Version 2.0.1
Developer Belightsoft



The company was founded in January 2003. Later that year its first Mac software, Business Card Composer was released. Now the company has 11 software products on different platforms.[2]

  • Live Home 3D [[[macOS]]], Windows is home and interior design software (former Live Interior 3D)[4][5][6].
  • Printworks [macOS], all-purpose desktop publishing software for Mac[7][8].
  • Art Text [macOS], graphic design software tuned for lettering, typography, and artistic text effects[9][10][11][12].
  • Swift Publisher [macOS], page layout and desktop publishing software[13][14].
  • Business Card Composer [macOS], software to design and print business cards[15][16][17].
  • Disc Cover [macOS], software for designing CD and DVD discs, booklets and inserts[18]
  • Labels & Addresses [macOS], label and envelope printing software[19].
  • Get Backup [macOS], backup software utility[20][21].
  • Concealer [macOS], software to store information[22].
  • Rails [macOS, iOS, Android], railroad traffic management game[23][24].
  • Image Tricks [macOS], photo editing software that utilizes Apple Core Image Filters.[25]
  • In September 2017, Belight Software announced to launch PrintWorks 2 with variety of new features.[26]





Installation is like most applications straight forward. So another DTP application in a crowded market. First we may ask ourselves is this an application for professionals or home-users ? This question is easily answered! Its a nice application for home-users in need of an all-in-one well designed and equipped DTP program.
One important aspect for home-users is the learning curve needed to master its potential. Its no use having a great application, but too difficult to master. This is a true ‘drag and drop’ and customize interface needing no special skills. The text boxes are easily set and easy to master with the ‘Word’ like tools from the sidebar. Changing area sizes and make use of the 2D-3D text (Art Text 3 like) samples is a breeze . Drag and drop images, buttons or shapes is easy and fun to use.

This is a similar application like Swift Publisher but adds some extra’s. A nice aspect of this software is the ability to Rotate / Flip images, shapes etc.

Design and Layout

Spread Mode
Spread Mode allows a user to view and edit two pages simultaneously on the same sheet.

New Document Dialog
Printworks 2 now prompts a user to set up a new document on startup.

Customizable Grid
A customizable grid helps enhance the accuracy of work by setting the horizontal and vertical grid spacing.

Guide Positioning
You can set the exact position of a guide by entering a value instead of dragging it manually.

Form Creation
Pica support and a customizable grid make Printworks 2 particularly convenient when working with forms.

Text Box Linking
Text box linking has evolved in Version 2 by allowing the linking of existing text boxes or breaking the links.



Printworks 2 being the update not only to suit Apple’s macOS High Sierra, also has some further enhancements:

Support for Touch Bar
Printworks 2 enhances the keyboard experience for those owning a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Interface Enhancements
The user interface has become more stylish and intuitive!

Performance Improvements
Program performance has been significantly improved.

Optimized for macOS High Sierra
Printworks 2 is fully compatible with macOS High Sierra.


Useful Add-ons

Artistic Headings
A collection of 2D and 3D artistic heading presets guarantees that documents will stand out.

Art Text 3 Integration
Integration with Art Text 3  helps unleash user’s creativity by giving an ability to create own text effects and artistic lettering.

Integration with Depositphotos
Depositphotos integration provides access to one of the largest picture banks with than 60 million pictures.

Google Maps Integration
Add a street map with driving directions high-resolution satellite imagery on a brochure or a flyer.

New Templates
New professionally designed templates were added to be used as a starting point when creating  documents.

Other Improvements

Improved Layer Management
Layer management was moved to the Inspector, which is much more convenient than the drop-down menu.

Pica and Pixel Units
Printworks 2 enables work with pixel and pica units.

Free Fields
Free fields on the edges of the sheet are suitable for temporary placement of objects used in document creation.

Document Measurements
The units of measure can now be set individually for each document and stored .

Renewed Resize Mode
A user can now resize an object proportionally by dragging its corner handles while pressing the Shift key.



The toolbar provides most used tools and can be adjusted to your liking. Its functions are like Logoist 2 and will be sufficient for most home-users.






Finishing your newly made flyer needs to saving, share and export settings which are all available.

The export settings provide :















Are you looking for an easy to master DTP application, 2000 build-in clipart’s and fully loaded with most common tools and extra’s ? Printworks 2 should be on your shopping list, as it provides best of both worlds, creativity and design. Its not expensive and will make your creative job a lot easier.



