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Developer Belightsoft



The company was founded in January 2003. Later that year its first Mac software, Business Card Composer was released. Now the company has 11 software products on different platforms.[2]

  • Live Home 3D [[[macOS]]], Windows is home and interior design software (former Live Interior 3D)[4][5][6].
  • Printworks [macOS], all-purpose desktop publishing software for Mac[7][8].
  • Art Text [macOS], graphic design software tuned for lettering, typography, and artistic text effects[9][10][11][12].
  • Swift Publisher [macOS], page layout and desktop publishing software[13][14].
  • Business Card Composer [macOS], software to design and print business cards[15][16][17].
  • Disc Cover [macOS], software for designing CD and DVD discs, booklets and inserts[18]
  • Labels & Addresses [macOS], label and envelope printing software[19].
  • Get Backup [macOS], backup software utility[20][21].
  • Concealer [macOS], software to store information[22].
  • Rails [macOS, iOS, Android], railroad traffic management game[23][24].
  • Image Tricks [macOS], photo editing software that utilizes Apple Core Image Filters.[25]
  • In September 2017, Belight Software announced to launch PrintWorks 2 with variety of new features.[26]





Installation is like most applications straight forward. So another DTP application in a crowded market. First we may ask ourselves is this an application for professionals or home-users ? This question is easily answered! Its a nice application for home-users in need of an all-in-one well designed and equipped DTP program.
One important aspect for home-users is the learning curve needed to master its potential. Its no use having a great application, but too difficult to master. This is a true ‘drag and drop’ and customize interface needing no special skills. The text boxes are easily set and easy to master with the ‘Word’ like tools from the sidebar. Changing area sizes and make use of the 2D-3D text (Art Text 3 like) samples is a breeze . Drag and drop images, buttons or shapes is easy and fun to use.

This is a similar application like Swift Publisher but adds some extra’s. A nice aspect of this software is the ability to Rotate / Flip images, shapes etc.

Design and Layout

Spread Mode
Spread Mode allows a user to view and edit two pages simultaneously on the same sheet.

New Document Dialog
Printworks 2 now prompts a user to set up a new document on startup.

Customizable Grid
A customizable grid helps enhance the accuracy of work by setting the horizontal and vertical grid spacing.

Guide Positioning
You can set the exact position of a guide by entering a value instead of dragging it manually.

Form Creation
Pica support and a customizable grid make Printworks 2 particularly convenient when working with forms.

Text Box Linking
Text box linking has evolved in Version 2 by allowing the linking of existing text boxes or breaking the links.



Printworks 2 being the update not only to suit Apple’s macOS High Sierra, also has some further enhancements:

Support for Touch Bar
Printworks 2 enhances the keyboard experience for those owning a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Interface Enhancements
The user interface has become more stylish and intuitive!

Performance Improvements
Program performance has been significantly improved.

Optimized for macOS High Sierra
Printworks 2 is fully compatible with macOS High Sierra.


Useful Add-ons

Artistic Headings
A collection of 2D and 3D artistic heading presets guarantees that documents will stand out.

Art Text 3 Integration
Integration with Art Text 3  helps unleash user’s creativity by giving an ability to create own text effects and artistic lettering.

Integration with Depositphotos
Depositphotos integration provides access to one of the largest picture banks with than 60 million pictures.

Google Maps Integration
Add a street map with driving directions high-resolution satellite imagery on a brochure or a flyer.

New Templates
New professionally designed templates were added to be used as a starting point when creating  documents.

Other Improvements

Improved Layer Management
Layer management was moved to the Inspector, which is much more convenient than the drop-down menu.

Pica and Pixel Units
Printworks 2 enables work with pixel and pica units.

Free Fields
Free fields on the edges of the sheet are suitable for temporary placement of objects used in document creation.

Document Measurements
The units of measure can now be set individually for each document and stored .

Renewed Resize Mode
A user can now resize an object proportionally by dragging its corner handles while pressing the Shift key.



The toolbar provides most used tools and can be adjusted to your liking. Its functions are like Logoist 2 and will be sufficient for most home-users.






Finishing your newly made flyer needs to saving, share and export settings which are all available.

The export settings provide :
















Are you looking for an easy to master DTP application, 2000 build-in clipart’s and fully loaded with most common tools and extra’s ? Printworks 2 should be on your shopping list, as it provides best of both worlds, creativity and design. Its not expensive and will make your creative job a lot easier.


$ 29.99



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