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Version 2.2 (353)Developer Readdle Ukraine
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Readdle is a Ukrainian mobile application development company. The company research and development is based in Odessa, Ukraine. Readdle has originally focused on the creation of document-related productivity tools for consumer market, with a recent addition of business-oriented subscription-based model. The operation is mostly built around the App Store.,[2] cumulatively generating over 33 million downloads.[3] The most notable products are Scanner Pro, PDF Expert Mac, Fluix, and Spark.[4]


History and standardization

PDF was developed in the early 1990s[3] as a way to share computer documents, including text formatting and inline images.[4] It was among a number of competing formats such as DjVuEnvoy, Common Ground Digital Paper, Farallon Replica and even Adobe‘s own PostScript format. In those early years before the rise of the World Wide Web and HTML documents, PDF was popular mainly in desktop publishing workflows.

Why do we use or should we use PFD ?

1. PDF software is universal

2. PDF software offers security

3. PDF files are searchable

4. PDF files are accessible

5. PDF files are interactive

Most used standard of business text files is the mentioned PDF format. We all receive PDF files in our mailbox and save them for later use. An advantage of PDF files is that they are compact and good for mailing, however the disadvantage of PDF files is that they are difficult to edit with Word as they probably will loose their original layout. A PDF→WORD converter is needed to easily import into Word. This is why programs like Adobe Acrobat , Wondershare and Readdle’s PDF Expert come in handy.

Readdle updated their version and now provides even better speed and search capabilities. To me it is important that programs are easy in use, layout and options should be logical rather then complicated. Readdle’s PDF Expert 2.2
is ticking all the boxes for me. Its fast, logical and provides some nice extra options.


  • Major improvements to the search engine: it allows enabling indexing for speedy searching.
  • It is also possible to search all opened files and history which can save time.
  • The top toolbar layout has been redesigned to make UI more compact and save users from extra clicking.
  • Enhancements have been made to text editing: fonts are recognised better in the new version, along with improvements in stability and performance.


PDF Expert 2 is installed by simply drag & drop into your applications folder. Now set it as your default PDF-reader instead of Apple’s Preview.


  • Split View Mode – work with two PDFs simultaneously
  • Reduce PDF File Size – Compress and share a PDF
  • Thumbnails Mode – Add, delete and copy pages in one click
  • Annotations Export – Add notes to a PDF and export them
  • View Attachments and Portfolios – View your projects with attached media-files
  • Touch Bar Support – Focus on a content in a full screen mode


Readdle PDF Expert 2 has strong competitors like Adobe Acrobat DC or Wondershare PDFElement. Readdle’s PDF Expert must have some features setting it apart from anything else or must be a close competitor prise wise.
First thing we notice is the clean layout and a menubar showing the icons for pdf-actions. The redesigned menubar is

When opening a PDF, PDF Expert 2.2 automatically marks all ‘links’ in the document. ( green ), which makes it easier to find and change. ( image below )

PDF Expert Mac review 1

PDF Expert supports all basic tools and some more like the stamp tool enabling you to add presets to your document. The ‘stamp tool’ enables the user to add pre- or custom stamps to your document. Handy for those using PDF Expert for their business correspondence format. The custom stamp has some pre-settings, but also allows you to import your own.

PDF Expert Mac review 2

PDF Expert Mac review 3

Working with PDF Expert is easy and doesn’t take much getting used to. Wether you want to add links or redact text. PDF Expert 2.2 does it all. Changing/adding images works really well and fast.
Imported images can be rotated in 45 degree. steps, like most PDF editors. Readdle could make a difference if this was to be made showing the circular arrow enabling 360 degr. rotation.

PDF Expert 2.2 really works fast, but lacks character recognition (OCR) like Wondershare’s PDF-Element. But not all users need this function, so if you can do without OCR, PDF Expert 2.2 will work just fine for you.

Another useful tool is the ability to protect your pdf-document from the PDF menubar, as well as reducing the pdf-file size.

An overview of PDF Experts tools:PDF Expert Mac review 4

The key to effective reading is clear interface and modern annotation tools. This makes your reading more natural and comfortable — almost like working with a sheet of paper.

PDF Expert Mac review 5


Highlight text and add notes.

PDF Expert Mac review 6

Fill out tax forms, insertion orders with the smart, fast tools of PDF Expert.

PDF Expert Mac review 7

Sign contracts and invoices in a few clicks.

PDF Expert revolutionizes PDF editing. Edit a contract by fixing that typo, update your CV or adjust an invoice stating the correct amount. Anything can be edited and fixed.

PDF Expert Mac review 8

Edit whatever in your PDF documents. Fix typos in the text, change images or even add links.

PDF Expert Mac review 9

Leave that hefty PDF document for a sleeker, slimmer file that can be easily shared by email.

PDF Expert Mac review 10

Add text to fill out non-interactive PDF forms or to give feedback to your colleagues.

Merge files, add blank pages or delete existing ones to create unique documents. So when it’s time to update your presentation or run research, PDF Expert will take care of it.

PDF Expert Mac review 11

PDF Expert can easily extract a few pages of your contract and send them out quickly for review.

PDF Expert Mac review 12

Combine files from different sources and share your project’s materials.


Export your PDF file as HTML , Text or Markdown is possible from the menubar. Sharing your PDF is with basic preset but can be extended by changing settings in your System-Preferences.


Adding a signature to your PDF is easy and can be done in different ways. Just use the signature tool and you have three options:

  1. Type your name and the typeface changes.
  2. Use the mouse
  3. Use an existing image

PDF Expert Mac review 13


PDF Expert 2 - Edit, Annotate and Sign PDFs vimeo play


PDF Expert 2.2 really feels up to the job. It supports most tools like Adobe Acrobat DC but at a much better price. The split view and fast changes make it a pleasure to work with. If Readdle changes the image-rotation feature into a
full 360 degr. arrow at their next update, they have a solid performing PDF tool ready for any competition. Adding an OCR scanning will make it the best available application for a fair price in todays market. So if you’re looking for a great PDF editor Readdle’s PDF Expert 2.2 is a great buy.


PDF Expert Mac review 14

$ 59.99



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