STELLAR Phoenix Mac DATA Recovery 7.1 review




Version 7.1
Developer Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd


Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software to recovers lost, deleted and formatted files from Mac Laptop & Desktop. It recovers Mac Office files, PDF, INDD documents, audio, video and pictures files.
Do we need this on a Mac ? I guess you’ll find the answer once you’ve made a delete, partition error and you’re valuable data is gone. Even a failing harddisk is recoverable in most cases.
Just imagine you made a partition error and all is gone, you now wish you had something like Stellar Mac Data Recovery at hand.

It’s no magic, but it does perform real magic when you can’t fix the problem anymore.

INSTALLATION. Deleted File Recovery or Time Machine recovery

Nothing special to be honest, straight install and no extra restart of the system.
Initializing of the software takes a moment as it scans in the background for available storage.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-07 om 11.51.13


Mac data recovery software to restore documents, photos, music or videos lost due to deletion from any HFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT and NTFS format based file system.

  • Perform Mac file recovery on iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro
  • Enables smooth data recovery from encrypted file systems  
  • Recovers all deleted files with their original file names
  • Supports RAW recovery on lost volumes
  • Supports Time Machine Backup drive recovery  
  • Compatible with the latest MacOS Sierra 10.12

Mac Data Recovery
Recover Mac Deleted Files
Recovery of Deleted Volumes
Raw Recovery
Mac Photo Recovery
System Startup Disc
Recover Data from NTFS Partitions on Mac
Create Image
Encrypted Disk Recovery
Resume Recovery
CD / DVD Recovery
Sophisticated Scanning Modes
Recover any external Mac hard drive
Time Machine Recovery

Enhanced Interface & User-Friendliness






Overall it is really easy to perform any kind of recovery. The sidebar in the main interface offers some guidelines and options are available. This help-functions make it a true life saver. Well data saver is probably a better discription.

Time Machine Backup Drive Recovery

Although a Time Machine Backup is supposed to house your critical data so that you can refer to it in emergencies, the drive on which you store the backup can get structurally damaged. If unfortunately, you’ve faced such a situation, don’t waste your precious time in looking for useless solutions. The software treats a Time Machine drive as a normal hard drive and presents the same user-friendly options to salvage all your crucial data. Alongside Time Machine data recovery, the software now supports Apple Time Capsule on sparse bundle disk images.

Indeed is scanning of a 750 Gb Time Machine backup piece of cake. It really doesn’t take a long time for Quick Recovery to do a full scan. Only a few minutes for the scan, the latter build of directory entries takes a lot longer then the initial scan itself. Still this is an important update
of this program as your Time Machine mistimes will be your last resort when you’re in trouble. The ability to recover from this in our case external TM-Backups is a true benefit.


Encrypted Disk Recovery

If you have a password protected hard drive that has been damaged / corrupted / file deleted, don’t think you’ve lost the data on it forever. Recovering data from encrypted hard disks is super easy for this brilliant application. Just connect the drive to your Mac and launch the software. It will then ask you to enter the password to unlock the drive. Once you enter the password & unlock it, you can proceed to recover deleted, formatted and inaccessible files. But you should exercise caution to remember your drive password. If you fail to unlock the drive, you won’t be able to scan & recover deleted files from it.



In the lost photo test, it recovered 100 percent of the photos. Don’t forget that 1% less recovery result amounts to 10Gb on a 1 TB harddisk, and this 10gb might just be your most precious photo’s or data.
It performs really well recovering lost data, but it is slow !

If you’re recovering data on a 1TB HDD drive, the scan takes days and the recovery takes days as well.Then again, if THIS software will bring back your data, it is well worth spending time and effort in doing so.


STELLAR MAC DATA RECOVERY is what it claims to be, a great data recovery tool which is easy to use and produces high recovery results between 95-100% depending on the format. It’s fast and scores well, only the file-building of Time Machine takes some time
to present its folders.
The software’s additional data management features and extensive compatibility can help your most challenging recovery to be more successful.







Version 1.0.1
Developer Global Delight



Founded in 2008 and a head Office in Udupi, Karnataka, India

GLobal Delight is developer of Photography, iOS, Apps, Software, Video, Mobile applications. Their latest application Boom 3D will be reviewed below.


On installing, Boom 3D self-calibrates according to the type of Mac to offer the best sound experience to the users. After self-calibration, the application is ready to use. A Boom3D Helper-menu is located at the top bar at the right, ready for choosing some basic actions.


Boom 2 is for some time one of the best audio enhancers on the market. Boom 2 acts as a system wide volume booster and equalizer. I personally use it default for my iMac. Boom3D is not a replacement for Boom2 but an addition to Boom2 having 3D sound options which are not available in Boom2. So Boom3D is most likely to suit anybody looking for 3D sound experience. The interface of Boom3D is even slightly nicer then Boom2, which is great too. The in Boom2  ‘locked’ settings for Spatial, Night Mode and Pitch are all available in Boom3D. So no need to buy these unlock codes from Global Delight.

