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Setapp is Macpaw’s Subscription-Based ‘App Store’ containing a huge variety of popular applications like iMazing, ForkLift , CleanMyMac X and 120+ more apps. Its like another App Store but now filled with Macpaw’s applications selection. You may ask yourself, ‘Whats in it for me’ to join this subscription based store? Well Macpaw offers an on-growing huge selection of minor and best quality applications ready for download and use for a monthly fee of $9,99 giving you unlimited access and latest updates.

The Macpaw App Store which is a more appropriate name for the Setapp, is truly easy to use and provides information about an application once clicked on. An Apple Store like screen opens with describtion and option to install the application.

You’ll be able to use Setapp on two different Mac computers with one subscription. MacPaw is working on adding a Family Share plan in the future, which will allow for more machines, but will cost more. Using Setapp is like any other application and downloaded and installed applications can be uninstalled as you always do but will still remain in your Setapp folder for later use.

You can set a ‘ favourite ‘ heat for any chosen application, which enables you to find your preferred apps faster from the Setapp application.

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Setapp covers many applications area’s right now. Once you activated your SETAPP account on the web, start downloading the SetApp.dmg file from ‘downloads’.
The installation will create a special Setapp folder in your Finder containing all presently available applications.

Once installed, it’s integrated in your Mac’s Finder and on your desktop .   SetApp Mac review 3

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SetApp is absolutely easy to use.  Just setup your online account, and download the SetApp.dmg utility. Install in your Mac’s applications folder and you’re done.

  • Open the application
    Choose wanted Application / Utility
    Press  ” Install ”
    Done  No need for registration !


So you’ve got 120+  selection of apps to your disposal right now, but they are NOT yours ! You get the privilege of using them as long as your account is valid. They will be updated automatically by Macpaw, and NO serials are required.
Still You don’t need to save your applications, as they are always available online / cloud. Its somehow your personal Applications iCloud really. Easy and saves you precious disk space.



MacPaw’s SetApp has many first class apps in its huge applications list. If you scroll the SetApp-application listing, it certainly shows you many top applications you are definitely interested in. So is it worth your monthly fee? Well I feel you get a great deal, because you will have access to this huge growing list of applications you do not own, but use them as long as you are subscribed to SetApp. The SetApp-list keeps expanding fast, so at $9.99 per-month your subscription to SetApp will do for many years. SetApp now gives you lots of applications which you do not have to purchase yourself. Do not forget that many bought applications need new purchases after mayor updates. With SetApp you never need to worry about this anymore. If there’s one good deal on the internet, this may be it !


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$ 9.99 month



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