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Wondershare Technology is a key member of the National Planning Software Enterprises of China and a global leader in application software development. We have users in over 150 countries. Wondershare is committed to providing software that brings simplicity to people’s lives.

This commitment has made us an industry leader. We have research and development centers in ShenZhen and Tokyo, and marketing branches in Tokyo and Vancouver. Respected institutions such as Sino-Wisdom and IDG are among our investors. We have supported our rapid growth through dedication to our customers and are proud to offer multi-language Live Support. PDFelement Express Mac is their latest Mac PDF software.


Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present and exchange documents reliably, independent of software, hardware, or operating system. Invented by Adobe, PDF is now an open standard maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). PDFs can contain links and buttons, form fields, audio, video, and business logic. They can also be signed electronically and are easily viewed using free Acrobat Reader DC software.

Why do we use or should we use PFD ?

1. PDF software is universal

2. PDF software offers security

3. PDF files are searchable

4. PDF files are accessible

5. PDF files are interactive

Most used standard of business text files is the mentioned PDF format. We all receive PDF files in our mailbox and save them for later use. An advantage of PDF files is that they are compact and good for mailing, however the disadvantage of PDF files is that they are difficult to edit with Word as they probably will loose their original layout. A PDF→WORD converter is needed to easily import into Word. This is why programs like Adobe Acrobat , Wondershare PDFelement Express Mac comes in handy.



PDFelement Express is the basic new version of Wondershare’s PDF Element Pro 6 application. Its interface is similar to its more expensive partner, but the menu has been moved to the left of the interface instead of the most used menu top-bar. Its a matter of taste and getting used to, when working with this new version. I prefer a menu top-bar, but as said its just a matter of taste. Dark Mode for Mojave is not implemented yet.

Preferences are not available in this version, as is the lack of an export tool like PDFelements 6 Pro for Mac. Provided Save As is always as a PDF file, wether you send/share to mail or store on your disk.

When choosing a desired function a next vertical bar opens with detailed and related options for document creation or changes. Add annotations and comments to PDF documents in just a few simple clicks. Its snappy and works well.

Edit PDFs Effortlessly

  • Edit Text: add, delete, or edit text just as easily as you would in a Word document.
  • Edit Image: add, delete, extract, replace, and rotate images in PDF files.
  • Edit Link: remove or add hyperlinks to PDF pages in order to open a file or visit a web page.

PDFelement Express Mac review 1

Manage PDF Pages Seamlessly

  • Split Pages: split one PDF file into multiple documents.
  • Extract Pages: extract one or more pages from your PDF document to create seperate PDF files.
  • Insert Pages: insert blank pages or pages from other PDF documents. Plus, delete unwanted pages, or edit the page order.

PDFelement Express Mac review 2

As this is Wondershare’s basic PDF editing tool, it’s limited in functionality really. I do miss an export functionality which PDFelements 6 Pro for Mac has. However I guess most people will feel this Express versions brings them all the tools they need. What sets PDFelement Express apart from other PDF editors, is its clean interface where all the tools are present on the surface. Editing, reading, and managing PDFs is made easy for you.




PDFelement Express Mac review 3

This table shows you the different options available for PDFelement. Its up to you to check which version suits your needs best.

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PDFelement Express Mac is designed for simplifying the PDF editing procedure. Being a lite version of PDFElements 6  for Mac, it is limited in professional functions. The set of features are sufficient for simple editing operations and neatly arranged on the screen. Its fast, stable and easy to work with. You don’t have to dig deep in the software to get things done. So I suggest you try out the software and experience your personal goals with this great utility.

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$ 39.95


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