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Version 8.0.1Developer Tri – Edre, France



Tri-Backup is not the average backup package. It has so many features and options that it takes time and effort to understand all possibilities offered. Ofcourse it is a blessing when you get value for your money, but
using this program and use it to its ability will make you sit on your chair for an hour, and discover all the features and their options. Truly this is the most versatile backup program I encountered yet.



• Multiple modes: copy, backup, synchronization, deletion, compression, comparison, etc..
• Multiple backup modes: Evolutive (which keeps multiple versions of each document), Mirror (identical copy), Incremental partial Disc Copy, etc..
• “Programmed Actions” running in the background, with automatic execution.
• Management of various contexts (office, home, nomad) to adapt the execution of certain actions (so that they are activated only in a particular context).
• “Immediate Actions” to check and control precisely what needs to be copied, deleted or modified.
• Ability to make encrypted backup (password protected).
• Create an unlimited number of programmed actions.
• Opening of immediate actions containing the settings stored in your programmed actions.
• Restoration with search of the location where the most recent backup of a particular folder was done.
• Restore Time Machine backups.
• History of executed actions, of copied files, etc..
• Posts information on the progress of actions.
• Automatically mount remote volumes.


It fully integrates with your Mac and makes use of the existing Time Machine and Finder technology to help you easily locate and deploy files.




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Tri-Backup 7 is a true backup and sync package for your Mac. It sync, copies all files straight to and from a FTP site too. TRi-Backup 7 offers an enormous array of features and options.
Ons of the options is the EVOLUTIVE BACKUP :

The Evolutive Backup is a particular backup of a disk or a folder to a local or remote disk or folder.
The Evolutive Backup keeps several versions of each modified file in the destination, as well as older versions of deleted files.

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I believe this particular form of backup is a heavy load of your systems resources. The incremental approach is a better way in backing up your files, and saving storage space on your NAS or server.
Tri-Backup has other useful built-in backup features, like Bootable Copy, which is frequently updated and contains your basic OS and installed applications.



Again full options for recovery of your system files. TRi-Backup integrates great in your Mac Finder which makes it easy to scroll and search for files and maps. As one of the backup features is comprising to save storage space, recovery will uncompress files, maps or backups if wanted. Another possibility is restoring from OSX Time Machine, which is an option rarely seen.

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Again lots of options ! One major option is when using the EVOLUTIVE Backup the possibility to free up used disk space, by setting a maximum number of kept backups and or delete a specified number of backup days.
This is important because none backup space is unlimited for most users.

The Tri-Backup Scheduler is where you set, edit and disable the timing of your automatic backups, a common feature which works fine and without problems.

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NEW version Tri-Backup 8:


What is new in Tri-BACKUP 8?

Version 8 is a brand new version of Tri-BACKUP for Mac OS X 10.6 or more.

New features:

– New option to create a bootable copy with a minimal System.
– New features to duplicate the partitions scheme to a new disk (to create a similar disk with all same partitions, including hidden System partitions).
– New features to copy the contents of hidden System partitions.
– New features to create a Recovery HD partition.
– New scheduler options.
– New compare size action.
– New GoTo menu.
– New languages filter.

– Faster: speed increased for updating existing backups.
– Now uses UUID (Unique Volume Identifier) to detect the volumes (in addition with date and size).
– New scheduler features: Added Every hour + xx minutes (0:30 or 0:15).
– New scheduler features: Added a time limitation, to only backup between given hours.
– New “Compare Folders Sizes” immediate action to quickly detect the sizes and the differences.
– New GoTo menu to access the contents of the mounted disks, including invisible folders (user’s Library, etc.).
– New filter to exclude languages from localization resources (in applications, etc.).
– New filters to help finding actions in Programmed actions panel, and last actions panel.
– New graphical display of latest executions of an action.
– New tool to duplicate the partitions scheme.
– New tool to copy the contents of hidden System partitions.
– New tool to create a Recovery HD partition.
– New option in Bootable Copy action to create a minimal System.
– Added preview features to see what will be the operations of a programmed action.
– Many new options to better monitor and control your Mac and your backups.
– Many enhancements.
– More controls and information in the Scheduler menu.
– etc.



Tri-BACKUP Mac will keep you save and organized, and perform your scheduled backups. Full integration of OSX and the ability to use Time Machine shows this software package takes it one step further then most competitors. The interface could do with some modernizing and is crowded with information. The presented information is however essential to make good use of its features. This software package suits the company user better then the average home-user. It delivers a lot, all aimed to diversity in users. You decide wether you need all the features, but if you do…. this is a great package.


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$ 69.99



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