Your Mac sounds good or great depending on your personal taste and needs. Who wanted better sound had some options. Use a full external sound set or/and opt for an application taking your sound experience to another level. Your Macs iTunes offers you an equalizer and many pre-settings, but iTunes wont present a True new listening experience. Boom 3D does bring new sound and spatial acoustics made available to your Mac.

Switching Boom 3D on and off presents the difference in sound quality and experience one did not expect. Boom 3D is powered by Global Delight’s patent-pending Boom audio engine that presents 3D Surround Sound offering a true virtual surround audio experience on any headphones. In addition to the 3D headphone sound, the application also reveals that your Mac is capable of higher and better sound output then in its basic performance setup

Volume boosting is just one of Booms 3D qualities. It also offers full Control over your personal sound settings.
Boom 3D has 4 sound presets:

  • Spatial
    Night mode


  • Pitch option is not a setting used by most users I guess. Cant see any real value in it for me personal.

The best way to show the full functionality of Boom 3D is this .mp4 file:





I can write as long as I want, but I can’t make you hear the difference in sound. The only option available is to Download and enjoy Boom 3D. Just try it out and decide for yourself if its up to your standards or maybe even better.

Of course your best experience is with a headphone, I never wear headphones and for me the overall boost in audio quality of my iMac is most important. To judge Boom3D I of course used a headset for the ultimate sound experience. And although all music sounds best with a headset, the 3D setting absolutely opens a new sound dimension. Its far more refined then the basic ‘spatial’ or ‘ambience’ setting. The well balanced open sound makes it easier to place instruments and opens up depth and vocals. One other feature of Boom3D is to have your existing music library or single file imported in Boom3D and play without iTunes. Boom2 is able to record your music files overhauled with Boom’s sound setting, I can’t find that option anymore in Boom3D. Music was converted like this 
01 2-01 Long Road Out of Eden_boosted.mp3


Simple answer to this question. YES it is good and YES it is worth buying. Your Mac is great, but will sound even better.


If you want to get the best or a better sound and music experience from your Mac, this application will do the trick ! Nothing is perfect in life, and our Mac’s are great but Boom3D makes it even better in day to day life. Wether you stream your audio, use headphones or simply use your Mac, your Mac sounds like it never did before. How does that sound for you? Try Download and enjoy Boom 3D. This is my recommendation to you all, but you decide if it fits your needs.








Developer Wondershare Software Ltd.



Wondershare Software Ltd. Founded in 2003. Released the first product Wondershare Photo2VCD. Its latest “PDFelement 6 Pro” has taken PDF editing to an all-new-level.


History and standardization

PDF was developed in the early 1990s[3] as a way to share computer documents, including text formatting and inline images.[4] It was among a number of competing formats such as DjVuEnvoy, Common Ground Digital Paper, Farallon Replica and even Adobe‘s own PostScript format. In those early years before the rise of the World Wide Web and HTML documents, PDF was popular mainly in desktop publishing workflows.

Why do we use or should we use PFD ?

1. PDF software is universal

2. PDF software offers security

3. PDF files are searchable

4. PDF files are accessible

5. PDF files are interactive

Most used standard of business text files is the mentioned PDF format. We all receive PDF files in our mailbox and save them for later use. An advantage of PDF files is that they are compact and good for mailing, however the disadvantage of PDF files is that they are difficult to edit with Word as they probably will loose their original layout. A PDF→WORD converter is needed to easily import into Word. This is why programs like Adobe Acrobat , Wondershare Elements 6 Pro and Readdle’s PDF Expert come in handy.



So, how good is PDFelement 6 for Mac? Let’s find out!  PDF Element 6 has a complete new interface, clean and modern. The layout is well done and the graphical icons are great.  The new user-interface has made PDF editing more intuitive. Check this link to see the different options for Version 5 vs Version 6


Installing Wondershare PDF Element 6 is easy and straightforward. Once installed it will at first opening prompt you with a pop-up for additional installation of the OCR scanning component.


The HOME-screen has active ‘boxes’ which are activated by hovering on them with your mouse. A simple explanation of the active box actions is explained.




