an email with a link that expires after a short time.

Dashlane can store credit card information so it can fill in your card information when you pay online. A Dashlane window pops up with tiles of your cards to choose from. It can also save a screenshot of your digital receipts, hows thats for convenience.




  • Dashlane synchronizes your logins and passwords with PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.Supported browsers :
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari



DASHLANE Premium offers a great Password Manager, stores your crecitcard credentials and provides a solid password generator in a complete package. It integrates in OSX and replaces the Mac Key-Chain in a smooth and clear performance. Your data is encrypted with the strongest algorithm there is, and is reachable with the Master Password only known by the user. Dashlane Premium will sync your passwords and logins with your other devices. VIP support is fair, response time approx. 6 hours. The modern interface and OSX integration makes it the best Password Manager at this moment.


Dashlane Premium MAC review 57

$ 39.99 / year



Folx Pro Mac review

Version 5.0Developer Eltima Software
Website  http://mac.eltima.com/download-manager.html


Eltima is a software developer for Windows and Mac related applications. They are in business for 15 years and provide smaller but useful utilities. SyncMate and CloudMounter are some fine examples of their applications. Folx Pro Mac, Internet download Manager is the latest version upgrade, a neat and practical utility which we will discuss in this review.


Eltima’s Folx Pro Mac is an ‘ Internet Download Manager ‘ in optima forma. We all occasionally download stuff from the internet for personal use. Latest products updates, new applications or large files from torrents, they all need some kind of downloader. Safari, Chrome they all have their native implemented downloader taking care of your downloads. However you have no control whatsoever over speed, auto resume if link is broken etcetera.
So you just stick with your basic integrated downloader which works fine on its own merits, or you invest a little money in a program helping you out getting more done in a shorter time.
If it was just a time-saver I wouldn’t bather with spending money, but this little beauty does a lot more for the money.

Increase speed by splitting a download up in threads, schedule a download or search for a torrent which is your best option if looking for large files. Just think of it, instead of spending time searching for the right download sites, you now enter the desired title and all sites are scanned in one go.
Ever been frustrated when you were on 80% of your large download and link was broken making you start all over again? FOLX PRO supports Auto-Resume picking up where it left as soon as a connection is stable again.
Its no rocket science this little utility, but it is great to have it working as your default downloader. Just read the supported features below and see if you are convinced.


Compare FREE and PRO versions

1Splitting of downloads in up to ten threads ❌ ✔️
2Scheduling the downloads ❌ ✔️
3Integration with iTunes ❌ ✔️
4Speed control ❌ ✔️
5Search for torrents directly from the application ❌ ✔️
6YouTube Video Download ❌ ✔️
7Save any number of passwords for FTP and HTTP websites ❌✔️
8High-speed downloading ✔️ ✔️
9Split the downloads in two threads ✔️ ✔️
10Auto-resuming of downloads ✔️ ✔️
11Automatic catching of downloads ✔️ ✔️
12Torrent client with magnet links support ✔️ ✔️
13Spotlight integration ✔️ ✔️
14Plugin for catching downloads in popular Mac OS browsers ✔️ ✔️
15Quick Look integration ✔️ ✔️
16Add-ons with special context menu for Folx for all browsers ✔️ ✔️
17Support for Apple’s Retina displays ✔️ ✔️
18Various ways of adding downloads to Folx ✔️ ✔️

Installation and setting up is done without reboot and only takes a minut. Check the Preferences and adjust to your liking. Make sure you install the extensions supporting your browser.
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.58.01 PM



Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.58.11 PM


FOLX PRO 5 is a versatile downloader. Its clean interface and features make it into a must have download application if you are looking for one. It’s helping you out if you are a regular downloader and definitely speeds up downloads when you set the right options. I will use it as my default downloader, as it makes life a little easier for me. Eltima again produces a neat application, worth every penny.

Folx Pro Mac review 58