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Readdle is a Ukrainian mobile application development company. The company research and development is based in Odessa, Ukraine. Readdle has originally focused on the creation of document-related productivity tools for consumer market, with a recent addition of business-oriented subscription-based model. The operation is mostly built around the App Store.,[2] cumulatively generating over 33 million downloads.[3] The most notable products are Scanner ProPDF ExpertFluix, and Spark Mail Mac.[4]



Nowadays an email client is the most basic part of any computer system. Being a basic software feature means there are a lot to choose from. Mac has got MAIL as standard email client , however it doesn’t support all the features provided by some of the latest email clients like, Polymail, Airmail, Postbox to name a few. Spark mail client already was available for Apple’s IOS, but only today they launched their latest and first email client ready for Mac OSX operating system.
Just try to implement a ‘html signature’ in Apple’s Mail, most people will be unable to perform this action! Spark Mail makes these steps really easy for any user, as long as they have the html coding of course. This review will present an overview of all build in features and capabilities of Spark mail. The best feature is SPARK is FREE to download and use from the Apple Store ( link )




Installation of SPARK is straightforward, just drop the in your Applications and open the app. Now its time to setup your email-accounts by choosing your desired email service from the presented menu. Spark also supports IMAP and Exchange.




Spark preferences are a main feature of any email client but Spark added some extra’s like ‘ Sync settings with iCloud ‘, Smart Inbox , Show/Hide folders , Snooze and quick replies including icons.
Integrate Spark into your workflow to take productivity to the next level. Supports Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, Evernote and more. There’s also a possibility to set all the short keys for desired actions. Spark offers loads of settings
making your life easier in terms of efficiency.



Calendar Invites

Spark calendar invites have a nice card with one-tap accept/decline or maybe option.  Handle your invites straight from your email !





Spark lets users customize the swipe gestures and the sidebar. Four types of swipe gestures are available: left short, left long, right short, and right long.
Swipe actions:

  • Mark as read/unread
  • Delete
  • Archive
  • Move
  • Move to…
  • Pin
  • Snooze
  • Move to Spam
  • Save to Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive

These actions are of course also done without swipe actions, it all depends wether you are using IOS or OSX and Macbook or iMac. All this for a FREE software application is fantastic !


Using Spark is a bonus to average daily mail use. It has the flexibility of paid software, intergrades fully with IOS or OSX and is really fast in searching and gesture response time overall. So is it the perfect email client you may ask yourself, well for the average user it may well be. It has the looks of Airmail 3 which is truly similar, but has nicer icons, nicer interface overall. Well done Spark. Its modern and intuitive just about everything I like.
This version of Spark will stay FREE of charge.

The interface looks great, minor actions like ‘drag&drop’ a message in a folder is supported ( unlike Polymail ), and are animated again smooth and great looking. Spark is available for all your Mac stuff, the iCloud sync will make it even easier to set it up on any Apple device.



Composing a message has all the standard options as seen on all other email clients. There is the option to choose a signature if you have not set a default signature for a specific email address. If you have multiple signatures you may choose one from the presented images.



So finally we get to our verdict of Spark. There is a saying ” Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort . We can’t agree more, as Readdle hits the nail  with SPARK as a FREE emailclient. It looks gorgeous,
its snappy, has nearly all the tools you may want and supports all Apple’s devices. This is the best FREE gift when you’re in for something new, impress your friends and stay tuned all day. Its better looking then Airmail 3, better handling then Polymail and only needs a tracking ability and some pre-samples of signatures to make it the 2016 winner.

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