Edit PDF text and images:
Just click and start typing to edit any text or image. Fully edit PDF text and images .
Merge and split:
Merge different file formats into a single PDF or split a single PDF into multiple PDFs.
Redact sensitive content:
Permanently remove (redact) sensitive content or private information . Replace the removed text or images with redaction marks that appear as colored boxes.
Compress PDF to a smaller size:
Compress PDF files without any loss of quality in just one click .
Mark and annotate:
Add comments as sticky notes, as text boxes or highlight important text.
Extract, rotate and cut PDF:
Add, delete, extract, rotate, reorganize and crop pages with ease. Or extract several PDF pages to create a new PDF.
Use pre-defined and custom stamps such as ‘Reviewed’, ‘Approved’ and ‘Confidential’.
Apply bookmarks and hyperlinks to PDF documents to save time .



PDF Element 6 Pro has strong competitors like Adobe Acrobat DC or Readdle’s PDF Expert and must have some features setting it apart from anything else.
First thing we notice is the clean Office 2016 like layout and a menubar showing the icons for pdf-actions.

The redesigned menubar information is great:



When opening a PDF, PDF Element 6 Pro marks all ‘links’ in the document when ‘links’ are chosen from the menu. Giving it a color would make it better visible in stead of light box indication.

Images are handled truly great in PDF Element 6, they can be rotated 360 degrees. using a super handy sidebar.




Changing/adding images works really well and fast.

PDF Element 6 makes a difference in this area compared to Readdle and others.













To us, “Automatic Form Recognition technology” is the biggest highlight of PDFelement 6. It instantly turns any non-fillable forms made in Word, Excel as well as other Office applications into editable and fillable PDF.

You can now edit any PDF files with consummate ease—very much like any Microsoft Word files. Ditto, you won’t lose any fonts and formatting. With a wide range of text editing tools, you will be able to bring your ideas to life and create sensational documents.

PDFelement 6 Pro Fillable Form



Faster OCR performance with higher precision, and more efficient memory usage.

Optical character recognition (also optical character reader, OCR) is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, whether from a scanned document, a photo of a document, a scene-photo (for example the text on signs and billboards in a landscape photo) or from subtitle text superimposed on an image (for example from a television broadcast).[1] It is widely used as a form of information entry from printed paper data records, whether passport documents, invoices, bank statements, computerised receipts, business cards, mail, printouts of static-data, or any suitable documentation. It is a common method of digitising printed texts so that they can be electronically edited, searched, stored more compactly, displayed on-line, and used in machine processes such as cognitive computing, machine translation, (extracted) text-to-speech, key data and text mining. OCR is a field of research in pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Wondershare PDF Element 6 Pro does a wonderful job with their integrated OCR scanning software. It scans flawless and fast. It support a huge list of supported languages which makes it useful for most. The scan result can be exported in a number of formats.





OCR scanning is done in a wink ! Dead easy and you can’t go wrong. Of course OCR scanning can only be done on earlier ‘scanned’ forms !!






Meet All New PDFelement 6 YouTube play



Wondershare PDF Element 6 Pro is our latest PDF review and as technology moves forward it is the best at this moment. It supports most tools like Adobe Acrobat DC but at a much better price.The new Office 2016 like interface presents a clean and easy to use PDF application. All editing options are presented in a logical way, and work easy and fast. The images are handled well and can be rotated fully. The OCR scanning feature makes PDF Element 6 Pro offer the best full options application at a great price.

The all new Automatic Form Recognition technology presented by Wondershare PDF Element 6 Pro takes working with PDF software to a complete new level. Its this addition together with the new interface and image and OCR handling that makes it a hard to beat
in todays market. Going from version 5 to the latest 6.1 is a giant leap for mankind. Well lets say, its the best at this moment.











Version 3.0
Developer  Overmacs



PhotoSweeper helps organizing your photo collections and photo-library, by finding and grouping duplicate or similar photos. It works with photos from Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, Adobe Lightroom and Capture One* libraries, as well as photos from your (external)hard drives.


We all save photo’s to our Mac’s Photo-Library and may also store photo’s on external discs for safekeeping or backup. Photo’s need to be taken care off always. When you are a more experienced user of photo-editing applications, you change and edit photo’s frequently and store them in different formats or editing styles. In the end we end up with a huge library file containing many duplicate photo’s making your library cluttered and contain duplicate picture folders. Scanning my own Photo-Library containing 20.000 pictures came up with 1000 duplicate picture-files.

PhotoSweeper uses picture search preference-settings to find the real duplicate or changed pictures.( Top-slides )






The interface is simple and provides all needed information. Marking photo’s for deletion is easy and can be done manually and automatic. Scanning is fast ! Scanning 20.000 pictures and compare them to another folder only took a few minutes.
Scanning may need permission from your Mac-Sierra system.





