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A new kid on the block

Thats the best way to discribe the latest and still in development POLYMAIL app for Mac.
Email is one of the utilities we all use daily. There is a number of emailclients on the market but none is the ultimate client yet. Polymail serves the user a number of fantastic features none of the competition delivers.
Polymail has a well designed , clean and responsive interface with lots of usefull features.
Polymail is still ‘in beta’, so there are some issues to be fixed like ‘no resizeble sidebar’ and addition of other accounts.
The best features of Polymail are listed below and no other emailclient has these features which are really usefull.
Ever wanted to know wether your mail was read, ever wanted to unsubscribe with just a buttonclick ?

This is where Polymail excels over the competition.

Most extra navigation on the interface is done with ‘ hotkey’s ‘ . I am not fond of this approach and wish to see right mouse clicks activate a menu for actions. Using HTML signatures is really simple as is adding new accounts.
When all beta problems are solved and the product reaches its marketing potential Polymail is the best email client for your Mac !