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Joyoshare, as an industry-leading multimedia software developer in the world, is mainly focused on providing professional and ultimate video and audio solutions to customers worldwide. Despite of the awards and reputation we already obtained in video converting market, Joyoshare will always keep up the good work to develop new programs and applications for a growing number of platforms all the time. Until now, millions of satisfied customers from more than 100 countries over the world have been served by Joyoshare products and services.



Ever faced a blocked iPhone after your child has entered a passcode too many times? Well just now Joyoshare has developed and released a great utility turning a blocked in a usable iPhone. Apple’s security features provided, turn an iPhone in a useless product incase of theft or loss. The Find iPhone application in IOS provides some extra safety regarding your personal data. Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker however provide a tool to recover any iPhone and set it in factory defaults. So a stolen iPhone is usable for criminals, but all data is gone. Well once you’ve got access to the iPhones memory, there are ways to recover deleted data easily. The main problem was getting access which now is piece of cake thanks to Joyoshare.

No matter how your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen is locked, Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker for Mac will easily unlock the screen passcode for you. For instance, cannot remember the password or enter the wrong one for many times, bought a second-hand iOS device with screen locked, cannot type the password on a broken screen, or don’t know the password because it was set by your children or others, as well as many other similar scenarios.

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As one of the fastest iDevice screen passcode unlockers, Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker for Mac is aimed at removing screen lock without password from iPhone, iPad to iPod touch on Mac in a couple of clicks only. Whether your iPhone is locked due to forgotten password or broken screen, etc, this smart iPhone passcode unlocker can help you bypass iPhone password without any hassle. With a wide range of compatibility, Joyoshare Mac iPasscode Unlocker is compatible with almost all iOS devices and versions including the latest iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max and iOS 13.



Forget the passcode on your iOS device? Or got a second-hand iPhone with locked screen? Don’t worry. Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker for Mac is here to get you out of all these troubles within just three simple steps: connect iDevice to computer, download and verify firmware, remove screen passcode. With clear layout and neat buttons, this easy-to-use tool ensures everybody can handle it without a hitch, no technical skills required.


Powerful as it is, Joyoshare Mac iPasscode Unlocker is able to strip the protection of every type of password:

  • Four-digit passcode
  • Six-digit password
  • Touch ID
  • Face ID
  • Owing to the advanced technologies adopted in it, Joyoshare iPasscode Unlocker for Mac can help you crack them all and remove the locked screens.



To take the Unlocker application in practice, we deliberately entered a wrong passcode for an iPhone making the iPhone unusable and having a wait time of 2 weeks. Unlocking was a true piece of cake, as the complete process took 13 minutes to have the iPhone set to new with factory presets.


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Rebooting the iPhone went without any problems whatsoever. The complete processes child splay really.You are now only left with a restore of a backup on your Mac or iCloud and you iPhone is all set to run smoothly. Security wise I can’t tell right now if this means any iPhone stolen can be used again !
The IMEI code of your phone is known by Apple and as soon as it hits an active communication line or internet it will be blocked by Apple when you’ve got your iPhone listed on ‘Find My Phone’ and activated on your mobile settings. If however you’ve never set this option active on your phone, I think the new owner might have a working iPhone for free. So to all owners of an iPhone, check your Preferences for Find My Phone and activate it. Once (listed as) lost or stolen, the new user will be faced with a warning on the mobiles screen and make the iPhone unusable.


For anyone having a lockout problem with their personal iPhone this application/tool works like a dream. In just about 13 minutes your iPhone is set to factory settings again ready for setup. As with all software you always need to have backups of your software, like harddisks and iPhone, iPad or iPod system software. Most people forget about these steps making them loose all data in case of any problems. Joyoshare provides a great tool to help us out in case of lockouts. Its easy and straightforward, as the appropriate firmware is automatically downloaded and installed by just hitting the button ‘next’, and you’re all set and done. Are you in trouble with your iPhone, iPad or iPod get this application.


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