Auto Mark

PhotoSweeper has intuitive adjustable rules which determine what photo should be kept in each group of duplicate photos.

Similar Photos

Fast groups similar photos and lets you delete unwanted photos in a few clicks. You determine similarity between photos.

Series of Shots

Determine a time gap between photos, and the app will find series of shots, help you keep the best photos and get rid of others.

Auto Lock

Keep safe already sorted photos. Locked photos are used for comparison but can‘t be marked for removal.


Compares video files as well. You can add video files not only from your Mac, but also from Photos, iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom.

Edited Pictures

Finds duplicates with different image dimensions, color saturation, and even edited with applications, such as Photoshop, Pixelmator etc.

Great Browser

The up-to-date browser with such great features like EXIF Info Panel, Movie Preview, Quick Look, Path Bar, Image Ratings, Color Labels etc.

Batch Rename

You can bulk rename files while copying or moving them to another folder. It helps you better import photos on your Mac.

Safe Removal

PhotoSweeper never deletes files from a disk or media library directly. If something is wrong, you can restore photos from Trash.

Image Formats

Supports all the popular image formats including RAW ones. Exclusive support of PDF, DNG and WebP formats.

Viewing Results

3 comfortable modes for reviewing results: “One by One”, ”Face-to-Face” and “All in One“. Marking a photo with just a click.

Flexible Settings

Powerful multi-settings to easily find duplicates, similar photos, series of shots. You can adjust matching level in the results on-the-fly.


Well-optimized, with 64-bits and multi-core processors support, PhotoSweeper reveals the real power of your Mac. Enjoy fast browsing, comparison, and removal.

macOS Sierra

PhotoSweeper takes full advantage of the latest features and looks magnificent on macOS Sierra. Also runs great on El Capitan and Yosemite.

Other Improvements

PhotoSweeper comes with a list of various other enhancements and modernizations throughout the whole app. Learn more about what’s new.



If you’ve got a Mac and lots of photo’s, you need PhotoSweeper. Not only is it one of the best duplicate photo detection apps in this price range, but its also one of the fastest and most accurate. If you’re a photographer or normal user, and wish to cleanup your libraries on your Mac or external harddisks PhotoSweeper is a good buy providing accurate and cheap solution.



AIRY for MAC review




Version 3.2.175
Developer Eltima



Airy is software developed by Eltima Software for downloading videos from YouTube.

The first version of the product was released in 2013. Written in Objective C it was a basic downloading tool that could process one video at a time.[1][unreliable source?] CNET staff in their review says that “It has a very streamlined interface with just a couple of options and a copy/paste mechanic.” [2] Additional functionality was added including the capacity to download a few files simultaneously by copy-pasting links in a text editor.[3] The app can convert downloaded content into a format and resolution of user’s choice – HD, SD and low definition.[4][5][6][7] The app is capable of extracting audio files from videos.[8] Starting from version 2.0 the app can download entire YouTube playlists.[9]

Initially developed for Mac OS, Airy also supports Windows.[10] Marina Dan from Softpedia says that “Airy is a useful and reliable piece of software that provides with the means of downloading videos or extracting the audio from selected clips on YouTube” [11][unreliable source?] The Mac version has more features than the one for Windows, including playlists download and ability to pause and resume downloads.[12]

Airy has been included in the lists of the tools recommended for downloading YouTube videos.[13][14] Some of the tech websites put Airy on the first place in their list of the best YouTube video Downloaders.[15][16]


AIRY being a basic viedo-downloader doesn’t come with any frills or extensive preferences and options. Just a setting for where you want your downloads to be stored, or choose after each download.


There are some Youtube downloaders on todays market available, all doing exactly the same job in a different interface. Airy for Mac is developed for those wanting to download video’s or mp3 files from Youtube.
As Google doesn’t really want you to download YouTube stuff, this utility comes handy.

You may opt for an “Open in Airy” bookmarklet, to be installed by selecting “Integrate into Browser” from the application menu, which streamlines the download and selection-process for videos already open in your browser.

Most videos can be downloaded in MP4 or 3GP format. The video downloads are possible in a variety of resolutions presented in a drop-down menu. The new 4K standard or even 8k is supported by Airy. Music video MP3’s option can extract the audio track only, useful feature if you need an option like this.

There is no selection for bitrate when downloading MP3’s, this is again a feature to be added in future versions giving you full control over desired MP3 sound-quality!













This video demonstrates Airy in action.




