PATH FINDER 7 review





Version 7.3.2
Developer Cocoatech LLC



Why should we want another file manager when OSX provides us with a decent Finder ? Although OSX Finder is a good file manager, it still is basic in what you can do. How many times did you have to open another Finder in order to accomplish your task. Ok its workable but it saves you a lot of time when you learn to use a true File Manager like Path Finder 7.


Dropbox integration
Folder merging
One click Dual Pane copy
Secure delete
File transfer queue
File tagging
Batch renaming
Dual Pane browser
Low level search
Smart sorting
Advanced selection
Cover Flow
Integrated Terminal
Application launcher
Text image editors
Archives ( zip , dmg etc )


Path Finder is the true description of this file management utility. Path Finder simply out-features the original OSX not by a minor step, but this utility is truly stacked with options. Large file copies and sync actions are all done easy and simple.


This feature is great for performing a quick real-time folder sync, what we miss is the ability to perform automatic folder sync. If thats what you want a third party app is your only solution.

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CLOUD connections

Another great feature of Path Finder 7 is the automatic detection of your Dropbox, and the link integration it will setup in your sidebar. So easy to use your Dropbox now as a normal folder or map.
Google Drive will also merge seamless in Path Finders sidebar.


A fine feature that makes it so easy scrolling through your files or photo’s and pick the desired file. Adjustable to any size you prefer.


Setting your interface to dual pane makes life a lot easier. You now can swap, copy , sync files with the click on a button. This is real file management. Absolutely the best file manager on today’s market.

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You may want to customize the menubar, which is something every user will do I guess. Don’t forget the ‘Show hidden files’ button, which makes it a lot easier to search for hidden files in OSX system.

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-02 om 15.19.03


In Path Finder, shelves are info panels that either display extra information about a file or allow you to interact with the file in some specific way.



Path Finder 7 is the best replacement for your Mac’s Finder. It provides a full options interface and ease of use. If you are a true Mac adept, you can’t do without Path Finder. It makes life so much easier copying, transfer or handle your files between all your internal or external discs. Its not free but Its worth the money to me anyway. The best Mac file manager again in 2016.



Path Finder 7

$ 39,95



User friendly




Dual Pane


Finder alternative





  • Dual Pane
  • Foldersync
  • Cloud integration
  • Full featured
  • Integr. Terminal


  • Font
  • Interface
  • No FTP connections

7 Replies to “PATH FINDER 7 review”

  1. 1. You mention the “Font” as a negative. What’s wrong with it? Is it hard to read?

    2. You mention synching with Dropbox and Google Drive. What about synching with Apple’s iCloud? That’s a major consideration for us Apple users.

  2. Sometimes we get an error when we try to delete a File or a folder for no reason , but of course there is a reason.We have many damage file or blocked files.Do not worry if we want to remove the error files or too long path files from our system,here I suggest a smooth way.So use “Long path tool” software and keep yourself.

  3. Does using Path Finder make all of my system files available/accessible to Cocoatech (the company) or any of its employees? I have not even found a privacy policy for Cocoatech or for Path Finder, which is disconcerting.

    Also, all of the browsers that I use on my MacBook Pro (running latest Sierra) — Safari, Firefox, Chrome — warn me not to visit the company’s support site ( for security reasons. I get warnings like “Your connection is not private.” This doesn’t happen with any other website I visit. Also disconcerting.

    1. Hi, First I don’t know about ANY file-manager sending your private documents to their server ! There is NO privacy statement as there is no data sending to their servers. Your applications runs ONLY on your machine, not connected to CoCoatech.

      Second statement is NOT true. True the given link to their support is probably not used with a SSL connection. Google warns in their latest version automatically when a connection/server uses NO ‘https’ protocol/connection but the ‘http’ which is unsecured. There are millions of websites running just ‘http’ instead of the more expensive but saver https protocol.

      True if dealing with private data servers should use ‘https’ protocol. If only for reading purposes and NO data entries ‘http’ is good. BUT ‘https’ is always better ! The absence does not indicate a fraudulent website just more insecure not suitable for private data entries.

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