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Most of us use music for daily entertainment and rely on purchased CD’s, and radio broadcasts. However there are two main players in today’s music market being Apple Music and Spotify, both needing paid subscriptions. This makes sense as artist wish to benefit from their artistic achievements.
For those who wish to download and listen to their playlist ‘offline’, one really needs or a Premium subscription, or an encryptor downloader like TunesFab and Noteburner. These applications decode the downloaded songs to use offline in any audio player or system. Musify is somewhat different to all
known Spotify downloaders and needs NO encoding, but catches the full track URL for straight downloading.

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Musify Music Downloader
iTubeGo Musify review 2  Convert Spotify song, album, playlist to MP3/FLAC/WAV/M4A
iTubeGo Musify review 2  Convert online video to music file from YouTube, Facebook and more
iTubeGo Musify review 2  Support 1000+ sites: SoundCloud, MixCloud, Bandcamp, etc
iTubeGo Musify review 2  Keep all ID3 tags information
iTubeGo Musify review 2  100% original quality, high speed download
Download Spotify Songs without Premium

Copy and paste Spotify music, albums, artist, or playlist URL and easily convert them to MP3, M4A, OGG, AAC and more, even without a Spotify Premium account.

Download Audio Without Any Quality Loss

The Music Downloader can download audios in MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, AAC and FLAC with no loss and retain the original audio quality. In addition, Musify supports extracting background music from online videos easy.



Musify, has little preferences which you set at best quality and your desired file type WAV , Flac or MP3. The WAV files are much larger then the MP3 files, but give you a ultimate better sound quality. We set the audio quality for ‘Best’ and chose WAV for file type.



This application really makes me smile, as it is the very best I ever used to review. Al it takes are a few simple steps and your downloads fly to your computer for offline use. No decoding is involved, as the presets set in preferences are followed. Using any other Spotify downloader is taking a long time decoding the data, where Musify is extremely fast in completing the tasks.

Just check the following steps to enjoy super fast downloads:

See your Spotify selected song or album, now use ‘Copy link to playlist’

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Go to the opened Musify application and add the selected ‘link’, a popup will follow listing all songs from the ‘link’.

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After you pasted the ‘share url’ and clicked Download the selected songs, Musify will start downloading your selection at a blazing speed. Blazing as I have never absolutely never come across an application downloading at these speeds. Incredible to say the least.

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Just to demonstrate the full downloading proces speed I used a stopwatch to time the difference between TuneFab and Musify. The end result is an equal WAV file size for both applications, however the needed time to get 8 tracks on my computer is drastically different.

Now is this application doing a great job or not ? The final result is exactly the same and 8 tracks only took 10-20 seconds to download !! I just couldn’t believe my eyes when trying for this review.



Conversion is again easy and a takes a non learning curve for anybody. The conversion of Musify sets top levels of 320kbps and file type to choose from. The converted song or movie will show in the ‘converted’ menu button.

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This selection screen popup will follow. Now choose your desired format and quality !

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I am really impressed with this iTubeGo Musify small utility beating the shit out of the competition. Its blazing fast and needs a non learning curve for any user. This Spotify downloader is perfect for me, and keeps me off the streets. The price is low and you just cannot fault buying this ‘gem’ if you’re looking for a Spotify downloader. Cheap, blazing fast, what more can you wish for. Just get it……

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$9.95 to get music downloaderiTubeGo Musify review 19

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