AIRY for Mac YouTube video downloader is your perfectly working one-stop utility. Its interface makes it easy to use, and the bookmarklet makes it even easier to do the job straight from your browser.
It supports a variety of video resolutions and MP3, as available options. The latest 4K or even 8k video resolution is supported, a minor is the absence of a bitrate selection for MP3.
Airy does exactly what it claims, and store.







Version 0.9.2
Developer Macpaw Kiev, Ukraine


Setapp is Macpaw’s Subscription-Based ‘App Store’ containing a variety of popular Apps like Yummy, Shimo , CleanMyMac and 58 more apps. Its like another App Store but now filled with Macpaw’s app selection. You may ask yourself, ‘Whats in it for me’ to join this subscription based store? Well Macpaw offers a on-growing selection of minor and quality applications ready for download and use for a monthly fee of $9,99 giving you unlimited access and latest updates.

The Macpaw App Store which is a more appropriate name for the Setapp is truly easy to use and provides information about an App once clicked on. An Apple Store like popup-screen opens describing and showing the application chosen.

You’ll be able to use Setapp on two different Mac computers with one subscription. MacPaw is working on adding a Family Share plan in the future, which will allow for more machines, but will cost more. Using Setapp is like any other application and downloaded and installed applications can be uninstalled as you always do but will still remain in your Setapp folder for later use.



Setapp covers most application area’s right now. Once you activated your SETAPP account on the web, start downloading the SetApp.dmg file from ‘downloads’. The installation will create a special Setapp folder in your Finder containing all presently available applications.
It works quite easy in your Finder and on your desktop .



Hit an application and the activated program reveals information about its purpose and choose ‘open’ if you want to download and activate it. In your computers finder, you’ll find a special Setapp folder containing all ready to download applications.
So you’ve got quite a selection of apps to your disposal right now, but they are NOT yours ! You get the privilege of using them as long as your account is valid. They will be updated automatically by Macpaw, and NO serials are required.


This video will demonstrate exactly how Setapp works. It shows you the folder and app locations as well as how to get information about the app itself.

SETAPP at WORK YouTube play


So Setapp has come to light at last. But does it shine? It certainly does, if you scroll in the Setapp- listing and find numerous applications you are definitely interested in. So you get what you pay for? Well yes and no, because you will not own the applications yourself, but may use them as long as you are subscribed to Setapp. The Setapp-list has nearly $1,300 worth of apps, so at $9.99 per-month your subscription to Setapp will do for many years. That’s not a bad bargain at all. It all comes down to simple calculations, and the Setapp-list is on-growing and will hopefully never end growing which gives you more and more Apps for your money.






Version: 6.5.2
Developer: Eltima Software


Eltima is a software developer for Windows and Mac related applications. They are in business for 15 years and provide smaller but useful utilities. SyncMate and Folx are some fine examples of their applications. Their media player application called Elmedia Player Pro ( version 6.5 ) is a neat and practical application which we will discuss in this review.


Eltima’s Elmedia Player is available in a free and paid PRO version. The differences are stated below. Your OS X system has its Quick Time player which is a fairly basic media player and supports not enough features for the media enthusiast.

Elmedia Player listing of what the free version can do and QuickTime Player is unable to: Open DVD VIDEO_TS folders, natively play FLV, SWF, XAP, DIVX, DAT, and other formats, internet browsing without leaving the application, compile media playlists, and open browser videos via optional bookmarklet.

This is where free applications like VLC ( which is good ) and the free Elmedia Player present a much better media player all round. So why? should you opt for a paid media player like Eltima’s
‘Elmedia Player Pro’ which will set you back $ 19.95.

Its the extra features in the Pro version that make you want the Pro version in order to use its full potential. Downloading from You Tube, streaming, converting and grabbing screens are options
making the media enthusiast choose for this Pro version.


Additional features include downloading from the Internet – videos, their soundtracks, RTMP streams, animations, converting Flash EXE files into SWF format, taking still screenshots from the video, and much more.

