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Version 3.0.0Developer Cisdem Inc.



Cisdem recently released the new PDFPasswordRemover 3 version. Important PDF files sometimes are encrypted for safety and as a security for not revealing information. Safety is important but what if despite your safety measures you loose your password to open the PDF file(s). Your stuck with unusable files, but help is on its way with Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3. This utility will decrypt the locked PDF file and reveal its password and/or owner restrictions. Your valuable PDF files may be used again and no important information is lost.

  • Recover PDF open & owner password
  • Enable open, print, edit and copy PDFs
  • Brute-force remove PDF security
  • Export unprotected files without data loss


The presented interface is simple and after entering your unlock code for the utility it shows a basic interface for adding your password protected PDF file.
Several protection options are selectable. Length of password seems funny as you have forgotten your password !  The length of the to be decrypted pdf file is of course important for the time the utility needs to decrypt the password. The longer the password the more complicated the task will be.
A strong password doesn’t look like 1234, this can be solved easy and quickly. A strong password is build using numbers,symbols, and letters. Now we can get cracking, and I assure you a strong password can’t be decrypted in a day.  So check the options you want to include for decrypting.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.58.12


Adding your protected PDF file is done by using the + Open PDF and locate your PDF and open. Now the Decrypt button will be activated.
Press Decrypt and the process starts.

















Decrypting your PDF file is taking some time, some serious time.!! Depending on the password it may take 4 minutes to 2 years !  Tried to decrypt a 5 symbol password which took about 1 hour.
After finishing it presented the found password . So YES it works !

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.59.53

Now I tried to decrypt a 19 symbol password! And yes I am still waiting for a result. Its busy finding all solutions. I do think it will do the job in the end, but maybe not in my lifetime.
Comprehensive 19 symbols passwords are almost not to be broken. Only extremely sophisticated software owned by the authorities will be able to do so.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 17.18.09


CISDEM PDFPasswordRemover 3 works as promised. It is simple and easy to use, decrypting your PDF’s on the background. However do not expect decryption to happen in a few minutes. It all depends on
the strength of the used password. But PDFPAsswordRemover 3 will open and rescue your Fort Knox encrypted files in time.


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$ 34.99