Permute Mac review

Version 2.1.5Developer Charlie Monroe Software


This little but great utility Permute Mac has little setup preferences. Just place it in your applications folder, adjust your desired quality settings in the preferences Presets and you’re done.
It is a Media Converter with a beautiful drag and drop interface.

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Beautiful drag & drop interface, designed for Apple.

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This is your drag & drop interface. After dropping your file the conversion interface opens, now set your new extension and the file or files are blazingly fast converted.
You may drag multiple files and file types in one go. A huge list of video conversions is available and all conversions can be set to your personal choice of quality.

It really works simple and easy, not much to say about really. There are no real setbacks, no discomfort in any way. It just does the job blazing fast.



I strongly recommend this utlitilty for its beautiful interface and performance.
Of course more specialized software programs offer more options and settings,but for most common jobs wether it is Audio, Video or Pictures this works great.

A nice conversion utility and a small price completes a great deal.

Permute Mac review 1

$ 9.99




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