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Cisdem a dynamic group of people that are passionate about their business.. The mission is to develop Mac software that is innovative, easy-to-use and budget friendly.

Cisdem, creates innovative and high-efficient software in the fields of PDF Tools, Utility Tools, Mobile Tools, and Multimedia Tools. Cisdem Apps, known for their simple and user-oriented design, have been used by individual and business users in more than 100 countries.



We all use pdf files in one way or another, because a pdf is more secure and non-editable. However some times we need to capture and change the actual pdf content, which is where a tool like OCRWizard comes handy.
Handy makes it sound simple and does not do justice to the complex coding needed to read the actual pdf. OCRWizard is simple and easy in use, with a plain mac-like interface. Cisdem to me really show they know their stuff and
produce clean interfaces on all software.

Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 1 Create editable and searchable PDFs

Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 2 Correct and convert scanned images

Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 3 Recognize the picture of Business Cards and share

Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 4 Export documents to almost any Format


WHAT IS OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) and HOW DOES IT WORK source

As you read these words on your computer screen, your eyes and brain are carrying out optical character recognition without you even noticing! Your eyes are recognizing the patterns of light and dark that make up the characters (letters, numbers, and things like punctuation marks) printed on the screen and your brain is using those to figure out what I’m trying to say (sometimes by reading individual characters but mostly by scanning entire words and whole groups of words at once).

Computers can do this too, but it’s really hard work for them. The first problem is that a computer has no eyes, so if you want it to read something like the page of an old book, you have to present it with an image of that page generated with an optical scanner or a digital camera. The page you create this way is a graphic file (often in the form of a JPG) and, as far as a computer’s concerned, there’s no difference between it and a photograph of the Taj Mahal or any other graphic: it’s a completely meaningless pattern of pixels (the colored dots or squares that make up any computer graphic image). In other words, the computer has a pictureof the page rather than the text itself—it can’t read the words on the page like we can, just like that. OCR is the process of turning a picture of text into text itself—in other words, producing something like a TXT or DOC file from a scanned JPG of a printed or handwritten page.



Installation is straightforward without reboot. Register and start using the software. Just hit the + button and choose your pdf file for scanning.
Now first choose the desired document scanning language from the menu ! Make your choice for ‘Document’ or ‘Business Card’  screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-13-55-53


The interface shows all pages of multi-page documents and preview selected pages. The large preview area makes marking text-, table-, and images possible with high accuracy. This is important to maintain the professional look of the original document.

OCRWizard not only scans your PDF for export, it also offers the user the possibility to edit or correct content. The application has integrated tools for corrections on image distortions and allows adding/removing of regions, or adjust their size. It takes OCR scanning to the next level of document handling, making it a all in one application rather then using multiple applications.



Cisdem OCRWizard has the ability to scan and recognize text in over 49 languages. The drop-down menu shows far more languages and dialects and is quite comprehensive.

  • Cisdem OCRWizard will automatically analyze the content and mark
    Texts (Marked in green),
    Images (Marked in red) and Tables (Marked in purple)


Watch the full language listing:

video-play-3-xxl   capture-languages



Save your OCRscan to a desired location. Cisdem OCRWizard can save in almost any filetype/format even the odd ones, making it suitable to any user. Well done Cisdem.
Some additional features when saving are:

  • image compression
  • PDF tagging
  • make PDF/A compatible



run-512OCRscanning takes just about 3 seconds. Scanning is fast and as stated character recognition is a fantastic 99.8% The YouTube link below will demonstrate how Cisdem OCRscanning is working in practice.






Cisdem OCRWizard is a powerful OCR application providing extreme OCR scanning accuracy. The export options are numerous as are the supported languages for OCR scanning. A clean interface and simple and easy use of the software make this OCR software a very good choice if you’re looking for this kind of software application. Quality doesn’t come cheap. Cisdem OCRWizard deserves a 5 star rating, but a better price would make it an even better deal.


Cisdem OCRwizard Mac review 5

$ 59.99



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