iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery review

Version: 2.6 (8)Developer: iBoysoft
Website: https://iboysoft.com




iBoysoft is a software company located in Chengdu, China. iBoysoft committes to research in the field of data security, has developed and released iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows, NTFS Assistant, iBoysoft Drive Manager and iBoysoft File Protector.



iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is one of a few data recovery software that fully supports APFS file system on macOS High Sierra. Technically, it goes beyond most of data recovery program which claim they can recover data from APFS drive. iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is the only one in the market which can recover data  from encryped APFS drive and recover deleted/lost APFS partition. Also, it can recover data from formatted, corrupted, unmountable, unreadable, inaccessible APFS drive. Besides, iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery supports file systems HFSX, HFS, HFS+, exfat and FAT32. 


  • Recovers deleted files (even from the recycling bin)
  • Recovers data from formatted/reformatted drives
  • Recover data from RAW, inaccessible, corrupted or damaged partitions
  • Recover data from deleted or lost partitions
  • Recover data from APFS drive & encrypted APFS drive ( ONLY PRO VERSION )
  • Provide technical service to clients ( ONLY TECHNICAL VERSION )

    Hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, USB stick, flash drive, SD card, CF card, memory card, memory stick, micro card, digital camera & other storage device (RAID reconstruction is not supported by iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery)


  • Compatible with Mac OS X – 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan) and Mac OS – 10.12 (Sierra), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Supported File Systems for Mac OS – HFSX, HFS, HFS+, exfat and FAT32, APFS



After all technical blabla.. we come to the point where we actually start using the recovery utility. The initial setup was as usual, just drag and drop the application in your applications folder and you’re all set. Your Mac will prompt you every time for your system password as this utility wants to change your basic data. All done, we face an overview of all detected (storage) drives and we may choose which to examine for lost files.

First check the preferences for the correct settings!

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery review 1

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery review 2

In order to find as many lost files as possible we have the Deep Scan option available. This option however will take a longer scanning time which is obvious as it digs deeper in the lost data. The scan however is done fairly quick and it all makes sense to even a novice user. iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery has an easy interface (which could do with a visual update) and all steps are simple to follow. Once your lost file is found and located, you can choose ‘Recover’ and the file is set in its location.

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery review 3

Apple’s High Sierra 10.13 has some build in security settings, preventing ANY Data Recovery program to just simply scan/update the system startup drive !! If you want to look for lost files on your startup drive you need to perform some extra tricks in order to do so (below copied from iBoysoft website)


How to recover lost data from startup drive in macOS High Sierra 10.13

“System Integrity Protection” (SIP) is a security mechanism built into the operating system that prevents normal programs from reading the startup drive, so System Integrity Protection would prevent iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery from scanning startup drive in macOS High Sierra 10.13. To recover lost data from startup drive in macOS High Sierra 10.13, we need to temporarily disable System Integrity Protection (SIP).

Step 1: Boot to Recovery OS by restarting your machine and pressing & holding down Command + R keys at startup.

Disble SIP step 1

Step 2: Launch Terminal from the Utilities menu, enter the command: csrutil disable and press Return.

Disble SIP step 2

Step 3: Launch iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery, choose the startup drive and click “Next” to scan lost data.

Step 4: After the scan completes, preview all found files, choose the files we expect and click “Recover” to get data back.

Tips: If lost files are not found in quick scan mode, please check “File types” option in Preferences panel, check deep scan option and try again.


iBoysoft have a support page setup  (https://iboysoft.com/support/) on their website which is explaining all how to’s and questions. Well done iBoysoft !



We found iBoysoft Data Recovery doing a very impressive job. Easy to use software that recovered our data with no hassles. There are more data recovery utilities on todays market but his is a pleasant and great working well adapted and explained application.
The only remark I personally can make is the plain interface which would be more attractive if somewhat coloured. However this is just personal taste and makes no difference in using the utility. I think it performs really well and fast. So if you’re looking for a Data Recovery tool check out this baby as it is surprisingly good.


iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery review 4

$ 69.95


2 Replies to “iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery review”

  1. Long story short: iBoysoft is a great app, and the support team is both quick and competent.
    This is what happened: my MacBook Pro (Early 2011) running High Sierra on an internal SSD formatted as APFS suddenly crashed. When I tried rebooting using the power button, my screen turned gray and showed a gray barred circle in the center. I tried booting with cmd+R, but could neither repair nor mount my internal drive. I tried the same exercise with MacOS running from an external drive, both with DiskUtility and Terminal, and I could simply not mount the drive. I thought about re-installing MacOS on the drive, but I couldn’t do that because… well… because the drive was not mounted. After two days of playing around, I thought that my data was lost. Then I found out about, and purchased iBoysoft Professional Edition. At first I managed to get all of my data back, but all the files were corrupt. Then I contacted support, explained my problem to them, and a few hours later, they gave me advice which enabled me to recuperate all of my data. iBoysoft managed to recuperate close to 100% of my data. Worth the money.

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