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Reviewing software like CleanMyMac automatically pops the question, ‘ Does a Mac need maintenance’ ? A valid remark considering MAC’s are less affected by system failures to windows systems.
However an average Mac user, changing to latest software versions, doing lots of trails and uses his mac daily, will in time accumulate leftovers in the OSX-system. This is where a software package like CleanMyMac is a good option for optimizing your system and keeps your mac running smoothly.

1.1 Smart Cleanup Welcome Screen


CleanMyMac is performing a real-time health check, and informs the user of any problems ( memory , storage limits and temperatures ). Popups appear when software becomes unresponsive


The build in Uninstaller performs really well and removes the software and all leftovers, with just one click. Easy and safe. A neccesary utility for every user.
Re-indexing, disk permissions and optimizing mail are some other benefits of CleanMyMac 3.
The removal of widgets, extensions and plugins is another great feature. Finally the Shredder will make your trash really gone.




13.4 Dashboard Critical Issue Information


11.2 Extensions Extensions List


The interface of CleanMyMac is beautiful and intuitive for all users. A full overview of options makes the job easier. Using the Smart Cleanup button, scans the full system and provides a scan result and the action button.
I personally always check all suggestions for deleting finally. Large files are mostly the unneeded language, system and photo junk files. Cache of your used browsers can also be cleaned, but you may not always want this done. An action confirmation is presented to the user for system critical removals. After a confirmation a report is presented with overall results.

1.5 Smart Cleanup Cleanup Complete


CleanMyMac offers an option for freeing up memory. Again a useful feature. OSX itself has a build in RAM freeing code, but this is not always freeing up all memory available. Now this feature makes it all happen with just one click on the button.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 17.34.27


The uninstaller is an important feature which should be used by all Mac users. Ofcourse there are many third party products on the market, which do the job as good, but again it proofs that this all-in package is a good deal.
Just deleting software folders is not removing all internal links. It is important that if you decide to remove an app, it is done using an Uninstaller. Compared to third party uninstallers like AppDelete, the Uninstaller of CleanMyMac finds even more results. Thats really good as AppDelete is one of the better third party packages.


8.2 Uninstaller App List


8.1 Uninstaller Welcome Screen


Only use this if you know what you are doing. All files will be deleted permanently !

12.2 Shredder File List


So how fast is a FULL system scan ( 1Tb with 450 Gb real data ) ? Answer 4 minutes, that is fast I think.
If you want to check the scan time, you may check the recorded scan-video.





This software package is a great full featured package which makes your Mac run smooth and safe. Beautiful interface and easy handling are a benefit to the user.
My advice ? Consider buying, if you want to make life easy.




$ 39,95



User friendly













  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Save
  • Uninstaller
  • One click cleaning
  • Interface
  • Speed

2 Replies to “CLEANMYMAC 3 review”

  1. For me it was waste of time to use this for the simple reason that it takes seriously a very long time for the program to go through your files. At the end of it, which was like 2 hrs later the software found 4 GB to be cleaned, of which over 1 GB being my photo files which I want to keep. The software starts then cleaning and after cleaning 500 MB only! it asks me to upgrade to the version that costs a lot of money, otherwise cleaning ends there. Total waste of my time! Meanwhile I tried to google for how long it takes to run the program through but found no info. Well now you know so I hope someone reads this and thinks twice if there is any point for running the program or not. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, just slight improvement would be to be honest about it upfront that your wasting your time for nothing unless you are willing to pay for it. No free download, somehow I guessed it but tried still. Oh well, whatever.

    1. Our full HD scan 450Gb took 4 minutes ( see video ), which is fast. Free programs have limited use. If they would do the same as paid applications, nobody would buy any. Demo’s are just demo’s showing its capabilities.

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