# Options Free PRO
1 Save videos, including RTMP streams, and external resources required by SWF animations ✔️
2 Download videos and soundtracks from YouTube ✔️
3 Adjust playback settings ✔️
4 Grab a still from a video or make a set of images ✔️
5 Convert Projector EXE files into SWF format ✔️
6 Stream music and videos from Elmedia Player to other devices with AirPlay support and vice versa. ✔️
7 Playback FLV, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, DIVX, DAT and many more videos on your Mac ✔️ ✔️
8 Browse Internet from the app window using built-on web browser ✔️ ✔️
9 Use Open Online Video and watch YouTube videos in player without ads ✔️ ✔️
10 Enjoy watching Flash files in full-screen mode ✔️ ✔️
11 Pin the player window on top of other running apps ✔️ ✔️
12 Compile and edit media playlists ✔️ ✔️
13 Edit subtitles ✔️ ✔️
14 Choose an audio track for playback – multiple tracks are supported ✔️ ✔️
15 Integrate the app with Growl and browsers ✔️ ✔️
16 Utilize app’s own volume control ✔️ ✔️
17 10 band audio equalizer with presets (Large Hall, Party, etc). ✔️ ✔️
18 Make your videos better by adjusting video brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness, reduce noise, etc. ✔️ ✔️
19 Fit image into screen by changing aspect ratio ✔️ ✔️
20 Change playback speed to optimize video viewing ✔️ ✔️
21 Experiment with image layout – rotate, flip, mirror ✔️ ✔️
22 Apple Remote Control makes things easier – use it to the maximum ✔️ ✔️
23 A-B loop for continuous playback of a certain part of the video ✔️ ✔️
24 Match audio to video in case they are not in sync ✔️ ✔️
25 Match subtitles to video in case they are not in sync ✔️ ✔️
26 Use any subtitles file with the video you downloaded ✔️ ✔️
27 Double-click for Play/Pause, Enter/Exit full screen ✔️ ✔️
28 On-screen display of actions, like pausing, flipping, rotating videos, etc. ✔️ ✔️
29 Hardware acceleration for ultimate HD experience ✔️ ✔️
30 External audio tracks support ✔️ ✔️
HD performance is great due to hardware accelerated decoding, Playing YouTube video via Open Online Video option of Elmedia Player you’ll see subtitles right where they belong.
The free and paid Pro version include an in-app web browser, and can be used to parse video, audio, or Flash content from any URL.



Elmedia Player Pro is a far more powerful alternative to QuickTime Player. The ability to download web material is a real bonus to the paid version. Its got a good interface and solid performance
enabling you to deal with any video or media format and includes an in-app web browser. If you’re in for an upgrade to QuickTime this is a great application.
 5 STARs
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Version 6.5.329
Developer Eltima



Eltima is a software developer for Windows and Mac related applications. They are in business for 15 years and provide smaller but useful utilities. SyncMate and Folx Pro are some fine examples of their applications. This time we will review their SyncMate Expert application and see how it performs.


The SyncMate Expert edition is an ideal backup manager. It syncs everything in your phone like Messages, Images, Music, Documents, Reminders and Call History.
One of the nice features is the expert edition also allowing you to manage your phone from your Mac. Just use your Mac for typing and sending messages, a useful and neat feature I think.
The ability to mount your cloud storage data as a local disk is a nice extra bonus to a full backup and sync utility.

SyncMate Sync Service

SyncMate features own Sync Service which lets you sync locally avoiding any cloud mediums in OS X 10.8.5 and later. In this way the sync process is secure and safe, and you totally control your data.


Eltima SyncMate installation is straightforward, just drag the application to your Mac applications and you’re set. Now its time to make your choices in items you wish to sync with your other devices.
Your Apple OSX itself sync’s trough iCloud with your other Apple devices, but Android for instance is not achievable without any third party software. SyncMate Expert will give you the possibility to sync with your ‘cloud’ storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Just hit the button of your choice and fill the credentials and approve of the access to your cloud-account.
Syncmate will provide a popup asking for access to your contacts.

OSX Fuse installation is necessary for mounting cloud storage. ( If you experience any ‘file permission issues’ install SSHFS to resolve any connection or permission errors )





Pay attention to the default marked anonymous app usage statistics sending to Eltima. If you feel you want to keep your data private uncheck the box !


With SyncMate you can sync data between Mac and other device automatically. Configure all the settings for the first round and they will be used in further sync. If you wish to add more sync
options to an account or connection type, just add by choosing the ➕ sign.



The Autosync option provides a kind of scheduler which is really basic. I would like to see a full scheduler integrated in the utility which makes it far more useful.


SYNC OPTIONS ( Free and Expert )


All possible sync options proof this application to be not your ‘pandora box’ , but your ‘panacea box’ your swiss knife for syncing your data with your devices.





Mounting cloud storage as a local disk, is easy to setup. A disk will be shown on your desktop. Check the box MOUNT and ADD new pair, choose sync direction and setup the desired sync folders or files. Now you may set the period for required sync. You will be notified after every synchronization. A log file is created and visible also during sync.
OSX Fuse installation is necessary for mounting cloud storage.


