CleanMyMac X

Version 4.0.1
Developer MacPaw Inc.


These are the major features and upgrades of CleanMyMac X:

  • Smart Scan: The all-in-one center for analysis and optimization of your Mac. Now it includes Cleanup, Protection, and Speed scanners, all launched with a single click.
  • CleanMyMac Assistant: An intelligent adviser that provides useful explanations, suggests further optimization steps and reminds about regular cleanups.
  • Malware Removal: Your Mac’s guard, checking yoursystem for vulnerabilities and removing malicious files.Includes a dedicated vulnerability database updater.
  • Optimization: A module that lets you manage login items, launch agents, hung and resource-consuming apps to increase system responsiveness.
  • Updater: A tool that delivers the latest available versions for your installed apps. Now you have all updates in one place.
  • Reinvented Menu: The Menu bar widget has a whole new look with more information available, shows the most resource-consuming applications, and provides useful instant features.
  • Better algorithms for scanning for junk–  MacPaw’s team created a better algorithm for scanning for junk.
  • Faster scan– CleanMyMac X has an improved scan time of up to three times faster.
  • Leading-edge design: A new progressive look of the beautiful Mac cleaner.



Maintenance is on of the available tools to keep your Mac running smooth. This tool is taking some time to perform all tasks, but the result is very good. It tackles most important areas of maintenance even if you don’t seem to have a problem these tasks should be run every few months I feel. It all depends on your personal use of your Mac. Are you a developer/tester or reviewer?  Then maintenance is probably an important factor to keep things running smooth.



This tool is a definite upgrade over the last version of CleanMyMac. Check the different selections of applications on your Mac, Unused , 32-Bit applications. The 32-Bit applications will not be supported by the coming Mojave macOS, so you might start looking for an alternative or delete them. You will be surprised to see that you run more 32-Bit applications which will stop working on the new macOS.

The uninstall tool itself performs really well and finds the same number of files as App Cleaner or Trash Me. They all differ somewhat in files depending of the size and plists of the application.
You just don’t need a separate ‘uninstaller’ anymore !