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Version 3.0Developer  Digiarty Software Inc.
Website https://www.videoproc.com/



Established in 2006, Digiarty is a software company specialized in multimedia software solutions.



Digiarty VideoProc preserves the main feature of MacX Video Converter Pro for Mac, namely, video conversion. It uniquely adopts Intel QSV, NVIDIA CUDA/NVENC, and AMD powered level-3 hardware acceleration tech, thus converting, compressing and processing Blu-ray videos, HDTV/HD-camcorders videos, 4K UHD HEVC/H.264 videos, 1080p multi-track HD videos, standard MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG and other videos 64x faster than real time.

Apart from fast video converter, VideoProc is also integrated with other useful and powerful tools, including video editor to cut, crop, merge, split and do other edit tasks, music converter to change audio formats, DVD converter to digitize discs, downloader to save online videos and music, and screen/webcam recorder. It is a piece of fully featured video processing software perfectly compatible with the newest macOS Mojave (32bit & 64bit) and lower systems.

It enables you to download videos and music and convert YouTube to MP4, MP3for offline playback. Over 320+ video and 50+ audio codecs help you to convert 4K UHD, MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, VOB, etcto any video or audio format. It offers the world’s first video converter supporting Intel QSV hardware acceleration, 16X faster than before and no quality loss. It also empowers you to record & capture screen video, make photo slideshow, and more.



Installing VideoProc 3.0 is done by dragging and dropping the application in your Mac Applications folder. Thats it, no more stuff to do. Now register your application and you’re all set for a discovery of all its settings and features. VideoProc 3.0 is LOADED with everything you could possibly want from a Video processing application and even ‘more’ !

VideoProc 3.0 is the absolute top application for anyone interested in editing video ! The updated interface is modern and well played out. Some screenshots of available codecs, formats and the toolbox are shown :



Digiarty Videoproc review 1

Digiarty Videoproc review 2

Digiarty Videoproc review 3

Digiarty Videoproc review 4

Digiarty Videoproc review 5

So you must be impressed with this extremely well sorted and provided tools. We are anyway ! Its absolutely loaded with features.


So we’re about testing the speed and provided features/tools of VideoProc 3.0. The new interface is great and more up to date really.

Digiarty Videoproc review 6

Digiarty Videoproc review 7



This VideoProc 3.0 processing software supports 320+ video formats and 50+ audio formats, so that it can handle nearly any video or audio that you throw into it. It easily converts and compresses 4K/1080p HD videos between MKV, MP4, MOV, M2TS, AVCHD, AVI, MOD, TOD, HEVC/H.265, H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, etc., and converts audios among MP3, AAC, M4A, M4R, FLAC, AIFF, OGG, etc.


Equipped with Intel QSV, NVIDIA CUDA/NVENC, and AMD level-3 hardware acceleration tech, Hyper-threading technology, multi-core CPU utility, and AMD 3DNow! Tech, VideoProc can process videos at a speed of up to 5X faster than similar programs in the market while preserving 98% video audio quality of the original media file.

File used: .mov codec ; 500 Mb ; conversion to 4k best quality .mp4

VideoProc 3.0 tells you which codec supports Hardware Accelleration (HWAccel) or not. Change the quality setting to LQ(low Quality) or HQ(High Quality) and the conversion will take shorter or longer. Still VideoProc 3.0 is the fastest converter on this planet so you might as well choose HQ.

*remark:   Conversion speed depends on your Mac’s hardware configuration ! Our Mac’s are not the latest high tech versions but late 2013.

Digiarty Videoproc review 8

Check this link for more info about HW Acellhttps://www.videoproc.com/video-process/full-gpu-acceleration-benefits-4k-video.htm


All Profiles are nicely shown in the scroll list.

Digiarty Videoproc review 9



VideoProc 3.0 does not only provide converting tools but also contains a great screen recorder and recorder for iMacs iSight camera. Both record in good quality ( settings ( low, medium,high ), after finishing auto open your default media player.
This is just a feature-rich, high quality and really fast video converter having all the tools to make your life easier. Its just that simple in use that there’s really not much to discuss left. It does the job brilliant and even more, so are you looking for the best converter VideoProc 3.0 will not disappoint you.

Digiarty Videoproc review 10




So we have finished testing VideoProc 3.0 and we are impressed with its performance, number of available codecs and additional tools like the screen recorder, camera recorder and ability to download straight from you-tube. It works really easy and fast with a quality finish of your precious video. I cannot find any real flaws in this product ! It absolutely is the best video converter/editing software combination application on the market, offering more then just a basic converter. It looks great, is loaded with features and tops it all with the fastest conversion time found ! The fantastic ‘Toolbox’ offers great options for editing your precious video. We have not found any competitor offering as many editing tools as VideoProc. So looking for the very best video converter/editing application around ? Look no further, this is a hard to beat application. Top scores all around 10 to of 10 !! Well done Digiarty.


Digiarty Videoproc review 11

$ 42.95


5 Replies to “Digiarty Videoproc review”

  1. Could you help me please. I recently bought Videoproc. I used it a few times and found it OK; however my computer just crashed and although I was able to restore it I am having a problem. Every time I go to use it tells me to buy it whereas I already have done so. My name is Peter Batley, my email addresses are xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx. I have been with your company for many years and hope you can trace this for me and advise what to do. Thanks

  2. It would be nice to know which Macs have the right Hardware to support conversion acceleration. Some people like me have a mid 2011 27″ iMac (yep and it still works like a dream) but when I run VideoProc it only shows CPU as supporting HW Acceleration and then only for h264 converstion.

    It can be quite difficult to find sufficient information on Apple Computers to recommend which machines fully support the different levels of HW Acceleration VideoProc supports and therefore difficult to buy a new machines to convert your videos with..

    Reviews are all well and good but there is nothing here about the spec of the machine used and as such all the stats are relatively meaningless..

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