Connect multiple devices ✔️ ✔️
Contacts sync ✔️ ✔️
Calendar synchronization ✔️ ✔️
Background sync ✔️ ✔️
Activity log ✔️ ✔️
Read SMS ✔️ ✔️
iPhoto gallery sync ✔️
Sync videos in iPhoto ✔️
iTunes media sync ✔️
Folders synchronization ✔️
Send SMS from Mac ✔️
Export SMS backup ✔️
Call history ✔️
Safari bookmarks ✔️
To-Do and Reminders sync ✔️
Sync multiple devices ✔️
Autosync ✔️
Mount your device as additional disk ✔️
Convert media files to the popular formats ✔️


Device DEVICE TO MAC MAC to DEVICE BOTH directions
Android Device
Android OS 3.x-6.x Phone/tablet ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
iOS Device
iOS 5.x-10.x iPhone iPad and iPod Touch ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Another Mac
OS X 10.8.5 or later ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Support of multiple accounts ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Mounted Device
USB FireWire and more ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Google Account
Support of multiple accounts ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Support of multiple accounts ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
MTP Device
Any device with MTP mode ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Outlook account
Support of multiple accounts ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Office 365 Home
OneDrive & multiple accounts support ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Office 365 Business
OneDrive & multiple accounts support ✔️ ✔️ ✔️



Eltima SyncMate takes its job very serious by syncing all your devices like Android and iOS, MTP and storage devices and Microsoft Office apps. Its the ‘ yin – yang’ solution for keeping your stuff synchronized. With its clean and clear interface, it makes life a little easier providing you the ability to use your data on any of your devices. Just use your Mac for typing your messages and send it from your phone. The mounting feature of your cloud storage places complete a great utility. The scheduler / auto sync time feature needs some upgrading but still this is a great sync utility a full 5 star recommendation.


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PHONERESCUE 3.1 for MAC review




Version 3.1
Developer iMobie China



iMobie was established on 2011, located at Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu, China. The company’s name is inspired by I’M Optimistic, Brave, Independent & Efficient, which represents the main characters of this young, passionate and promising team. iMOBIE not only focusses on phone repair, but also builds cleaning apps for phone, mac and tablet. Positive exposure is what new companies need to establish themselves in a fierce market. This review will reveal PhoneRescue’s potential to many phone users experiencing software ( IOS ) problems.


There is some stiff competition on the market so iMOBIE needs to set the records straight in terms of whose best. Installation is simple and easy. No reboot is required, only fill the license on you’re on your way repairing your phone. To use the program you need to unlock /trust your phone to grant access to PhoneRescue.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.42.48 PM





iMobie PhoneRescue is used for restoring lost or deleted files from iOS devices. PhoneRescue works with both Mac and PC, allowing to restore files from your iTunes backup,as well as recover from iOS devices. iMobie PhoneRescue is able to recover IOS data of 25 different file types.

  • Recover deleted or lost messages, contacts, etc., back to iPhone/iPad;
  • Repair a broken iDevice from any system crash;
  • Pinpoint missing files that you need most at the first place.
Supported File Types:
Personal Data Contacts, Call History, Messages, Message Attachment, Voicemail, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Note Attachment, Safari History, Safari Bookmarks
Media Data Photos, Photo Videos, Thumbnails, Music, Videos, AudioBooks, Playlists, Ringtones, iBooks, Voice Memo
App Data App Documents, App Photos, App Audios, App Videos



Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.05.45 AM

PhoneRescue presents all possible recovery methods, known by the editor. The user is presented with an overview and guidelines regarding your phones problem. Just read all given failure descriptions and pick your recovery option. Without the guidelines you would be unable to make the right choices. So, big plus for the program layout and clear statements.

If your phone can’t connect to PhotoRescue the hardware of your phone will be too damaged in some way. So best way is to try out and download the free version and see if the phone will make connection with PhoneRescue.

The recover options from an existing backup wether its a iTunes, iCloud or the device itself are common and work without any problems. The IOS Repair Tools however are most interesting to me
as they do the most diffycult task of all.


This scenario wants you to connect your phone to your computer and follow the steps presented. It is best if you first read and
understand the procedure to follow. This procedure works well, and restores your phone to a factory default state. So all your info will be lost, but you endup with a working phone again.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.16.48 PM


PhoneRescue is the swiss army knife for repairing your phone or recovering of your lost data. It looks great with a clean interface and does what it claims to do. I am particularly impressed with the detailed problem descriptions and  ‘ How To ‘, repairing or recovering your device. It makes it usable for all users, which is a big plus.
If you’re desperate and almost want to give up on your phone, get this tool to sort things out for you. Mind you, do use the try-out version first in order to see if your phone will connect anyway.


[Total: 3    Average: 4.7/5]